Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Brother's Keeper SeXStoRY

Round, firm breasts. Thick, hard nipples. A distended stomach and soft, smooth pussy mound. That's what awaited him at home every night for the past six months. It was easy to understand how a girl like me could get pregnant by a guy like him. Especially when I saw him everyday, and he refused to let me wear clothes while in the house with him. Oh but I love him so. It all started a few years ago. We were both sixteen at the time and curious about our bodies and each others. It had started off innocent enough. He'd ask to see my breasts, I'd ask to see his penis. Then he would start to touch me, finger my nipples and tug them hard before sucking them into his mouth. I would take hold of his penis and milk it gently in my hand until he would cry out and cum into my hand. The feel of his foreskin always got me so turned on. Soon, just playing and touching wasn't enough. We wanted more, much more. I remember it well. I was home sick from school that day we first had sex. He had come home early, another suspension. He saw me laying on the couch, my undersized nightshirt hiked up well past my hips and exposing my soft, smooth, hairless pussy. He moved over to me silently, despite the fact I already knew he was there. Without a word, his heavy hand landed on my mound, finger slipping between my moist pussy lips to play with my clit and get me even wetter than I already was. I moaned, of course I moaned. I moaned and shifted my hips so that I could grind myself into his hand. God I loved it when he touched me. "Mmmmm...Howie..." I moaned, opening my eyes to look up into his. Those dark, chocolate browns staring back at me from under long lashes. "What the hell are you doing home from school? You're not sick." I moaned again as I rolled my head back, arching my body off the couch slightly. "Didn't want to go to school today. So I...mmmmmmmmmmmm Gooooood!!! I stayed ho-Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh-me...." I can still hear his laugh as he shoved his entire hand into my pussy. Forget two fingers or even three. He went straight for the kill. I could feel his knuckles stretching me, opening my pussy as wide as possible before pulling away quickly. I whimpered, until I saw him drop his own pants and make a move to sit on the couch between my knees. Reaching out, he used his fingers to scoop out my juices from my pussy, wiping them on his own cock in order to lube himself up. My heart was racing as I thought about what this could mean. I'd been wanting for him to fuck me for quite some time, I just never thought he actually would! Yet there he sat, that hard, thick, 10 inch cock just throbbing and glistening with my juices and his pre-cum, waiting to take me for the first time. Our first time together was amazing. Every time after was just as amazing. We explored each others sexuality like mad. Discovered we shared similar kinky fetishes and when we reached the age in which we could legally buy sex toys, we spent every penny we'd saved buying up dildos, breast pumps, pussy pumps, electroshock toys...just about anything we could. I was always the willing subject. I enjoyed it! Welcomed it! It was only natural, we thought, that we should move in together. After all, we were sl**ping together and no one else could hold our attention like the other could. People gave us odd looks, would call us sinners and tell us how unnatural it was for us to be so close to each other. We didn't care. "Fuck 'em." Howie would say, usually right before thrusting his tongue into my mouth and pulling me in close so I could feel his hard-on pressing into my stomach. When we moved into our own place, that's when the rules were put into place. I was never to wear clothing except for when I got my period. I was not to leave the house without his permission or unless he was with me. And at six o'clock sharp, every night, I was to be waiting in our room, legs spread and ready to receive him. Now, at eight months pregnant, I sit on our bed, my legs spread wide open, fingers tangled in his soft, brown hair, holding his head close to my body as his tongue laps and thrusts at my pussy. The feel of his hot breath on my oh-so-sensitive skin is enough to make me throw my head back in pleasure and cum, hard, into his waiting mouth. He licks it up greedily, groaning and moaning with lust as he does. I feel our baby kick inside my belly, Howie brings a hand up to place against my side as he pulls back, still licking my juices from his lips. "Mmmm...I think someone wants his mommy to be played with. Don't you?" I nod quickly, my eyes hooded with desire as I lean back down onto our bed. "Mmmmm yes...God...fuck yes. Howie...I want you..." "I know you do. But, you know the rules. On your hands and knees, my fucking pregnant cow. You need to be milked. Those tits are just too heavy and this pussy?" He smacks his hand against my already dripping pussy lips, making me gasp out and groan in pleasure. "This pussy needs a good milking to, while we're at it." Doing as I was told, I carefully move so I'm on my hands and knees, legs still apart so he can get to my shaven pussy. I know exactly what he's going for too when he climbs off the bed. The breast pumps and pussy pump...two of my favorite toys. I wiggle a bit excitedly as I wait, knowing the kind of pleasure they're going to add to our fuck time. I bite my lip gently as I feel him attach the pumps to my breasts. They suction themselves to my skin the minute he turns the pump on. "Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! FUCK!!!" I throw my head back in pleasure, groaning out and growling softly as I quickly look back down to watch the pumps pull as much of my heavy tits into their glass barrels as possible, right before the streams of milk shoot from my nipples. There's two bottles waiting at the end of the tubes for the milk. Milk that will be put in the freezer for later. God I love the feeling of my tits being milked like this. " little fucking milk machine. You like getting your fucking tits milked, don't you?" "Yes..." "Yes what?