Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pet shop pick up SeXStoRY

I recently got a pet that requires fresh food on a three times a week basis, so I have been a regular at the local pet shop for a while. I have gotten to know many of the people that worked there especially a girl named Lisa. Lisa is about 5'3", almost a foot shorter than me and built tiny. She has long jet black hair and stunning blue eyes. Her tits are most likely B cup, but look larger on her small frame. What has really gotten my attention is her ass. Fantastic in her work Khakis she fills them out perfectly. The other day I went into the store and she was getting me my food. At one point she needed to get around me, but made it a point to rub her back and butt against me as she went by. I reached out and grabbed her ass a little and she paused. There we stood frozen with my hand on her ass. I had two choices, move it around or withdraw. I figured, fuck it, and felt her ass good. She turned to me and said that we really shouldn't do stuff like that at the store, but she was done a 8 tonight. I asked her if I should come to the store and she replied great, she needed a lift home any way. I got there right around 8 and she came out the door to my car. When she got in she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, then a longer one. I asked her where we were going and she told me to go towards the local college and then she would lead me to her apartment. She filled me in on her schooling and how she has a roommate in her apartment. She told me that she has been with a "bunch of boys" but never a man. When I asked what she meant she explained that she has never cum with a guy. That she can cum easily when she masturbates, but the guys she has been with were only interested in getting themselves off. I told her not to worry about that tonight. When we got to her place her roommate was sitting on the couch watching TV in a tank top and shorts. The roommate was pretty with a nice body and Lisa introduced me to her and said her name was Taylor. We sat down with her and all chatted then Lisa said that she really needed a shower and that she would be back in a flash. Taylor and I chatted and watched TV until Lisa was done. Lisa came out in a t-shirt and boy shorts. Sexy as all get out they even said "SEXY" across the ass. She came over and snuggled next to me and when Taylor left to get a snack she climbed into my lap and we started making out. My hand were wondering all over her tight little body and I had a hand up her shirt squeezing her nipples and another on her ass. She could feel my cock getting hard under her and reached down and gave it a grab through my pants. Taylor came back in a said, "Gross, get a room" with a laugh. Lisa said that is a great idea got up and led me into her room by the hand. She paused at the door and said "No matter what you hear, do not open this door!" they both laughed. As she closed the door I grabbed her and removed her shirt. I sat on the edge or her bed and started sucking on her beautiful nipples which were very hard. She moaned and I pulled her boy shorts down. Her pussy was trimmed very nicely and I began working a finger into her soaking wet pussy. She was trying to get to my pants, but I grabbed her hands and told her that "Tonight is about you. Relax and enjoy." I then laid her down on the bed and laid next to her. I fingered her pussy with a mission of her cumming, and soon she was really starting to get off. Up to now I had not targeted her clit at all, but as soon as I rubbed it now she was racked with a strong orgasm and she let loose a scream. You knew it was pleasure, but I had never been with a woman so loud. No wonder she warned her roommate! I fingered her to two or three more orgasms then I went down on her and cleaned up a lot of her juices with my tongue. At one point she trapped my head between her thighs and begged me to concentrate on her clit. I did and she got off in a series of orgasms and really wore her out. Now I figured it was my turn. I finished getting undressed and she grabbed my cock. "It so thick" she said. I asked her if it was a problem, and she said "I don't think so, but I have never had one this big." She sucked me for a bit but had some trouble getting her mouth around it. I tuned her around and entered her doggy style. After all of the foreplay I was really horny and really fucked her hard and fast. She came again two or three more times before I pulled out and shot my load all over that sweet ass. As we were laying there in the afterglow we heard a buzzing sound and she said, "Oh look, we made Taylor all horny too!" with a giggle. I asked her if she had ever fooled around with each other and she gave me a look that told me they had. "We were really d***k and we fucked around. It was really awkward the next morning when we woke up naked spooning, but we got over it." I decided to push it and said "No threesomes?" and she said no, but hesitated. We fooled around some more and I fucked her again and she came a few more times before I shot a load into her mouth. It was getting late so I left and told her I would call her, or she was welcome to call me. When I got home I had gotten a text that said "Talked to T, she wants 3some, I do 2! When?" I texted her back that I would be there tomorrow night if that was OK, and she came back quickly and said "CU @ 7, bring energy drinks!" I got there about 7:15 and knocked on the door. "Come in!" they both said in unison I opened the door and found them both on the couch naked. They had d****d it with a sheet and it was obvious that they had been playing with each other. Taylor's shaved pussy was glistening with juice and looked wonderful. She is a blond with really nice C cup tits topped with small pick nipples. I moved to them and repositioned them into a 69 with Taylor on top. I undressed and feed my cock to Lisa and she got me really hard while I fingered Taylor's pussy. After she got me nice and hard and slick with her saliva I worked my cock into Taylor's love hole. As I fucked her Lisa licked her clit and my balls. I could have cum, but I wanted to hold back so I withdrew and sat down on the chair. They came over to me and took turns sucking on my cock. Lisa then mounted me in a reverse cowgirl and Taylor licked at the place where we came together. Lisa was screaming in pleasure and Taylor was fingering herself furiously. I shouted that I was cumming and Taylor pulled my cock out right as it exploded. I shot most of my cum onto Taylor's face. Lisa got on her knees and licked my cum off, then they made out and swapped my cum. It was hot a anything I have ever been a part of. My cock never really got soft and I got behind Lisa and worked my cock into her pussy again while I fingered her ass. She really didn't like it and tightened up. She told me that she really didn't like ass play. But Taylor said that she was willing. Sounded good to me. I fucked Taylor in the ass and Lisa ate her pussy while we fucked. When I came I filled Taylor's ass with my cum. When I withdrew my cum dribbled out and Lisa caught most of it in her mouth, then they did their make out, cum swap thing again. It was a great two nights, and it doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon!

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