Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Trip - part 1 SeXStoRY

Vacation Trip By Black4Blond - Part 1 My co-worker told me about this nice vacation place, but he didn’t tell me everything. As I believed his stories I bought a trip there for me and my girlfriend. He told me that he had found a club where you could watch a special show that really showed everything. He told that it was worth of every dime he spent on it. I didn’t hear sarcasm in his voice, but I guess I should have. I paid the trip and we went there. The Place looked nice, the hotel was awesome, the food was cheap and the locals were nice and polite. I found that the club that my co-worker had told me about and I talked my girlfriend into coming with me and checking out that awesome show. At first she didn’t want to come, but later on she gave up and agreed to come with me. Most of the customers were locals and it looked like a gentlemen's night club, but the music was nice and the drinks were cheap so we stayed and I asked about the ”show” from the bartender. He nodded that there was a show that I could see for the right price. I said that it’s OK and paid the price. The bartender asked if my girlfriend was OK with it me watching the show. She nodded and the bartender said "okay". He said that the show would start later on and we could wait for it in the VIP lounge. It sounded really great and we had free drinks there. My girlfriend Mary enjoyed her time there and a nice-looking waitress gave us drinks after the drinks for free. I guess I have to tell a little bit about Mary. She’s 150 cm tall, about 50 kg in weight, she has long blond hair and perky b-cup tits. Her figure is slim and I had noticed that the local people just drooled after her. Slim, white and insanely sexy 20-year-old girl. Every guy's wet dream. Most of the locals are blacks so everyone noticed us easily. I guessed that they weren't looking at me, but only at my girlfriend Mary. We have known each other for ages now and we have never been with anyone else but each other. Mary started to get hotter than ever and I guess it was because of the VIP lounge and the drinks. She asked me to leave with her and go to our hotel room where I could fuck her brains out. I had never before heard that kind of language from her mouth and I really wanted to go, but I was curious about the show that I had paid for. I got her to stay for a little while as the waitress told that the show was going to start soon. We were lead back into the main room and there were two nice seats in the middle of the room. One for me and one for Mary. We sat down and the show was about to start and a lovely young black dancer girl came to the stage. She started to dance for us and the waitress came to me. She asked me to put my hands on the chair's armrests and tied me into that chair. She said that I can only watch and not touch, that was the rule. Mary shook her head and told that she need to go bathroom and that I could ”enjoy” the show. After I was tied into the chair, that dancer came really close to me and started to dance on my face. Had I not been tied, I might have felt the need to touch that sexy girl. She looked a little bit younger than Mary and I was blown away when she took of her bra. Her nice b-cup tits were in front of me, her tender smooth black skin looked so tempting that I just wanted to touch her, but I didn’t have a chance. It was against the rules and she really teased me with her tight body and showed me how low she could bend herself. She kept only a pair of tiny strings on herself and she got me really hard so fast that I couldn’t believe. I didn’t even noticed that Mary wasn’t on her seat as that dancer had my full attention on her sexy body. He rubbed her body against my legs, let her bare tits touch my face and let her fingers run through my hair. I could have paid extra, whatever they had asked, just to touch her tight body. She did her part of the show and as it ended another part of the show was starting. The dancer went away and I noticed that at this time three black guys brought a hooded white girl on the stage. The guys were wearing only pants and the girl whose face was covered with a leather hood had only string bikinis on her body. The guys moved her around the stage and let everyone see her freely. She was hot and she seemed to just want to please those guys. I hoped that Mary could see this, but she was still away. I was about to ask about it from the waitress, but they started to play their music even louder than earlier. The men kept that slim girl in the middle of them and pulled her string bikinis off in front of whole audience. Other customers started to offer some money to join in the show. Black hands ran over her white naked body and her perky tits were mauled by black hands. They bent her for us and we saw how black fingers were moving into her white smoothly shaved pussy and arse hole. The girl seemed to moan behind her black leather hood. Then she was pushed on her knees in the middle of those guys who opened their pants, so their big black hard cocks just jumped out like they