Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can Cun Vacation SeXStoRY

(Extraordinary Sex with an extraordinary stranger) My buddies and I went to a lively club where mostly Americans and Europeans filled every inch with d***ken unabashed partying while free from their cruise ships and resorts with all their rules and restrictions. They were there to cut loose and so were we, though we had a 4 am wake up call to fish the following day. Looking at my watch it was almost 8 pm which is when I usually decide if I’m going to hunt for some action to help me find sl**p after a good work out, or just head back to my hotel room and watch television until I drifted off. Ray and Joe were already dancing with two wild young things as the music played loudly, designed to, and quite effectively cause everyone to lose their inhibitions and spend their money as fast as they could. I wasn’t interested in getting d***k with the long day of deep sea fishing ahead, just one more beer and I was through for the night, I thought to myself watching my friends grind and grab these attractive young tourists in places one would never get away with if not in this intoxicating world of fantasy. Beside me I noticed suddenly was a girl maybe about 22 years old, sitting nervously with cut off jeans and a low cut white t shirt and flip flops. She was very tan, her hair sun-bleached and her body rock hard. It was clear to me she was part of the college soccer team who had disembarked from one of the ships from Mexico City. She didn’t look Latin to me, not fully anyway. Her eyes were a stunning green outlined with black eye lashes, no make up, un-brushed long brownish blonde hair and then there were her tits. They were on the small side but those nipples were hard and definitely on the lickable large side as they protruded through her braless top. A server came to ask if I would like another beer which I had to ask her to repeat above the loud music. I spoke quietly in her ear to bring one for me and one for the beauty beside me as well. When she returned with the drinks, she held up her drink in toast to me, as I returned the gesture with a knowing smile. Thinking to myself, it looked like there would be some steam before I kicked her out of my hotel room for some sl**p. I leaned into her, asking her name. Gianna, she replied with an Italian accent. Michael, I said introducing myself to her. Within about twenty minutes of direct conversation disguised by both as small talk, she took my hand as we discretely made our way through the crowded bar to the almost equally crowded street. Little cars, mopeds with three to four on each, golf carts and bicycles rushing to and fro, the air was noticeably warm and moist from the humidity which was always the case this time of year. My hotel was only a few blocks away but I wasn’t interested in any long awkward conversations so I gestured for her to share a cab before me, which was waiting outside along with several more lurking about awaiting the inebriated tourists and the predictable conclusions to d***ken evenings where vacationers truly vacated their lives. Their inhibitions as everyone’s window of total freedom was limited, and the sense of urgency was palpable. This was half the reason my buddy’s and I returned to this paradise every year. We always claimed we’d make it down, at least one more time each year but all of our schedules and responsibilities always got in the way. Sitting beside this Italian girl in the cab on the frantic Mexican road, I did not try to make conversation. She gazed out her window at all the chaos on the streets. Vendors, and c***dren out way past any reasonable hour as it had reached 10:30pm. There were brightly colored clothing hanging in every window, jewelry shops, bars and restaurants all stuck together in a blur, as the taxi rounded the turn bringing the resort into view situated right against the white sand and the moon beyond it, throwing a shimmering silver across the bay of aqua blue. The water was warm even at this hour. Many times I had gone for a swim late at night alone when I could not sl**p in this bay through the years. Often after I had put the catch of the evening in a taxi headed back to their cruise ships. It seemed this always did the trick, allowing sl**p to come within seconds of hitting the sandy sheets. I hoped silently to myself that I would be able to sl**p without this routine tonight. I only need about four hours sl**p anyway but the days fishing were exhausting, almost but not quite exhausting enough to allow me to fade off until after long after midnight. Giana and I were out of the taxi and heading for my room as if we had done so many times before. It was true I had, but not with her. Anymore, these tourists though deliciously perfect for a vacation or for that matter, perfect for anytime, they all faded into a familiar experience, no one standing out against the others. Giana was no exception. They were always beautiful, always tan and tight young bodies. Always enthusiastic in bed to say the least. Confident, and quite sure of what they were there for. When I say in bed, I mean in bed, against the table, on the chairs, in the shower, wherever we found ourselves. It was easy and uncomplicated. As I slid the key through the