Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nice Ass SeXStoRY

Back in the days when hubby and I were still more together than apart we were walking one day by the front.Not in season...not specially warm...not many about. We saw him at the same time,standing on his own with his head bowed tied to a rail.Don't know if he was alone but there was nobody about and he looked rather sad.As we drew closer hubby said "Fuckin' hell! Look at that"... I could see the massive cock swinging between his legs and I thought I wouldn't be sad with a cock like that to play with. Don't ever fucking dare to say that my shitbag hubby and I are kindred spirits but as I was thinking it he said "Give him a bit of a wank why don't you?" We looked up and down the front...still nobody to be seen.I moved towards him.He might be violent...anything could happen.We still didn't really know how he came to be here alone. I laid my hand on his shoulders and he gave a little shudder.He fet nice though.Soft and strong at the same time. "Go on...Kneel down" says the hubby. I did kneel and ventured to touch his cock which twitched and writhed. Hubby had the Polaroid camera out - I don't know why anyone ever bothered with the fucking things.Half the time they didn't work and no copies available - but I only had to see a camera to get my tits out so I did just that. He looked at me rather longingly I thought.."Go on" says hubby so I dared all and grabbed his cock.I could barely close my fingers round it and I swear it was the hottest thing for miles around apart from my rapidly heating cunt.I had never seen a cock so massive,never mind held one..never mind wanked one. Hubby took a picture of me with cock in hand and almost immediately afterwards a huge string of thick spunk shot out and splashed on the ground.The emission was so powerful that the splash reached back up to my tits and some went on my dress and my hands of course.It tasted almost but not quite exactly how you would expect. Hubby took another picture.When I saw it afterwards I couldn't decide if I looked shocked or thrilled...or both. He sent the wanking one to the Sunday Sport...I don't know why he imagined for a moment that they would ever use it.They didn't use it,didn't return it and didn't bl**dy pay either. Never happened a dream now but I still think about it a lot.The biggest cock and the biggest load I ever drew from one and a free ride home afterwards...I married the wrong a****l...Hahahaha

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