Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beautiful experience and tastes SeXStoRY

Last night we got home from a party and my partner wanted to be sucked, licked and excited...I was delighted to oblige. Then in the mindst of attention she needed to pee. Rather than break the spell she commanded that we rushed to the bath. Squatting over the bath I continued to lick and suck her as she prepared to flood. There was a moment of tensing and then my mouth was awash with two different flavours - her pee and her glorious cum. It was a great first for us. We returned to bed and in a moment she was satisfied and asl**p. She promised me my turn for satisfaction in the morning. As I awoke she tongued her way down my body, taking special attention on my inner thighs, my balls, and round to my puckered arse. Tiny licks, and long strokes, were driving me hard and then her mouth engulfed my cock and sucked me into her. Time was pressing and we connected across the bed and within moments we were both panting and flooding with cum. Warm, deeply satisfying, and very sticky. A wonderful way to start the day. I especially look forward to exploring more bath and shower experiences.

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