Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I was in the shower, lazily enjoying the sensation of the hot water spraying like rice grains on my swelling member which was resting in the palm of my hand. As it swelled I went into that world which is private to all except the one who inhabits it and at this time the person invited in was Patricia, my landlady of some three weeks. My cock stiffened to its full seven inches as I slowly wanked it, pulling my skin up and down the shaft. Suddenly my world was shattered by a knock on the door. “Gavin can I come in, I’m dying for a pee” Without any time for me to reply, the door burst open and in ran Patricia, in her short skimpy chemise, peeling off her knickers which were around her ankles by the time she had turned around to sit upon the toilet, where upon she immediately began to piss, a trickle at first but turning into a torrent. She seemed oblivious of my nakedness, so desperate was she to relieve herself, but the sight of her knickers around her ankles and the sound of piss splashing against the inside of the pan was a huge turn on for me and I swear my cock strained the biggest it had ever been. As I stepped out of the shower, Patricia became aware of my presence and her eyes widened as she saw my cock for the first time. “Fuck me Gavin, that cock is fucking huge” she said with excitement building in her voice. I walked over to her and she reached out to take my cock in her hand, it twitched and my bum cheeks clenched as she did so. I groaned as she took it into her mouth, a warm moist cavern, curling her soft tongue around it. I slipped my left hand down between her legs to feel the moistness of her piss-wet hairy cunt and my right hand fondled her left breast, her nipple hardening as I did so. Despite receiving a wonderful blowjob, I wanted to taste her cunt, she looked disappointed when I pulled my cock out of her mouth, I reassured her that she’d have it back later as I went on my knees and started to kiss her mons verenis and rub my cheeks against her silky soft pubes. I started to lick her clit and she held my head in her hands as she ground her cunt into my face, she was wet and she tasted delicious. Wanting to taste more of her I asked her to stand up and turn around. She was willing to please and as she did so I saw her perfectly shaped arse for the first time. Perfectly round symmetrical bum cheeks and a wonderfully deep cleft separating them. I couldn’t resist it; drawing my face closer I began to kiss her bum cheeks, soft, smooth, softer than any pillow on which my head as ever rested, then pulling them apart I ran my tongue down her deep bum crack to taste the piss around her tight little arse hole. “You taste fucking delicious Patricia. Such a perfect arse, so fuckable” I said breathlessly and eager to taste more. I couldn’t put off the inevitable any longer, so standing up, with cock in hand I positioned myself behind her. Taking hold of her smooth globes in my hands I carefully nudged my cock against her cunt and slowly slipped inside her. She groaned as I pushed air from out of her lungs, as inch by inch I filled her cunt with my seven inches of man meat. She was so moist; there was little resistance as finally my balls gently crushed against her bum cheeks. “Oh Gavin, that feels so fucking good, you’re so big. Really big.” My rhythm had now speeded up, I varied the depth of penetration from just my knob to full length, when my balls slapped against her arse, and I was now close to orgasm. “Where do you want my spunk Patricia? In your mouth or up your cunt” I enquired somewhat breathless. Without a word she turned around, my cock slipping out of her wet cunt and sat back on to the toilet seat. She quickly pulled my cock into her mouth and began to slurp on it noisily. Reaching down between her legs with my right hand I began to finger her swollen clit. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I exploded into her mouth, shooting my spunk towards the back of her throat. She groaned with pleasure then her own orgasm hit her making her scream with delight. Quickly I pulled my cock from out of her mouth and put my lips against her mouth to kiss her and taste my spunk some of which was still on her tongue. I stepped back to look at her, flushed and glowing she looked at me then fixing her gaze on my limp cock swinging between my legs she said, “Your not so big now are you, you big cocked fucker. Any more of that and I’ll have to let to stay here rent free” “Really”? I said in mock surprise. “Yes I want a fuck like that every day” I pulled her chemise over her head then taking her hand to help her up, we walked to the shower where we enjoyed some intimate bathing, sliding soapy fingers into each other’s orifices. We were both late for work but the smile on my face lasted for the whole day and for many days and months that followed. Yes I did live with her rent-free a more accommodating landlady one could never wish for, our fucking becoming more intense as we both got our monies worth. © Morning Glory July. 2010

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