slot, the green light appeared and I opened the door to let her in. I followed, feeling myself grow hard already. I threw my keys on the counter, kicking my topsiders off turning to face the girl. She stood there waiting for me to make my move, so I moved close reaching my fingers through her hair to her scalp firmly planting my tongue on her warm soft neck followed by my lips closing tight against her skin sending shivers down her arching spine as my eyes caught her nipples grow hard through her top. Her gentle moan of pleasure was thrilling, knowing there would be much more to come. Then I kissed her firmly, still holding her head steady holding her body hard against mine. She resisted, not. Rather, she was extremely responsive in the sounds and goose bumps all over her body, and the way she accommodated my every move. I moved my hand against her breast, steadily down to her tight stomach, waiting for the slightest resistence, which did not come. She was not playing coy with me, which was actually a little less of a turn on than the cat and mouse game women usually pretend they want at first. “Ok” I thought to myself, “lets get going”. As we stood there beside the bed, I felt her mound through her shorts, as my dick became more uncomfortably restricted in my shorts. This was hot! I was on fire as I shoved my hand inside her tight shorts reaching between her lips to find she was already very moist. I was going to give her what she clearly wanted as vigorously and for as long as my energy held out. Any other time, this could go all night, for days even. But time and energy was always a factor on our fishing trips. Desire was strong but interest was one that peaked relatively quickly and dove to another desire, a desire to get them back in their taxi so I could get some shut eye. I was not going to waste time with Giana, as she did not require the more common song and dance prelude to the more serious and inevitable festivities as most younger women did. In no time, I had her top off revealing impressive shapely though somewhat small young tits, eager to suck those nipples which for some reason I seem to have a bit of a fetish for, eager to suck and fuck everything about her. I had my own clothes off in seconds as she sat on the edge of the bed watching silently. My dick stood almost upright right in front of her face, having been half hard for quite some time at this point. It’s an adequate 8+ inches long, and measured to be just under 6” in circumference. I’ve yet to hear any complaints about it, nor my performance as it has always taken me quite some time to cum, and usually stays hard if still penetrated until it is ready for another round. Most women beg off for the second round, some survive three. It is common practice to fuck right through their orgasms, one after another while I realize they often prefer me to be still so they can feel the full extent of the contractions. The tightening only makes me fuck faster and harder, the same effect as the contractions of an expert throat has on me. A woman’s ability is always guess-work, though I don’t tend to care enough to be sensitive to their particular wants or needs. I likely would be if I hadn’t had such success with the way I am in the first place. Though mysterious to a degree, women do seem to all want the basics. The goal is to push them beyond their limits in more ways than one. The occasional complaints of it being too much never stops them from calling me before long, for another get together if I allow them to know how to reach me. It is rare I ask for their information. The best is when such a woman returns only to see if they can in turn, push me further. Some have brought me past the line, which I am always eager to oblige. Once past it, the old line disappears forever, making me more of a challenge to most new ladies. I’d often thought this would most likely pose a problem when I did decide to settle down with just one woman. I would not marry one I could have easily. One who had been used, who was used to casual sex with men who cared about nothing more. She would have to have much higher standards for herself or I would neither trust nor respect her. And if it is a challenge to make her my own, I would enjoy that though she would likely have more limitations than the ones I am commonly known to spend time with. I knew I would find a way somehow, when the time came, however, to find the balance. This would be years away, as I know myself and am far from ready to settle down, or give up the variety I enjoy so frequently and so easily at this place in my life. Having said this, no such thought was running through my head with Giana naked on the edge of my bed with my dick inches from her lips. She had been staring at it for a moment, as I watched, reading the expression on her face. It was time. I put my hand on the back of her head, feeling the beautifully soft femininity of her hair, then grabbed a fist full of it and pushed her head toward my dick. She opened her mouth allowing the head in and grabbed the shaft, quite impressively working her tongue around the ridge of my defined head in evenly paced circles, providing impressive suction at the same time. I felt a jolt within, but did not rush her. I wanted to see what she had to