Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gamer Fantasy SeXStoRY

While u were playing you video game (insert your favorite video game), I come out of the shower wearing a white bra and boy shorts. I sit next to you to see if you notice. You only looked at me once and continued to play the game. I start to feel horny so I distract you by unzipping your pants and having my hand rub on your underwear. It’s so cute to see your face turning red and so I laugh. But you were still playing the game. I decided to go down on my knee and start playing with your underwear with my mouth. Your dick gets so hard that it wants to come out; I pull your underwear down and start to give you a handjob. Your cock is so horny for me. I stop stroking and start sucking it dry yummy :D From all this, you become flustered and threw the controller. You start to watch me sucking your thick juicy cock and start to pull my hair away. You grip my head at the sides and start to fuck me with your penis. I start to enjoy it. You stop the yummy sensation and carry me from the sofa to the bed and we start to go at it. You fuck me in both vaginal and anal areas and I start to scream with laughter. We do it all night non-stop. You fuck me so hard that I couldn’t move the next day.

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