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Yes, I love having my tits milked!" "Mm...yeah...I know you do. God you're such a little fucking slut. My hot, fucking, pregnant slut. You want your pussy pumped? Huh? Do you, slut? You want me to milk your pussy now too?" My pussy is already puffy and wet just from thinking about it, but I nod eagerly anyways. "Yes...God, fuck yes. I want you to pump my pregnant pussy." He grabs my hair, yanking my head back as he moves to brush his lips over the sensitive skin of my neck. "What did you fucking say, bitch?" "Ahhhhhhhh! ...I...I said I...I want you to p-pump my p-pregnant pussy." He lets go of my hair as he smiles and moves to stand up again. "That's what I thought you said." I wait as patiently as possible as he rubs lube around the outer edge of the suction cup, teasing me with it before finally holding it in place and squeezing the ball to begin the pumping. It always hurts at first, having my mound completely sucked into that hard plastic cup, but the feelings afterwards are also so worth it. I kneel there on the bed, groaning and rocking with pleasure for as long as he wants me to stay like that. My breasts begin to turn from red to purple, the milk long since stopped for the time being. He makes me wait though, wait until my pussy is as big as it will go before he finally releases me from the breast pumps first, taking his time to play with each sensitive nipple and make me jump and flinch in painful pleasure. It feels amazing when he uses his mouth to suck the thick, hard nipples in. Then, he reaches down to slowly, so very slowly, release my swollen and sore mound from it's torture. Moaning out and quivering with want, I bite my lip hard when I feel his mouth dive back for my engorged pussy lips and clit. His tongue teases my over sensitive clit before he pulls it into his teeth, sucking it long and hard, drawing me to another orgasm. I cum on his face, my juices flooding down his chin and my thighs. Unable to keep myself upright, my arms give way and my upper body collapses onto the pillows placed under me for support. "Mmmmm yeah...that's fucking little pregnant whore. You want me to fuck you now? You want me to shove all ten inches so far up your cunt your baby can suck on it?" "Mmmm y-yes...God yes! I want you fuck me. Fuck my cunt, please!" "God you're such a fucking whore. So fucking hot. Onto your back now!!" I roll onto my back, breathless and swollen from my tits to my cunt. Still, his hand comes up to gently soothe across my stomach, pausing in one place as the baby within kicks and punches. It brings a smile to both our faces as he pushes my legs further apart. I love the sight of him lining up to shove in me, my pussy so huge compared to what it usually is. So incredibly sensitive. He groans out loudly as he shoves his cock into my engorged lips, deeper and deeper. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! GOD!!! H-Howie!! Fuck! Fuck it h-hurts!! It hurts so FUCKING GOOD!!!" I cry out as I feel him finally sink all ten, thick, hard inches deep into my love tunnel. He waits for a moment or two, leaning over me to shove his lips against mine in a hard, passionate kiss. Our tongue dance and mingle before he finally pulls away and sits back up to start his thrusts. Slow and deep at first, the kind of thrusts that drive a person mad with want and desire. I beg him for more, beg him for harder, but he only laughs and shakes his head. I have to wait and I know I have to wait. This is his time. I'll get my time for demands soon. I always do. For now though, I have to suffer through the slow, deep thrusts; a hand coming up to tug and twist my nipples until I scream out in pained pleasure. Finally the speed will increase and that's my cue to start my demands. "God yes...oh yes...oh fuck yes...harder! Fuck! HARDER!!! Fuck me hard!! Yes! Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK YES!! Right there! God! Fuck!! Right there! Yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!!! Harder! Harder! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Goddamnit!! YES! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh FUCK!" "Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. That's right. Take it. Take it bitch. Take every last fucking inch of my cock. You're a cock hungry whore aren't you? Tell me you're a cock hungry whore." "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! I'm a cock hungry whore!" "That's right...mmm fuck yes. Fuck. God you're still so fucking tight! Such a fucking hot little pregnant slut. You like it when I pound your fucking pregnant cunt, don't you? Don't you? Yeah...I know you do. You love having your pregnant pussy slammed so fucking hard." "Yes...oh fuck yes...yes!! Fuck me, Howie! Fuck me! Fuck your little pregnant fuck whore!" "Mm...this is how you got knocked up to begin with, isn't it? Hm? By being my little fuck whore. Yeah. You like being my fuck whore. You know you do." "YES! FUCK YES!!!" He leans down over me again, his stomach pressing down hard against my belly as he puts his lips to my ear. "You love having my cock in your pregnant cunt, don't you slut? You love knowing that the baby inside you right now belongs to me. Mom should have separated us when she caught us kissing in bed, shouldn't she? Then you wouldn't be in this mess, would you?" "Mmmmmmmmmm!! F-Fuck Howie!! FUCK!!" He laughs as he pushes himself away from my ear and goes back to slamming my still swollen pussy. I can feel the knot growing in my stomach, the white hot heat burning inside me, begging for release. "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck, Howie, YES! Right there! Fuck me right there!! Fuck yes! Fuck me right there, Howie. Yeah...yeah...Harder! Faster! Mmmmmm Fuck me hard and fast right there! Yeah...yeah...oh God yeah...Howie...Fuck! Fuck!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream out with pleasure, my body convulsing as I squirt my juices all over his cock, body, our bed..everywhere. Stream after stream I squirt until I'm lying limp on the bed, barely able to see straight. Still he fucks me though. Harder and faster than before. He wraps my legs around his waist, making me hold him close as he thrusts harder and faster, making me moan and cry out louder and louder. "Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Take my cock, slut! Take it! You want my cum? You want my cum deep in your pussy? Huh? How I got you pregnant the first time? Filling your whore cunt with my seed." "Yes...yes please...please give me it. Cum in my pussy. Please cum in my pussy. I want your seed buried deep in me again." " it it comes! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Stream after thick, hot, stream shoots into my body, hitting against my furthest wall and filling me so completely. God it feels so good having his thick, hot load filling my pussy. I hold him there against me, trapping the load inside me until his cock goes limp and he flops out. Falling back against the pillows, I smile softly as I move to snuggle in against him. We stink of sex, but that's fine by me. I kiss across his chest and up to his lips. He really is an amazing lover. He knows everything I like and just how to do it. But then, I'd expect nothing less from my twin.

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