bring to the table, or bed in this case. Though the table wasn’t out of the question. She was a hungry one! She was trying to suck the pre cum right out of me, which felt amazing. I know I made sounds of delight, excited at the prospects that she just might be more fun than I expected. “Enough of that” I thought impatiently, now forcing her to take my dick deeper, I felt the back of her mouth with the tip of my dick, hitting it hard as she tried to keep her lips tightly wrapped around the shaft. Occasionally pulling all the way out, her lips made the sound of a pop, eagerly opening for more each time. With two hands I held her head and began fucking her mouth rigorously, she was definitely enjoying every thrust. Again and again I f***ed myself deeper though she was only able to take less than I hoped. I then positioned her on her back with her head at the edge and eased myself deeper in the perfect angle to slide down her throat though I did not make it hard on her. Yet. I could see myself inside her from her neck, watching, feeling. I had to rub her tits, they were right there and so wanting. Firmly, perhaps too firmly for some I continued to rub her as I worked her throat evenly with slight f***e. Then I had to go for the nipples. Twisting her left nipple between two fingers tightly, while pinching the other, she moaned when I allowed her to, but did not resist. At this point I had not yet paid any attention to the gold mine between her legs. There would be plenty of time for this. Testing limits, reading a woman is a process and it was going perfectly. “Close your legs” I ordered her as they were wide open which was premature in my scheme of things. She obeyed immediately, which was a very good sign. I know this comes as a surprise to her, to all women as they are used to men skipping most and going straight for the pussy. Always rushing, making rushed, half assed attempts at being chomp masters so they can quickly get their dicks wet but I have a different style, appetite. I was getting insanely hotter if that’s possible, just watching her nipples turning deep red, as I leaned over leaving my balls in her mouth to occupy her and rest her throat, as I began to suck one of her nipples hard, squeezing firmly the entirety of her other breast. Her moans were egging me on, I was feeling more and more aggressive with the absence of her inhibitions. I really wanted to push her now! Clearly she had been pushed very well before and liked it. Needed it. I sucked her other nipple just as hard as the first one as she sucked both my balls into her mouth like it was her last meal. Her knees bent, legs starting to spread again I’m sure without her conscious knowledge and I reached out and slapped her thigh hard, forcing them back together. Twisting, pulling, pinching and sucking her nipples raw for quite a while, feeling her tongue licking my ass as I positioned myself wherever I wanted to feel her. This in itself was entirely satisfying and yet neither one of us had cum. The build up is everything for me. I like my ladies to get to the point where they can’t stand it anymore and dare to take the reigns determining that it was time for her to decide what was to happen next. Depending on the person and the circumstances, this can be met with great reward, or not with me. By then they know it is a risk. It’s always interesting to me to see how each handles that particular point I take them to. One thing I assure you I am not, is a hack. I don’t watch the time, but I imagine this had been going on for at least quite a while so I decided to shift my attention elsewhere. Rising to my feet, my cock steady over her head, I ordered her to “stand”. Once to her feet with a curious look on her face, I led her by both wrists to the large table across the room from the bed and laid her gently down on her back, feet dangling. Being the good little pupil that she was showing herself to be, her legs remained together until further notice or… invitation. I remained standing, not touching her, not speaking just observing her breath rising and falling in her chest. Her nipples still tender and red. I observed how she looked, vulnerable, anticipation in her eyes, looking for impatience. No sign of that. She was putty in my hands. Eager to please, to be pleased, bending to my will. Finally I told her to spread her legs. She did but not to my satisfaction. Grabbing her knees I showed her what I meant. Firmly. It was quite a sight, actually. I placed my thumb and index finger on either side of her sopping wet clit and pressed them together, holding it there, still. Motionless, watching her. I then squeezed her clit back and forth between my two fingers, watching her. Faint female sounds, music to my ears sounds escaped her from deep within. Nothing deliberate, nothing theatrical, but real. Anything rehearsed pisses me off. Turns me off. She was perfect. My dick got much harder instantly and I began to move a bit faster, then faster feeling her clit swell with every passing second, standing over her watching her face, her chest, her stomach. Judging by her breath, I could tell she was close but I was not ready for her to have her first orgasm yet so I let go gently. Standing there, looking at such a lovely creature lying on this wooden