Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lolipop SeXStoRY

The evening was moist. it wasn't raining but Belle felt damp as she walked up the street after a long day in the office. Her feet were starting to get sore as the pressure of walking on 6 inch heels all day was finally getting to her. He let a sigh as she turned the key in the front door. A blazing fire burned brightly in the open fire in the lounge as Pat, her soul mate, lay on the sofa, sl**ping. He was just home from a run in the park and still had his sweaty training gear on. She could make out the shape of his nicely formed cock being held back through the shorts. She kicked off her stilettos and crunched her toes on the soft carpet. She kissed Pat on his lips and ran her hand over his member. He woke instantly and smiled at seeing his partners drained face. Hard day dear? he asked. not too bad, same shit different day, my feet are fucking killing me though sighed Belle. Pat got up and held ran his hands through his parnters long flowing blonde hair. He gave her a peck on her lips and said sit down there sexy and ill rub your feet. Belle laughed to herself. She knew that when Pat rubbed her feet, that it made her so horny and wet that she would need a good fucking. Pat also was laughing to himself. He was thinking of the hot brunette he had seen in the park, her breasts bobbed up and down as she strode. but for tonight, he was on a promise with Belle. He raised her legs into the air and removed her damp stockings. He kissed her 2 big toes. He then proceeded to stroke gently the soles of her feet. She felt her panties getting wet. She smiled knowingly at him and winked naughtily. As the time went by, he moved closer up her legs, calves first, then thighs and finally found a pair of beautiful skimpy panties with wet patches. A rush of bl**d went to his cock, making it rock hard. He pulled off the panties, smelt them and tossed them on the floor. Belle leaned forward and pulled down his training shorts to unleash his uncut cock. The head was nice and pink and precum was starting to ooze from it. Ive had a longing for a lolipop all day Belle joked. She stuck out her tongue and ran it gently around the top of his moist cock. she started to stroke the cock nice and gently and steadily. She reached under the sofa and found her little DIY tool. Pat worked alot of nights and she needed to release every night. She inserted the vibrator into her wet pussy. Now she was feeling heaven. She kept the rhythm of the stroke getting stronger and harder as her own sexual tension grew. She mounted him as he grabbed her breasts, he imagined the brunette. He held her hard and fucked like a steam train. He slapped her ass and she jumped off. That was their code for swallow my cum. She stroked his cock hard and fast and ahh he released a load of creamy cum all over her face. She licked it and sucked her finger and made sure she didnt miss a drop. She thought ill have to wear those heels again tomorrow. Pat was lying back nice and relaxed thinking how he was going to get off with the sexy brunette with the big tits..

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