Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Time Nude SeXStoRY

This is how we started The title isn’t meant to be literal but it was our first dabble with public nudity. Let me start by introducing myself, I’m David and at the time of this incident 5 years ago I was 39 and my sexy wife Lucy was 33. We live in London with our two young daughters and live a normal life where we meet friends and f****y most weekends for sports and social activities, neither of us had ever considered nudism as a one off thing let alone a way of life. It all started when my wife booked us a cheap f****y holiday to Croatia, neither of us had been there before but we were keen to enjoy its beaches and relax after a long winter in the UK. My wife booked us a Hotel with a pool and close to several beaches. We arrived mid-morning and it was already baking hot, I suggested we unpack quickly and head for the pool but the girls wanted to go to the beach. So we all got changed and grabbed some towels, sun lotion and a few bottles of water and headed for the nearest beach. It was still quiet so we found a secluded spot and set ourselves down. The girls ran off to the sea and my wife and I relaxed and watched the girls swim and build sand castles. While the girls were out of sight I rubbed some lotion into my wife paying particular care to ensure she didn’t burn her ass in her tiny bikini. I had my head buried in a book when my wife suddenly sat bolt upright and said “Dave look!” I thought there was a problem with the girls so I jumped up and looked where my wife was pointing and wow what a sight. There in front of me where five gorgeous 18 year old girls all naked and with them were four 20 something guys all nude too. I then looked across the whole beach and saw that there were a number of nude people s**ttered among those of us wearing costumes. My wife asked what was going on. “It looks like this is a clothing optional beach, what shall we do?” I wanted to stay but I needed to be a good husband a father before my kinky side showed up. “Well the girls seem ok with it so why should we be prudes,” my wife replied and although I was somewhat surprised by her response I was also delighted. I sat back down and continued to read my book although concentrating on it with so many naked beauties around was difficult. We had a good mornings sun bathing and headed for the lunch, once there our eldest asked why there were people with no clothes on and was it ok. My wife’s response shocked me again, “Yes of course its ok, this is a nudist beach and it’s perfectly normal. In fact me and your dad might join in later in the week”. I looked at her and she gave me a very naughty grin. After lunch we headed back to the beach and by now it was mostly nudists. We sat down and the girls ran off to play in the sea. When they were gone I turned to my wife and grinned. “So we’re going to go nude too?” I asked. “I was just trying to make sure the girls didn’t freak out,” she gave me a naughty little grin, “but maybe we’ll try it, let’s just get used to it first”. I turned over to hide my growing enthusiasm and watched the hot teens running around playing volleyball. My wife drifted off to sl**p and was woken by the girls coming out of the sea. She told the girls it was ok if they wanted to get out of their wet costumes and then dried them with a towel and I must say I relaxed and quickly felt very normal. I drifted off for an hour and when I woke up I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming there was my wife, topless, chatting to a husband and wife from the UK, who were also both nude. I sat up and my wife looked and me and smiled. “Trevor, Sue, this is my husband Dave, Trevor and Sue are from London too”. I nodded then said hello, I leaned forward and shook Trevor’s hand and noticed his cock was semi hard. I looked around for the girls and Lucy noticed and said, “They have joined the k**s club so they we don’t need to pick them up for 2 hours”. I smiled and said to the couple, “So have you been here before?” Lucy laughed and I gave her a dirty look wondering what was so funny, she said, “It’s ok baby, I’ve done the small talk. So Sue tell me when you started going nude and do you get horny?” I was rocked but sat and listened as Sue told us how they had been nudists for 8 years and that they like soft swing. I think I blushed at this point and looked at my wife, she just grinned and nodded. I sat listening and suddenly realised that Trevor was engrossed with my wife’s tits and that I was staring at Sue’s sexy bald pussy. I also realised my cock was growing in my shorts. We chatted for about ten more minutes with Trevor’s cock gradually getting thicker and then they decided they needed a swim and headed off. “Wow did you see the size of his cock and did you see him staring at my tits?” “Yes baby I saw, but what just happened?” “I think we just had our first nude experience except it was only me who took anything off and only half of it at that”. We talked about it for maybe 20 minutes and then decided to head back to the hotel. I was so horny I almost fucked Lucy in the lift. “Wow did you enjoy me showing off my tits baby?” “You know damn well I did, now we only have an hour, so get in that room strip off and let’s fuck.” I opened the door and as I looked behind me Lucy was already stripping, this was so out of character but I didn’t care. I pushed her into the room and we both ripped off our costumes. I bent her over the desk in the room so she could look in the mirror and pushed my 6” cock into her tight shaven pussy. She looked me straight in the face through the mirror. “Fuck me baby as you think of all those guys looking at my big tits and bald pussy”, and fuck her I did as hard as I ever had. I pushed into her hard, looking at her sexy face in the mirror and then I did something I hadn’t done since we first dated. I looked into her sexy eyes licked my finger and inserted it into her tightest hole. “Yessssss baby, finger me as you fuck your naughty wife!” I couldn’t last much longer which was just as well as Lucy suddenly exploded on my cock. I’ve never seen so much juice from her; it was all over me and then I just erupted, spurt after spurt of hot cum. I slowly pulled out and looked down at my wife lying exhausted over the desk and smiled. “What’s next baby?”

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