table at my mercy waiting for my next move is something I imagine whenever I am alone and horny. A faceless goddess ready and willing. Standing to her right with my back slightly to her face, I used one hand to press down on her lower abdomen waiting. Feeling. Then I inserted two fingers inside her hole, pressing upward toward my other hand firmly. Her hips moved forward. I then began to move my fingers in and out slowly, as my other hand could feel them through the thin layer of flesh between them. Mmmm I could feel the wall tightening as I continued this motion, watching… waiting. Her breath told me how close she was so I decided to work her very hard, very fast, pressing the two, fingers hard against my other hand hitting her magic spot over and over whispering “Cum” every few seconds. Her knees raised, her back arched and she let out a scream as her whole body went into convulsions, contracting so tight against the inserted fingers I curled them upward scratching the spot over and over until she came even harder about 15 seconds after the first wave passed. I turned around and looked at her with a firm look on my face and ordered her to “Cum!” again banging her hard now with three fingers, then four. Fucking her hard, pressing harder on her lower abdomen she was helpless squirming all over the table now while I only focused on the f***e of my hands creating yet a third massive explosion as cum dripped out of her leaving a sweet puddle on the table between her ass cheeks. I allowed her to rest as I stood there, stroking my cock completely turned on by this little Italian girl. Completely impressed. I wonder to this day how many more I could have gotten out of her right then if I had stayed with it. Once her breathing had returned to normal and her legs went limp I stood behind her and pulled her back and off the table leaving the mess exactly as she had spilled it. Pulling her to her knees, I didn’t have to instruct her to take my dick in her mouth, she sucked it in without the help of her hands nor mine. I rocked forward and backward casually, feeding her my meat as my mind was already on more fun ahead. For a moment I held her balls deep, “Gag” I said. I enjoy feeling her throat tightening against her will around my dick though she was able to take it all now, without gagging if I preferred. “Good girl” I praised her releasing her from my dick. I pulled her to her feet and guided her face to the beautiful creamy puddle on the table and guided her head to where she knew what to do next. Gently I held her by her hair, feeling her head move up and down as she lapped up the milk like a kitten. I then f***ed a deep hard kiss so we could share the taste of her honey, which lasted quite a while. The more f***e, the more she responded as her hunger for my control was as powerful as my thirst for her cum. Voila! I thought to myself. “Go back to bed” I suggested. As she got back on the bed, I turned on the radio beside it playing Mexican music and turned the volume up. I went to my shorts on the floor, removed a lighter from the pocket and neatly folded and placed them on the bureau. I lit three white candles on the Mexican candleabra on one nightstand, and the three on the other side, then turned off all the other lights in the room. Indeed. She sat at the edge of the bed, legs together motionless waiting my next move. I opened the drawer of the nightstand and brought out my video camera. Then got the tripod from the closet and set it up at an angle which I imagined would be ideal with no concern for whether she was comfortable with it or not. She didn’t flinch. With only words, I posed her in several different positions while I held the video camera filming. I had her finger herself and show the camera how much cum was still waiting to drip out of her. I had her caress her own breasts and move to show the profile of her nipples, squeeze and pull them for me. I interviewed her, asking certain questions trying to make her uncomfortable but she was impressively steady without being stupid with her answers. I found the Q&A was quite a turn on for me as I didn’t know what her answers would be, where I knew what the visuals would be before directing them. I had her get on her hands and knees, spreading her ass for me, then spreading her pussy lips as well. She opened them until I could see inside the tunnel. I then placed the video-cam on it’s tripod and laid her on her back with ass at the edge of the mattress, knees bent, feet beside her. Her legs were spread wide for the camera as I sat beside her on one knee, my other foot on the ground for leverage. I stroked her damp hair gently, watching. Waiting. I asked her some more questions, and instructed her to repeat herself louder occasionally when she answered. The questions were making her a bit tense, I could tell so as I was gliding my fingertips around her breasts, touching her nipples, pinching them lightly to make her wince, I kept the questions going forcing her to answer more and more uncomfortably. I gave her scenarios she’d obviously be uncomfortable with and asked if she would do them for me. She knew the answer would have to be yes, but then pressed her to explain in graphic detail how each would go. I was amazed how well she knew me by now, explaining