Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mom Shows Me How SeXStoRY

As I was growing up mom and dad did not worry too much about being naked in front of me. I even walked in on them fucking several times. Once I hit puberty, I wanted to see much more. Dad started to make comments about my pecker, how hairy it was getting and how much bigger it was getting. Dad would always make jokes about how he was going to have to watch out that mom does not attack me. Mom would just smile and say that she is thinking about it. Then dad was going to have to be out of town for business for several days. As he walked out the door he smiled at mom and I and told us to not get too crazy. He said for me to save some him as he walked out the door. That night I was having a hard time sl**ping and thought I heard something in the kitchen. I got up to check and found mom was up. As I walked into the kitchen, mom had her back to me, she was wearing a short t-shirt and nothing else. Her pretty legs and nice ass were right there for me to view. The shirt let just enough of her butt show, also clung to her nice wide hips. I called out to her and she to her and she turned around giving me a great frontal shot of her perky tits, hard nipples, and her beaver trying to peak out from under the shirt. Mom said that she was having a hard time sl**ping and was going to have a drink and she offered me one also. It was not very often that I got offered an adult beverage. I sat at the bar and mom stood on the other side and we drank our drinks and talked. The alcohol had an effect on me making me very horny. I kept looking at moms tits and trying to see her beaver. She turned and bent over to get something giving me a great beaver shot from behind. My cock was now rock hard. I decided I should go to bed and wack off, I went to place my glass by the sink thinking my boner was not noticable but mom picked up on it straight away. Mom asked me if she had given me a boner. I blushed and told her yes. She blushed also. I told her I thought she was hot. Mom smiled and lifted her shirt just enough to give me a good view of her snatch. She said she could help me with my boner, dad said it was okay. I turned to her and said that I did not think dad meant what she was talking about. Mom removed her shirt and stood there in front of me. I did not know what to do. I could not take my eyes off of her pussy and tits. Mom then pulled me close to her and she knelt down and pulled my pj bottoms down. My cock stood straight out. Mom took my cock in her mouth. I thought I was going to fall down. Her tounge swirled about my cock head then around my balls. I was afraid that I would explode at any minute and I did. I tried not to but I did, right in moms mouth! I was afraid mom would be mad but she swallowed every drop and smiled real big. She came up and kissed me and told me to follow her. I followed mom watching her ass sway all the way back to her room. Mom pushed me on my back onto her bed. And she stradled me with her pussy right above my still rock hard cock, the tip just touching her cunt lips. Mom's brown pussy hair was neat and trim and she had tan lines where her bikini had been. Mom took hold of my cock and lowered herself down on it. The feeling was the most amazing I had ever had. Mom asked me if this was my first time and than she moaned loudly when I told it was my first. She moved her hips around my cock and I quickly exploded filling her cunt full of my sticky spunk. I was worried about spunking inside mom but she told me that I could spunk inside her anytime I wanted. Mom lifted herself off of me, a big glob of spunk dripped out of her cunt when my cock popped out. Mom laid beside me and we feel asl**p. Next morning when we woke, mom let me fuck her again. Now she was showing me how to please a woman and tips on fucking. We fucked most of the day and many, many more times until dad got home. Then I was not sure what to do. I was afraid dad would find out kill us both dead. Well dad did find out and came into my room to talk to me about. He started off saying he knew about me fucking my mom, I was sweating bullets, then he told me it was okay with him. Dad said I could fuck mom anytime I wanted. With that said he called mom into my room and she came naked, pulled dad's shorts down and started to suck his cock. I was not sure what to do so I just watched. Mom worked dad's cock with her mouth for several minutes then he pulled her up onto her back on my bed. Dad spread mom's legs and mounted her right there in front of me. He was banging her hard, mom's tits were bouncing and their skin was slapping togehter. Mom was moaning and breathing hard. Dad was grunting and pushed deep into mom and arched his back as he came filling her snatch with his spunk. After a minute dad pulled his limp pecker out of mom and got up. He looked over at me and said it was my turn. I smiled, looked at mom's gooey cum filled snatch and then dropped my pants and mounted her. Mom's cunt was very slippery and this helped me to not cum too fast. I felt like a porn start as I pounded her cunt good and hard. Dad cheered me on as I watched mom's tits bounce to my rythim. I got past the point of no return and buried my cock as deep as I could inside mom's cunt and released a huge load of hot spunk inside her. Dad cheered me some more and told me good job as I pulled my limp cock from mom's well fucked pussy. Mom was happy also. Later that night, dad and I took turns fucking mom both of us cumming inside her just minutes apart. This got to be a weekend thing for us. I think mom enjoyed having two men fucking her and that dad enjoyed watching me fuck mom and filling her snatch with my spunk. I know I liked watching dad fuck her and seeing his spunk inside her pussy. Dad and I got to where we liked looking at porn together, mom would join us sometimes also. We even video taped a few of our fuck sessions. Then we decided it would be neat to see mom with a couple of strangers. Mom did not like this idea but dad was really turned on by the thought. So one friday night he showed up at the house with a couple of fat guys who were buzzed. Mom was in the kitchen naked waiting for dad to get home so we could do our friday night fucking. She was not real sure when dad walked in with these guys. The guys were ready to fuck and went straight to mom. Mom did not put up much of a fight. Dad and I stood back and watched as these two guys had there hands all over mom. One man pushed mom down to suck his cock and when she did the other man moved in behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. This only lasted a minute and then mom wanted to change position so she laid on her back on the floor and the man mounted her again. I loved watching mom's tits bounce as this stranger pounded away on her, my cock was now rock hard and ready to burst. The man stopped moving and arched his back as he filled mom's cunt with his spunk. As he pulled his limp member from her I could see his goo inside her, the other man quickly took his place inside mom's wonderful cunt. He did not last long and filled her cunt with a huge load. As soon as he was out of the way dad mounted her and quickly dumped his load inside her also. I quickly did the same. Mom's cunt was a mess with sperm inside and out. Her pussy hair had spunk all in it. And spunk was driping from her lips. After a few minutes everybody was ready to go again and we each dumped another load into her. Mom now had two loads from four guys swimming thru her cunt. The strangers then left. The next morning mom said she was not happy about having strangers cum inside her but funny thing is, we did this several more times.

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