wanted to rip that girl to pieces. One of guys opened the mouth piece of the hood and they made her suck their black poles. She really did it really well and served those three studs with her mouth. We all watched as the young white girl with leather hood on her head sucked their black cocks like those were lollipops. Her head was kept in one position as the guys face fucked her roughly. Guys within the audience started to get hot at that moment. She was fully naked in front of us all and after she had sucked their cocks long enough, they pulled her up while someone had pulled an interesting stand onto the stage. The men tied her onto that stand, where the hooded girl was f***ed into a slightly bent position and we could see her naked body really easily from that position. The girl's hands were tied above her head and also her legs were f***ed wide open. She was f***ed into a big X on that stand. Her body was shown to us with spotlights and the first guy went behind her and f***ed her tight white body to allow his black cock to enter. She seemed to scream behind of her hood as her head twitched, but I didn’t hear anything. He fucked her tight pussy for a long time and the spotlights were directed to her white body. We all saw how his black cock moved within her cunt like a f***e of nature and he took her with long steady thrusts. The guy's black hand moved on the girl's slim body like he owned the bitch. The audience were yelling him to fuck her hard and fast, but the first guy came into her with a loud groan. He shot his seed deep into that poor girls womb. As he pulled out, we saw his seed dripping from her used cunt. The girl just hung on the that stand, breathing heavily. The second guy took his place and she still hung on that stand like piece of meat, but another black cock put some life into her body. The second guy was rougher than the first guy and she was fucked with long fierce thrusts, while her tits were almost ripped off by that maniac. It looked really rough and it had to hurt a lot, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Her white body took a hard beating from that crazy guy and he really rammed his thick cock hard into her pussy. It seemed that she yelled from pain every time the guy f***ed his pole deep into her. She was sweating and it made her body even sexier. The guy was teasing her nipples constantly and it made her wriggle. Later on he also came deep into that girl’s tortured cunt and he also groaned with a deep male voice while unloading his seed. The third guy didn’t have as big a pole as his friends had, but this time she was arse-fucked in front of us. The girl seemed to be trying to get out, but she was tied really well onto that stand. Other customers drooled over the show and I have to say, that girl looked so sexy that I would have wanted to fuck her too. I was still tied on my chair, but I saw everything that happened on the stage. The spotlights made sure that we all saw her lovely shapes, tits, legs, hips and also her shaved pussy. She was dripping lots of seed after the first two guys and her thighs were stained from cum. We saw as her body glimmered from sweat and the guy fucked her for a long time. His cock ripped her arse apart and he f***ed himself fully inside to that poor girl. The audience were going wild as the girl took guy after a guy on the stage in front of all of us. After the third guy she was released from her bonds and her legs seemed to be really shaky. The show wasn’t over yet and she was f***ed over one black guy who had been picked from the audience. The black guys made her ride on that guy's cock and a second fellow was picked to fuck her arse. I wanted to have her mouth, but they didn’t pick me. A third guy near me got that honor and I saw in front of me, how that white girl was gangbanged in front of me by guys from the audience and it really looked so hot and sexy. Those guys shot their loads into her like those first three guys before them and a second wave took their places. At this time they removed her black leather hood and I was shocked as I saw Mary. It had been my girlfriend Mary the whole time and now those black guys were fucking her brains out in front of me. The black guys went crazy when her long blond hair was revealed to them and they were almost fighting for turns to fuck her. I told the waitress that this was wrong, that I hadn't asked for this, but she told me that this was the ”special show”. They fuck white wives in front of their men and it was a rather popular show in this town. I cried out loud as I watched my lovely girlfriend getting fucked by hordes of black sex maniacs. Hours later I was untied and I could take Mary with me. She was unconscious as I carried her into the taxi. We arrived to our hotel a couple of moments later and in our room I washed her completely. I put her to sl**p in our bed and she slept whole night and next day, before she woke up. She remembered parts of that night and she was shaken. We talked about, but I don’t know if she is ever going to be the same Mary I knew...

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