just what I would say or do with each story. She began to breathe deeper and when she turned her head to look away, I grabbed her face firmly jerking it back to position where her eyes met mine. “You are not to look away from me”, I instructed. “Now, look into my eyes, and answer again so I can hear you”. She repeated her answer as her beautiful green eyes focused on mine. I took my right hand now, and began to touch her wet pussy for the camera to see though I did not take my eyes away from hers. This turned me on beyond words, knowing I was getting footage I could do anything I wanted with long after she was gone. I knew I would review every minute of it many times for years to come. I moved my finger on her clit in an upward motion, which was still a bit tender as the fleshy sleeve had not swollen to shield it. I liked the pain on her face and that she did not move away. I flicked it several times, calling the bl**d to it until it began to swell. Mmmmm I was hungry to eat her at this point. I wanted to feast on her for hours. So much for getting any sl**p! But first, there was something I had been planning all along that was perfect for this moment. I took my attention away from her and focused only on her pussy while I began to press again on her lower abdomen and two-finger fuck her hard right from the start. I could hear and feel the response, which I was not interested in. It was to be expected of course. Pleasure of the G spot had become easy to master in any woman in my experience. What I wanted was seconds away. I hammered my fingers as deep as they would go and I do have large hands, and strong thick fingers. I inserted a third finger now, as she began to moan loudly against the Mexican music playing though I was not interested in her having an orgasm just yet. I just wanted to fuck her hard with my fingers, it’s hard to explain why. I don’t analyze my desires, I just move on them. I gave her a good work out, I’m sure she came once, possibly twice but that was not the goal. I wanted her to experience pain. She lifted her ass several times holding her pussy right to the camera though I doubt she was aware, as I kept working her. Then I ordered her very firmly to press hard and squirt. She wasn’t sure what to do so I told her to raise up and push, to squeeze her torseau which she did to the best of her physical ability and to my delight and her surprise, she shot out a steady stream across the room! “Again!” I demanded, fucking her harder, pressing her stomach hard and again she raised up and held herself there as I could feel her stomach muscles tighten even harder and again she squirted all the way to the tripods legs. I took my hand out and slapped her flat across her pussy not in a painful way but a firm clap. Then again. And again. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had such a voracious appetite at this point I just had to eat her. Her pussy was already at the edge of the bed, so I got on my knees and began by licking her all over. I licked and sucked her ass hole which clearly was not a casual thing for her. The more tense her hole became the harder I f***ed my tongue into it. I d**g my teeth against her hole in warning but she couldn’t relax. I had to make a choice, be hard on her or just tell her what to do and see if that worked. So far she had done so well! I ordered her to relax her hole which happily worked like a charm and now I was inside! Very good girl. She was delicious. I tongue fucked her cunt with a very strong, well practiced tongue. Then I latched onto her clit sucking with my tongue darting around on either side of the sheith, sucking like a baby a****l trying to get his mama’s milk. Her body began to writhe all over the place until I held her f***efully motionless. Continuing to suck and tongue, never letting up she finally gave in and relaxed her body knowing I was not going to stop. I was not doing this for her, she realized. It didn’t matter to me if she came. They come if they come, everything I do, is for me. It just works out better that way. Once they know I don’t care, all the pressure is off and they let themselves go. Chomping away wishing I could bite and swallow her whole I had a pussy feast for quite some time. I could hear her sounds, but I was in my own pussy world. Eating pussy is something I could do all day every day. Whether the woman is conscious or cums or not. I’ve enjoyed many an unconscious fuck in my day, the women wake up extremely sore and drenched wondering how much fun I had with them while they were “asl**p”. Never a complaint so far. So you see, I am serious when I say I don’t care if they cum. I’m often not even aware they are there when I am focused on a particular body part or activity. This is one such occasion. It is vague but I am sure she filled my mouth more than the first time with her sweet cum. The first time during this eat-out session was memorable however as she rose up and pressed herself as I had taught her when I wanted her to squirt, then let out an intense scream then literally collapsed on her back at an angle which hurt her neck. “Dayum”! I said, surprised. I ate her raw and then ate her some more. It was like an extreme sport, this time. Not every session comes anywhere near this voracious with any