Wednesday, July 24, 2013

faggots dream, truckers delight SeXStoRY

Truck drivers, what can you say. Just think about it, those handsome men on the long haul with nothing to do but drive and think. And I’m sure they’re just like most men, their minds wander to sex. I’m in a lucky position; my career allows me to do an immense amount of travel, where ever I want, whenever I want. I usually stay on the road myself during the warm months. It allows me and the truckers to wear less clothing. There was this one time on the interstate I saw a most handsome trucker. Big, hairy and just my type. I was at a rest stop using the bathroom when he walked in. I stood in awe. He had thick hairy legs which barely fit into the legs of the shorts he was wearing. The wife beater he had on strained from the bulk it held in place and the parts of his body not covered by the shirt were covered in fur. I couldn’t do anything but stare at this damn handsome hunk of bearflesh. He stepped up to the urinal and undid his pants then hauled out a most impressive piece of manflesh. I continued to stare; he seemed not to notice or care. He crossed his arms across his big belly while his meat let out a thick stream of urine. He finally looked over at me, standing like a statue and starring at his handsome form. He nodded which brought me back to reality. I nodded and began to wash my hands. He finally finished draining his bladder, zipped up and joined me at the sink. We began a conversation about the road, the weather, and other things. I felt somewhat like a school boy who was too shy to talk to the popular k** in school. After we finished washing our hands and drying them under the blower we both exited the bathroom at the same time. I walked to one of the picnic tables s**ttered throughout the rest area. I chose one close to where the semis parked in hopes of seeing him and or other truckers. I noticed he went back to his truck and closed off the interior with curtains. In a few he reemerged and walked over to where I was sitting. On his way over I noticed that the bulge in his pants seemed a little more pronounced than before when I spotted him in the bathroom. “Where is your final destination,” I asked. “On my way back home to Little Rock, and you,” he replied. “Going home myself, a little further east though, Atlanta.” “Long drive you got before you there. Me, according to law, I have to stay off the road for the next few hours. Pity there is nothing to do here in this wilderness,” he said as he placed his foot on the bench of the table and massaged his bulge. “Now that depends on how adventurous you are. Not to be too forward, but I would love to see the interior of your truck,” I said, not taking my eyes off his hand massaging his crotch. “Well then come on over and let me give you the tour. You might be impressed!” at this he outlined his crotch with his hand and winked at me. I followed him to his truck. He opened the door and invited me to enter first. He grabbed my ass as I lifted my leg and placed my foot into the first tread, “Let me help you up into the cab. That first step is a little high off the ground.” Then I felt a squeeze. My heart raced. The interior of the cab was quite spacious considering. He invited me to sit on the bed while he took the passenger seat. As he sat he adjusted himself to allow for his growing cock. Once he got seated I wasted no time in helping myself to his manhood. I pulled his shorts down and noticed that the underwear he was wearing when I saw him in the bathroom was gone. His cock was thick, uncut and had begun to ooze precum. I squeezed and it oozed a stream. That was all it took, I was down on it balls deep and nursing for all I was worth. “Slow down there cocksucker, that cock isn’t going anywhere and I want this to last for a while. That pretty little ass of yours looks very enticing to me. Besides, if I cum now, you’ll be like all the other queers I’ve let suck my cock. You’ll end up swallowing and leaving before I can see just how nice and tight that ass is.” Let me digress some. This trucker is one fine specimen of manflesh. He is about 6’-4” weighing in somewhere between 375 to 425. Thick legs, big arms, nice belly and the only place he doesn’t have hair is the bottoms of his feet and his palms. His hair is a nice shade of red, thus his nickname, Rusty. He is in his late 30’s with the nicest smile and the greenest eyes I have seen. His white teeth shine through his red beard when he smiles and it completely melts any resistance I have about offering up my ass to him although I consider myself a top. He proceeds to lay me back on the bed and takes my clothes off, slowly taking in my body and remarking at how small in stature