Sunday, July 21, 2013

stepson and me. SeXStoRY

I married my wife late, I was 34, she was 38 and sexy as hell. She had 2 great k**s from her first marriage, a boy now 19 and a girl now 16. Our first summer together we went on a vacation to a warm climate city. We did all the tourist things most of each day, then spent a lot of time at the motels pool later in the day. Being newlyweds, the wife and I slipped away whenever we could for a quickie. We also spent a lot of time cuddling and whatever else we thought we could get away with at the pool. A couple of times I noticed her son watching. Then on our last day, me and the wife drank a bit more than usual and got a little carried away at the pool, we were the only f****y there. All of a sudden brian, her son, told us he wasn't feeling well and was going to his room. A few minutes later the wife asked if I would go check on him and I agreed. Their room was accessible from our room through a connecting door, so I went into our room and went through it to theirs. I came around the corner and saw Brian laying on his back naked on the bed and stroking a fairly impressive sized cock. It was too late to sneak away, he saw me as soon as I walked in and we were both very embarrassed. I assumed his mothers hot body at the pool had turned him on because like I said, I saw him watching us a few times. I told him not to be embarrased because masturbating was a natural thing to do and everyone did it. After he calmed down, he then said it was my fault that he had to come to the room to jerk off. I said why is that, thinking it was his mothers fault. He said "Do you think I haven't seen your big dick get hard in your swimming trunks when you and mom are fooling around?". I was floored, it was me who turned him on, and as he explained to me that he was into guys, I noticed the towel he put over his middle start to tent. I started getting a little hard too and it did show in my trunks. I told him I had a gay experience when I was 16 with a friend and he wanted details. By the time I finished the story we both had major boners. I said hell why don't we jack off together then no one has to be shy about what happened. He thought it was a great idea so off came my trunks and away went his towel. My cock is bigger than his, but not by much. I laid beside him on the bed and we started to stroke. Within a minute or so, I was stroking him and him me. Then he said, you have sucked a cock when you were young, I never have, maybe I could try sucking you a bit, I was so horny I agreed right away but I said we would suck each other. We sucked each others cocks like we couldn't get enough, but I guess because of his youth he filled my mouth with hot cum in only a minute or two. I swallowed every drop and he was so impressed his cock pumped a lot out. Seconds later I was rubbing ky jelly on my dick and his ass prior to giving him the fucking he asked for. It took a bit for me to get my cock fully up his tight ass, but he was a trooper and though it hurt wouldn't let me stop. Before long I was deep stroking his perfect asshole and he was hard as steel again. I was getting close when without even touching his cock, he exploded again, and when his orgasm hit his ass muscles convulsed in time with it and my cock felt like he was pumping my cock with his ass, and I came like a fire hose deep in his ass. I didn't even move, just left my cock buried deep and it was maybe the most intense orgasm of my life. We showered together and made a pact that it was our secret and rejoined the f****y. We never did it again and he is now married and doing great. I don't know how he remembers our little secret, but it still gives me a boner when I relive it.

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