Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's late, but it happened SeXStoRY

It's late, but it happened. Genet 45, I-51.Chto little more honest, my wife, of course is not quite happy with my male dignity. Well, once a week, and then the two fuck. After all the years of the guy take Silenkov something. A wife, her name is Luda, of course wanted more. And somehow, that sort of decided to try a threesome with another man. I've been wanting to see a member of another Person of pussy, I was pretty excited. Certainly not in time come to this, but have come. Though before Luda was puritanical views, but what can you do with nature. Decided to find a guy on the internet and about 38-40 years old, and that experience was and was as expected and as necessary. Surprisingly turned out to be difficult to meet in the network, but is harder to choose. Only in the fourth when meeting decided to stop. We met in a cafe - drank coffee and talked about various things. I first came to one, Luda sat at the next table - watching. Agreed that if you like the candidate - it will come to us. And look for the fourth time ... Luda sat for ten minutes, then got up and walked over to our table. I look nervous on gait see. Fit, sits down, a little excited and a little flushed. Little bit louder than usual said hello, I introduced her to Andrew, was the name of the guy. He was 39 years old, my taller, and the figure is larger. Generally talked a little bit, everyone was somewhat embarrassed. Decided to see, to think, to phone. Still had coffee and said goodbye. Luda home embarrassed, said that Andrew would probably be fine. We decided to call him and meet again. Of course, he was in agreement and said that he was happy. We liked it too, especially Luda, which is quite natural. He was married for 15 years, that we were quite happy with. Agreed to meet with us, we live together in a three-room apartment, the c***dren had left, and the house if that Luda will be easier, get comfortable with the new role, the walls home help. Well, in general, and so decided to set a time on Saturday at two o'clock. Until Saturday it was in normal course, Luda not particularly thought of the meeting. On Friday night, she began to worry and say that he was afraid. I calmed said if anyone does not want to pull the noose will not be. Calmed down a bit, and there was a Saturday. Luda, of course, nervous, took a bathroom look dressed up, on a table covered, put the wine, she loves sweet. Closer to two - the doorbell, I was open, of course this is Andrew, brought a bouquet of flowers and champagne with chocolates. Luda was confused and somehow strained, although greeted and thanked for the flowers and smiling. Andrew invited into the room, I sat in a chair in front of Luda, Andrew on the sofa. Luda invited to tea, I said a little wine would be nice to think that all it was easier to get comfortable. Luda went for the food, I decided to help her. In the kitchen, she said she was afraid and ashamed somehow. I say let's have a drink of wine, it relaxes, and then by the situation. So they did, and drank for familiarity, chatted, the atmosphere is dead, I say let's curtains'll cover, and closed the curtains. The room was a bit dim, but somehow cozy. I say Luda's ear, as you do not mind to start. She managed to say, no blushing. I lifted her from the chair and kissed her on the lips. Hands embraced her ass, and Luda wears size 52 and her breast size of the fourth. And began to knead her ass. Luda responded, hugged me, but it was extremely constrained. This went on for about two minutes, Andrew realized this as an invitation and came to us. He put both hands on the Man of the waist, she started, but she continued to kiss me. I jumped a member, as never before, Andrew took his hands feel Luda and stroking her ass. She stood and hugged me. Andrew hands up the Man of the body to the breasts and began to slowly stroke and knead. Her blouse was open enough, so Andrew hands groped part bare chest, and he put his hand strengthen the movement for both the bra, felt her nipples and began to pinch. They quickly swelled, and may have been from the beginning of such issued and Luda sigh. Whether approval, or embarrassment, but his hands kneaded her boobs Andrew. Rear body he inadvertently pressed against her buttocks and Luda felt his swollen member. The first steps have been made, we are now three of us, embrace, and probably will go further. I put my hand down and lifted her skirt Lyudina and began stroking her crotch. Luda was not moving, she felt tense, but its heat was already wet, so I knew she wanted to continue, but shy, did the first time. I whispered to her to go to the bedroom, there is easier. She nodded, then turned to Andrew and he immediately kissed her on the mouth, it is in your mouth, passionately. Luda