I am and how much he enjoys small men under him when he can get the opportunity. When he takes my underwear off he takes my cock into his bearded mouth and begins to nurse it like I was nursing his cock earlier. Not only am I amazed that he sucks cock, it is everything I can do to keep from exploding in his throat. I pull his head off my cock and explain that he is so much my dream man that if he doesn’t stop I’m about to cum so hard that I’ll blow the back of his head off. He backs away and removes his clothes. I just lie there, mouth open in amazement at the masculine beauty he displays. He crawls over me and slides his uncut cock deep into my throat and let it stay there. I close my mouth around it and begin to nurse again. I can taste the precum flowing and enjoy the flavor. He pulls out his cock, rolls over on his back, spreads his legs and invites me to lie on top of him. I oblige. He grabs my head with one hand and kisses me deeply as I melt into his big soft hairy form. His other hand is gently kneading my ass, fingers probing at my eager hole. I can feel his cock throbbing against me sending me code saying take it, take it all in every way you can. He releases my head from his embrace and asks, “Where would you like my first load. Down your throat or up your ass?” “That depends on how many loads I can expect,” I reply. “When I get a little feller as alluring as you, I try to give up at least three if not more.” “Well then,” I reply as I maneuver down between his hairy legs towards his thick uncut cock, “let me see if I can swallow your first load.” Without hesitation, I take his entire cock into my mouth and begin to nurse. He grabs my head with both hands and begins to skull fuck me. Feeling his cock go in deep and the head slip out of his foreskin sends me into another dimension. I wrestle my head from his grasp, lift up off his cock and reach for my shorts. Inside the pocket I grab my bottle of poppers. I take a nice good whiff and return to his cock. He takes the bottle, takes a whiff and returns to skull fucking me. “That’s it you little queer. Suck on that mancock. Beg those balls for your reward. I’m gonna fuck your queer throat, and drown you in cum. Yeah that’s it. Use that tongue. Cover that tongue with my foreskin and lick that big head of my manmeat. Grrrrrrrr. You are one fine cock sucker. You got a nice throat and I like the way you take it all and not gag. Shows me you are a well-trained queer. You know how to suck a man’s cock.” His hot talk was driving me wild. I was enjoying the way he was taking control of my throat and using it as he wished. He also knew how to skull fuck. He would go balls deep, stroke it until I thought I was going to suffocate, then come up just enough to allow me to get another breath then balls deep again. And the way the huge head would come out of his foreskin and go deeper into my throat then retrieve back into the foreskin was exhilarating. He would fuck my throat for what seemed like a short while. Then he would lift my head, offer me some more poppers and resumed his enjoyment of my throat. This was his rhythm for at least an hour. I was in heaven and didn’t want this to end. He then lifted my head off his cock and said, “This is it cocksucker. I’m about to deliver my first load down your throat. This is the only warning you’re going to get. When I cum, don’t stop nursing just begin swallowing. Swallow it all. If you continue to nurse on my cock, my erection will not go down and I’ll spread those cute ass cheeks of yours and fill up your ass with cum. Understand me faggot?” “Yes,” I replied staring deeply into those green eyes as I was breathing as much as I could from the bottle of poppers. I was looking forward to this. His control of the situation was making me hot and the thought of him feeding me his cum had me dripping cum myself. He rolled me over on my back and straddled my head with his legs and f***efully shoved his thick cock down my throat. He was balls deep as he took a big whiff of the bottle of poppers. He then leaned forward pushing his cock deeper into my willing throat, grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking for all he was worth. Every stroke made him groan and growl. I was in cocksuckers’ heaven. He was good as his word. He gave no indication that he was about to cum. His cock was huge so I didn’t notice it had gotten any thicker, just that it was shooting a nice load down my throat. I could feel it smack against the back of my throat before it slid its way into my willing gullet. There was no need to swallow; he was so deep in my throat that I couldn’t swallow. All I could do was to allow his balls to unload and enjoy the sensation of each throb of