Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Martini affair - Part 2 SeXStoRY

She picked up two glasses of the cocktail she had just made, and walked up to me. She, now just in her red panties which was already stained by the drops of her seeping precum. As she walked towards me my eyes were just stuck on that patch and the outline of that strong piece of meat beneath that. "Here" she said bending down revealing her big round tits cleavage, extending the cocktail to me. she sat next to me and said. "Oh I remember you saying you were a different kind of a girl, what did you mean"? She was smiling wickedly as I bend down my head, blushing not knowing what to tell her. She reached out and lifted my head holding my chin. Taking a sip of her cocktail she leaned over to me looking deep into my eyes. She ran her fingers through my black long hair and leaned further towards me. Taking a long deep breath she gently kissed my lips. I was shivering by now and my lips were trembling. I felt I was in a different world and I was too over joyed even to respond. All I could do was close my eyes and just sit there. I could feel her lips getting more active o my lips. Sucking my lower lips into her sweet soft lips. Then pushing her tongue in as I opened up my mouth for her to all that she wanted to kiss. Then to surprise me even more, she pushed out a small gulp of the cocktail she had taken into my mouth which tasted even better. "Lets drink for our joy my love" she said and she started kissing me. Was it the extra intoxicating cocktail she served me from her mouth, I got so lost and crazy, I threw my arms around her and pulling her over me, I started kissing her. Trying to kiss and feel every cell of her lips and tongue and mouth. Our tongues were entangled and fighting a battle of their own. Or rather it felt that our tongues had started mating already. yes that was how it felt. Sucking each others whole breath out, the kissing went on. She tore open my top. I screamed and gave a small shocking cry. Don't you worry we will go shopping later to get you more she said as she gazed down to my pink laced transparent bra. My small tits so full and straining the bra. She noticed my erect nipples and said " you are so pretty". "They are small, I like yours bigger and much fuller I responded blushing yet burning in my sexuality" No these are so cute and sexy she said, leaning down and taking my right nipple through my bra into her salivating wet warm mouth. She blew warm air onto it as if trying to make my nipples more stiff which it did. And sucked it gently into her mouth. Her touch and sucking was so soft, gentle yet so full of burning passion. I was living my lesbian fantasy right there every bit of it. I felt her long tender palms reaching down behind my back and caressing my lower back, I arched my back to give her access and she gently pushed down her hands through the jeans to my rounded firm bottom and after caressing my cheeks though my panties, I could feel her hands on my naked flesh grabbing my ass in her palms squeezing them gently, kneading them. "Stand up" she said, "Lets get you out of these she said turning me around facing my ass towards her. She was sitting at the edge of the couch still in her high heeled strapped footwear. I could see her lovely red painted toes as I looked down from between my legs. As I was standing with my ass facing her I could feel her hands come around me and remove my fly buttons one by one and then slowly started peeling my jeans down. She started gently and tenderly kissing my lower back and would stop peeling my jeans every few inches and stop to kiss the exposed area as if trying to look, evaluate and then kiss of what was getting revealed to her. "Beautiful she said as i was just standing there only in my panties. I started to turn around but she stopped me" No Just stand there like that she said pushing me in the same positing slightly away from her as she moved back on to the couch leaning and relaxing and started looking at me with her head tilted to one side. I looked over my shoulder to look at her gorgeous face and I could see her gently moving the strands of her hair from her face and looking down at her. My eyes followed to see what she was looking at and there she had her magnificent smooth hard red head cock out, glistening with so much precum. She saw me staring at it and said" See what you have done to me baby" "Move back towards me but stay with your back facing me she said. I kicked away my shoes baring my feet and moved closer to her. Spread your legs a bit she said I obeyed. She placed her palms on each of my ass and gently pulled them apart and I could feel her breath over my ass cheeks. She started gently blowing a stream of air through the cleavage of my ass as if trailing and drawing the my ass cleft with her breath. " You smell wonderful" she said.What perfume is this dear she asked. "l****a Lempicka I responded. I have the habit of smearing few drops of perfume right on my lower back, between my inner thighs and over my perineum, leading all the way to the bottom vein of my cock, apart from the other usual spots. Her breath had given away to her lips and I coud feel her lisp kissing so tenderly all over my ass, as her hands played with my cheeks, shaking the, squeezing the, grabbing them, kneading them and even spanking then gently. As her kisses started giving way to gentle bites I started moaning. Her teeth barely and gently biting my flesh as her hands were all over my ass. " I will leave something even more beautiful for a little later, turn around" she said. As I turned around, that's when even I noticed how excited I was, there was a long string band of my precum flowing from my hard cock almost about to detach itself from the main thread and fall to the floor. "Oh no way" she said as she extended her tongue and caught the stream from its bottom and slowly moved up rolling my precum on her extended long tongue. It looked like my precum was piping some sensuous imagery on her tongue. "Yummy she said as she licked up my precum from my head. Your cock is cute she said. Small i responded giggling. Its thicker than mine she said. She held my cock up nd licked it from the bottom root all the way up to the frenulum and head in the process licking up the freshly formed precum. She started sucking my balls in gently and licking them coating them with her saliva. Turn around again baby she said, I like to take my sex very slow and relish it. I was over joyed as thats how I also like it. True feminine woanly way of making love. After all we both were lesbians True Translesbians! Bend down baby lemme see your ass properly she said. I bend down and as if opening a treasured gift, she gently spread open my ass cheeks, and exclaimed " Wow you have an anal clit baby"!! She was mentioning the small tiny piece of sensitive flesh right above my anal bud which on gentle stimulation would get me excited and even give me an orgasm. Oh My god that is a treasure right there she said as she started flicking her tongue over it instantaneously exciting me beyond my limits. Spread your ass with your hands she said. As I reached back and opened up my ass for her, I could see her reach down to grab her own cock and started jerking it it in long strokes. I could hear her sticky precum making squishy sounds as she worked her hard long cock as her tongue was licking my tight ass bud and flicking my anal clit so fast and crazy I felt I might cum just in a moment, But I knew I had to hold on to enjoy more things that was unfolding. My knees were going weak and slowly collapsed to the floor, on my fours as her face followed my ass, she kneeling behind me her hands still stroking her cock and her mouth working its magic on my tight asshole. to be contd...

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