said in surprise, all are free and I pushed them into the bedroom. Now we have four hands and feel Luda during undress her, she certainly is confusing, but a couple of times Andrew touched his crotch. Meanwhile, I have not put her shirt on the bed, and she have two by two, and began to unzip her skirt. Andrew quickly stripped off all the lifting, and came to my rescue. He had a big cock, more than I, and he came up to the bed bent over the Man of the breast to remove her skirt, and the term fell right on your tits, grease oozing out of him. Wife was still tense, but without the skirt and the heats in the narrow bra. Andrew hand covered her pussy and began to stroke her hair with one hand on the pussy at Luda, and the second kneading boobs nipples on the right. His big dick swinging and sometimes touching Lyudina talii.Ya went to his wife's head bent down and sucked her lips, she immediately responded and there was quiet exciting moan She liked to understand it and Andrew and knelt before Lyudina by a pussy he took both hands for Luda thighs and spread her legs apart, Luda did not resist and Andrew appeared to disclose all of her pink hairy pussy that already gleamed from a discharge from it. Luda wanted. But not completely overcome the shame, Luda still involuntarily sought bring your legs together. Andrew again put his hands on her thighs and gently Lyudina spread them apart. Leaned over the belly and is so close I saw Man of pussy, bent even lower and licked his tongue swollen lips dripping. Luda started, released my lips from her and tried to push the head of Andrew his most intimate place, for the first time a stranger touched the lips of her pussy, and even language. Tossed it all in her a bunch of different emotions, and fear, and a terrible shame, but also the desire to continue this pleasure. Andrew meanwhile just squeezed my thighs Man of the hands, not allowing it to move them along, and all of his mouth pressed against the Person of the pussy trying to get deeper into the language of the pussy. Luda has a pussy juices flowed and Andrew felt it tastes good, aroused by this. Grease smeared his cheeks, nose, and tongue moving in Man of the pussy, and has no legs tends to contract and relax the contrary, spread wider, giving full access to Andrew to her treasure, Luda was not often moan softly, and booty was in podmahivat Andrew beat movement language. While leaning over to my lips and sucked them with f***e. I squeezed her breasts and was a member of my ever, I had a terrible a****l desire to insert it in her pussy, but the pussy was busy tongue Andrew and I took off the remnants of clothes to put a member of his wife's mouth, she immediately grabbed it and began to smacking, holding his right hand to suck. She constantly moaning now, and a member of the mouth turned a mooing. I could no longer endure, and suddenly came, right in her mouth, she took all the sperm flowed down her cheeks, and I came. Luda pulled my cock out of his mouth, and began to breathe heavily already writhing movements of Andreeva language in her pussy. Andrew probably too excited so I decided to start to fuck Luda. He looked up from pussy knelt between Man of the feet, took his rather big cock in my right hand and leaning on the left began to drive them on the lips Man of pussy. That was a time when the Man of pussy for the first time is a member of another man, Luda feelings mingled in one great desire to be on it, and she is already a push to her pussy dick Andrew, and Andrew put the head in the jaws and lay down on top of pushing wife the full length of his dick into her pussy. He began at once sharp and intensely moving member in the Person of the pussy, her legs bent and slightly raised above the bed, with his balls slapping beat against the Person of the ass. Bending down to her face, he swallowed my cum smeared her lips in his and began moaning passionately sucking them and to fuck Luda. Wife moaned, twisted ass, Andrew clung to with f***e Person of boobs, putting his hands under the back of his wife and I saw them flattened under his powerful chest, also moaned and began rapidly to pour semen into my wife, I looked for the first time in the Person of strange pussy sperm, and Andrew all finished and finished, this time with some roar, pressing in Luda and sucking all her lips. She also finished, but I heard only her bellowing from under Andreevs lips. Andrew finally relaxed, sat up and slid off the right side of Luda, Luda bent her knees, put them on the bed and lay there with his eyes closed. It was not clear what she was feeling, but it was good for sure. Meanwhile, out of her pussy was drops, and then a thin trickle flow Andrew sperm flowing down by the pope on the sheet, forming a large wet spot.

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