his cock hitting the bull’s eye on the back of my throat. I could feel his moans, groans, howls and growls better than hear them. His big hands covering my ears while he was skull fucking me allowing me to hear only the beating of my heart. Once his cock quit throbbing his stroking stopped as well. I continued to nurse on that thick cock. I wanted every drop of this man’s cum, nothing less. Without removing his cock from my throat he rolled us back over where he was on his back and I was locked between his legs. Only then did he release my head from his grip. But that did not stop me from continuing to nurse on his cock. He lifted his big legs and rested them on my back, trapping me between those hairy tree trunks. He reached down and patted my head saying, “Fine blow job faggot. Can’t remember the last time I had a blow job this good. Keep on nursing and let me work up another load I can fill your ass with.” His talk and compliment made me proud. Here was a man’s man telling me that he was enjoying being a man and my throat was the reason why. My ego was swelling and his cock stayed hard. He let me suck for a time then told me to lift up off his cock. When I did, he looked me in the eye and handed me a bottle of lube. “Grease your queer cunt up faggot. This Daddy is going to fuck you like the queer you are!” A big smile stretched across my face and his eyes lit up. I lubed up my ass and his cock, crawled over his big body and began to sit on his uncut meat. “We have to take this slow at the beginning Daddy. I usually don’t get fucked so let me get use to that fireplug of yours in my ass then you can fuck my ass like you did my skull.” “Take your time, but when I feel your ass has loosened up enough to take all my cock, that cunt of yours is mine to fuck as I wish. You’re my queer and this fuck is all about me and my pleasure. Besides I’ve never known a queer that didn’t like a good ass fucking.” As he was telling me all this he was pressing his cock up my ass and holding me down making sure I was getting all of his cock in my ass. Again he maneuvered us around until he was on top of me. He had my feet touching the top of the cabin. He was in "the pocket" as he called it. “Get ready faggot, Daddy is going to fuck!” With that he began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of my ever stretching ass. “Nice and tight, just the way I like queer cunt.” He handed me the bottle of poppers, “take a good whiff of those boy. When I get me a good whiff, your ass is going to get fucked. And remember, no warning when Daddy is about to cum. Just keep that cunt open for me to fuck and fill up with cum.” I took a number of whiffs of those poppers before I gave the bottle to him. I could see the devilish grin begin across his face while he had the poppers under his nose. He replaced the top, placed the bottle under the pillow, grabbed my shoulders and pushed his cock deeper up my ass. “Get ready boy, Daddy’s about to tear up your ass.” With that he began to stroke hard and deep. Pulling out until only the head was in then a hard thrust until his balls slapped against my ass. He kept this up for a while, groaning and growling all the while. He then bent down, grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. After his tongue entered my mouth I could feel his cock throb and unload a torrent of cum in my ass. As he promised, no warning just stroking and shooting. When he was kissing me, his big belly was running up against my trapped cock. When he began to shoot his load up my ass I began to let lose my load between his hairy belly and my smooth belly. If I could have I would have wrapped my legs tighter around his body, but I couldn’t. He was so thick that I could barely spread my legs wide enough to allow his bulk between them. The pressure of his big body against my legs kept them spread while the thickness of his cock kept my ass open. Again I was in sexual heaven. He lifted his head up and stopped his stroking. “Hoped you like that fucking boy,” he said. I was speechless. After a few he rolled off of me. He kept my legs up in the air with one hand while the other hand played with my cum filled ass. “Nice thick load I left you there.” All I could do was offer a weak thank you. I was exhausted and all I did was receiving. He did all the work and yet he didn’t seem winded at all. “What about that third load Daddy? Which hole you gonna gift with that,” I ask. “Let’s take a breather for now boy and when Daddy’s cock gets hard again, I’ll let you know.” With that I snuggled up to him, put my head in the crook of his arm and closed my eyes. I didn’t care which hole he chose. All I wanted was more.

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