Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Night out with Daddy's Friend SeXStoRY

Where I’m from in the city, if you were cute and had a nice body, then at some point in your life you considered stripping. One night when I was 19 years old I was walking through the red light district. I happened to be wearing tight faux leather red pants, a tight tank, leather jacket, and some chunky high heels. I looked the part that night and maybe that’s why what made me walk through door of Little Hotties, a cozy fully nude strip joint. There was a Filipina girl on stage, her bare ass facing the eager spectators. She got on her hands and knees a gave her ass a good loud slap. I was greeted by the manager who knew exactly what I was there for and took to me to one of the private lap dance rooms. I don’t remember what was said, but it was brief and he offered for me to come back and start next week. He introduced me to one of the girls who took me around to show me the lockers and dressing room. She was really sweet and super friendly. Everyone was surprisingly really nice and professional. I watched the others girls give their shows, working the pole, bearing every inch of their bodies to the crowd and wondered if I could do the same. I got a ride home from one of the bouncers and planned to come back next week. I didn’t make it back. Why that was is a story for another time. I never became a stripper and I didn’t give it a second thought after that. I grew up to be a nice little office girl who wears sensible shoes...but I do have a daddy he gave me a 2nd chance at being a good little slut... Daddy had been talking alot about sharing me with one of his friends. He has this one friend, Jake. Not too bad looking, but clearly lacking some excitement in his life. So he would invite his hungry friend out to the bar with us. Daddy likes to show all his friends how slutty his girl is so he always makes me where a skimpy outfit and do my makeup like a whore. We went out a few times, each time I got more comfortable with Jake, giving him a light brush against the arm, showing them both how I love to eat the cherry in a cocktail. It seemed that Jake was enjoying himself and open to having some fun. One of these nights Daddy sent Jake a message. He promised Jake that I would wear a slutty dress. I was a little nervous. Daddy had never been so explicit about me before. I didn’t wear a sluttly dress to the bar that night, which actually ended up working out for everyone’s benefit. We went to this real skanky strip joint. The girls are not the best, but the bar was very conducive for overt, naughty behavior. Daddy kept saying I was the best girl in there, but it wasn’t true. The bartender was a cute little Thai girl named Natalie. We all wished she was up there dancing. When she saw me at the bar she immediately remembered me because I was so pretty, she said. I asked Daddy if he liked her. He smiled and said yes. I knew that Daddy was thinking of taking her home with us. One one of these days I bet I can convince her to do that. I know Daddy would love to have us both sucking on his cock. Jake was pretty dissatisfied with the girls at the bar. Then he remembered that he was promised some slutty dresses. I told him, that I had lots of them at home and that I would give them both a nice slutty fashion show. When we got home I put on my first slutty outfit, a tiny black dress with a tiny black string bikini. Daddy says those are his favorite. I was a bit nervous, but daddy and his friend were very anxious to be entertained. He put on some booty shaking music and then there was no room to be shy anymore. I turned around and let them both see my round ass. I lifted my dress as I moved my ass to the music, bending over occasionally so they could see the string just covering a bit of my freshly waxed pussy. The first song was just a warm up. I didn’t want to show Daddy’s friend too much too soon. I put on another outfit. This time a see thru light blue dress with a white bikini bottom. Daddy’s friend seemed very pleased. He sat there looking happy as a clam. I started to feel a little more comfortable and got on my hands and knees, ass facing the boys. I stuck my ass out into the air like a good little kitty waiting to be fucked. Then I came over to Daddy and gave him a lap dance. I could feel his super hard cock against my ass. I grinded my ass against him as his friend looked on. Then I asked Daddy if I could give his friend a lap dance. I walked over to Jake and bent over so he could get a good look. I pushed against his cock lightly. I moved back and forth from grazing his cock and putting air my ass in the air. All the time I was looking at Daddy who seemed very pleased with his little slut. The last outfit was a short skirt with a black lace bottom which was very easy to push aside and to tease them both with my smooth little pussy. For the last dance I wanted really get them hard. Daddy wanted me to show off my pussy so I bent over and slid my finger up and down the black lace that ran between ass and pussy. My pussy was so wet! Being daddy's little slut really made my pussy juicy! I wondered if they could tell because daddy asked if I was wet. As I grinded my pussy on Daddy’s cock he grabbed at the sides of my juicy ass while Jake looked on with a big grin on his face. Daddy's friend didn't take as many liberties with me although I think Daddy wanted him to. I wiggled my ass for Jake and continued to brush my pussy against his cock . I gave him the lightest touch from my mouth against his neck as I caressed up and down his legs. I think the boys were very happy to get their own private show, but I'm sure they would have loved to use me up, fill up all my little holes. Before Jake left for the night Daddy gave me a hard spanking, showing off his little fuckdoll to his friend. I never got to be a real stripper but Daddy is making sure not to let good potential go to waste! By the time Jake left I was so hungry for Daddy's cock. I wanted so badly for him to use up my pussy. I kept thinking about having the little bartender Natalie over and sharing Daddy's cock with her, helping Daddy get his cock inside her pussy, kissing her in between sucking his cock. I could share my toys with her, taking turns showing Daddy how we can fuck each other. The whole weekend I couldn't stop thinking of all the ways I could please Daddy by sharing with him and being shared.

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