Monday, July 22, 2013

The wednesday fuck club SeXStoRY

Once you have crossed the Rubicon, there is no going back, as Julius Caesar might have said. Sex with Karen became a regular part of my life. Every wednesday, I would work from home. Her home. As time went by I grew in confidence in the relationship, enough to really want to take control. Fond as I was of Karen, and I was fond of Karen, there was something in her that brought the bully out in me. I liked to dominate her, sometimes even make her cry, just a little, and then make her pleasure me. Early on, there was an occasion when I went there to her flat and she was in trousers and t shirt, with no make up, and I was furious with her. “How dare you - you little slut - you are not fit to be seen, let alone fucked” I roared at her. She stood, shocked, and then her face crumpled, tears flowing. “Please, I’m sorry” she whimpered, I wasn’t feeling too good I.. ”. “That's enough - no excuses you dirty little whore” I kept my expression stern as she wept, enjoying her distress. “Come here” I pulled her roughly across my knees, and dragged her jeans and panties down, and then spanked her,hard, with the flat of my hand four, five, six times. She squealed with each blow, and when I was finished she was sobbing. “You must understand me, Karen, that from now on you will dress and behave appropriately. You will always wear a dress or a skirt, so that I may enjoy looking at you, and you must look your best.” She choked off a sob and nodded tearfully. “I’m sorry” she snuffled. “Good girl,” I said, more softly. “Now I can’t stand to look at your face so I am going to fuck your little ass. Don’t you dare turn around until I have finished. Then I will let you clean my cock.” She nodded, and then squealed as I entered her asshole, more gently than perhaps she deserved. I penetrated my full length just to make up, and had the pleasure of hearing her squeal again as I thrust. Just to show I had a soft side I allowed her to climax before she cleaned my cock with her tongue. I then turned and left, leaving her lying, without a backward glance. God, I loved being a bastard! And so the fun continued, but as it did so an idea began to germinate in my mind. Why confine myself to just fucking Karen? Why not spice things up a little bit more? I announced my intention to Karen the next week. “Karen, my dear, I have decided that I need more than one pussy to satisfy me. Next week, I want you to invite Suzanne along so that I can fuck her too.” It was genius! Karen could sort out the girls for me and I would fuck them, easy as that! Suzanne was Karen’s best friend, recently married and a very sweet piece. “But....” Karen started. And now came the good part. “Karen, I said, I’m not asking you, I am telling you. When I come here next wednesday, you better have arranged it that Suzanne is here and ready to party, or you will be in serious trouble.” With that I left her, ignoring her panicky entreaties. Well I don’t know what she said or how she managed it, but the following wednesday there was Suzanne and Karen sitting on the couch, waiting when I came. Suzanne has long auburn hair and a figure for which the term statuesque was invented, and now that I came to notice a damned saucy smile too. Maybe Karen’s job hadn’t been that difficult after all! Like all red bl**ded men I like nothing so much as sitting watching two girls make love to each other before giving them a pounding, and so on my instruction they set to it. It turned out that Suzanne was a bit of a slut who loved everything about sex and so a fine time was had by all. So that was the start of the wednesday fuck club. Membership by invitation, leave your inhibitions at the door, the only qualification, if you are a girl, is that I fancy you. The three of us were the original members, but oh so much more developed. Suzanne was a feisty piece with a touch of the dominatrix about her, and she loved to take turns bullying Karen with me. Every now and then Suzanne would have to feel the slap of my hand on her buttocks too, just to remind her who was in charge, but for the most part I let her have her head. And so, on for more adventures!

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