woman up to this point in my life. Now that her body was a bit worked, and she was exhausted it was time to push her further than she could go. It was time to get my dick wet. At first I moved her up to the headboard and held her hands together by the wrists with one of my hands and entered her roughly. She needed to know straight away what she was going to have to handle though she was already raw and nowhere near able to enjoy it yet. This is when I like to fuck the most. When they can’t handle it. I shoved myself so deep inside her, her body jolted forward, her head hitting the headboard with the f***e as she screamed. The music drowning her out as far as other suites were concerned. I reached over and turned the music up though, just in case. I rammed her again harder as she screamed, feeling her cervix with the tip of my dick pressing hard against it. “Birth control” she gasped. “Too late” I replied, unconcerned. “You’re getting pregnant tonight”. And my dick if possible, got harder. My primal urge to impregnate this goddess was alive and on fire. I began bucking on her like a wild stallion quick and hard insane with passion. She was moaning in rhythm with the headboard banging against the wall. I kept pounding and pounding making her more and more sore, as my girth tore her open. I drove her deeper and held it there until she was quiet then f***ed myself even deeper in quick jabbing motions. The pain in her voice was gutteral, deep. It was unbelievably hot, so hot I forgot the video-cam was rolling. “Open your mouth” I ordered her. She did as instructed and I spat in her mouth. She swallowed and to my surprise, she opened again. Good little girl she was. I spat again this time half in her mouth half on her face. The sight was incredible so I bucked and jabbed some more. The more she screamed the harder I went. When I let up she got quiet, catching her breath and “Open” she did. I owned this woman. I claimed her all night long. I moved her into different positions depending on which hit her the hardest. If I couldn’t press her cervix as hard, I’d move her again. Once I had her on her back, flat on the bed I was able to penetrate her so deep I wondered if I was harming her. Again, I don’t analyze what turns me on, and they are always welcome to leave which she made no indication of wanting, but the angle and depth was so hot I knew I could cum whenever I put my mind to it. I wanted to impregnate this one. She had no business coming back to my room with me, if she didn’t want to get pregnant, I figured. She has no reason to trust me, so she should have brought protection if she wanted it. I was going to knock her up! But first I needed to hear her scream some more. The Mariachi band playing on the radio, the candles dripping white wax onto the night stand, the screams of her beautiful mouth and the tight hole I was forcing my stick into was all coming together at once, I hit it harder and deeper with an unpredictable, broken pace of jabs she could not brace for. Each time, forcing her to scream but never did she utter the word stop. She was taking it all, all I had as hard and mean as I knew how to give it. I was very impressed. I had her hair in my fist pulling her head back, turning her face toward me and spat on it. There were several times when I turned her head and slapped her hard. It was getting very red. I had my hands around her throat many times, squeezing tight which almost made me cum but I would let go before I shot my load. Oh no, we’re going to let this load build up so when I do cum, it does the job. It had been building since two nights prior when I last had a lady in my bed. I had given her a time she would never forget as well, and was sure she would not be returning anytime soon. I believe I pushed her too far, but she was always free to leave. She didn’t until I put her in a taxi the next morning, eight hours after I started on her. This one however, was very different. She liked the pain, she liked being uncomfortable, being completely controlled. She wanted me to own her and I know if I wanted, she would have made an excellent full time sub. Something to consider! Importing her for in the future. I am certain if I offered her certain perks, she would be mine full time and I have everything to offer that a woman could want. Finally I tuned her over again and held her legs up over my shoulders and rammed myself inside her for several minutes, spitting on her face, slapping her and then I placed a pillow over her face, holding it down so I could not see her and fucked like a dog until I allowed buckets of cum to fill her pussy, cover her cervix completely. I held her there as my dick kept spilling spurts of seed for several minutes, exhausted. Excited knowing she just got knocked up, and what a beautiful c***d he or she would be. This girl will make excellent breeding material I decided right then and there. I held her legs on my shoulders for another 30 minutes as she laid there, going from screaming to barely able to catch her breath, to resting comfortably. I instructed her to not move as I propped her legs up on the 4 thick hotel pillows, and went to take a shower. When I returned she was sound asl**p exactly how I left her

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