Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dreams (Erotic Gay poem) SeXStoRY

Two pre-cummed cocks crossed my lips My tongue slides out to lick the drips Two hefty cocks of rigid girth Pushed in my mouth for all their worth My mouth agape and stretched with prick I sucked those cocks so firm and thick Whilst I sucked and slurped those knobs My own stiff cock was sucked by yobs Two other guys of such oral skill Worked my cock oh so brill One on balls one on shaft They both so good at oral craft Even that was not enough A tongue probed in my arsehole rough My arse wet with gob and lusting dick I sat back on a huge rampant prick I felt each fantastic throbbing inch My nipples tingling with a pinch As fingers squeezed and cock it fucked I moaned, I rode and still I sucked Two cocks in mouth one up my crack One on cock one on sack But even that was not complete My hands searched for other meat On finding two stiff and vacant cocks I strocked them with ecstatic shocks In heaven I just had to be So many cocks to pleasure me I was drowning in my desire My arsehole fucked and hot as fire My mouth so full with horny dick Two other mouths around my prick My two hands wanking fast and hard I had really drawn the winning card But even this was not enough They all desired to ride me rough One by one they fucked me raw My arsehole red and lovely sore Then they came some creamed my face Other cocks spunked in every place My chest my mouth my face my nuts One came deep within my guts Then I knew it had been a dream I awoke on sheets wet with cream!

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