Wednesday, July 24, 2013

my best friends b*****rs SeXStoRY

this is 100% true - names have been changed - this is my first story so please tell me how i do :) at this time i was 34F shaven pussy 5 stone slim with long blonde hair when i started at a all girls seconday school i met this girl in my class called tara we were very good friends and did a lot together, se was a really close friend who i told evrything to - except myself and her b*****r george had been having an on off relationship for 3 years it was taras 14th birthday pool party everything kicked off before i start i would like you all to know i am a bit of rebel, not obeying by the rules and am famous in school for being a slut taras 14th birthday was a pool party - perfect for me to wear a skimpy bikinu and show off my 34F's (people say im like a stick with 2 footballs). taras other b*****r harry was throwing people in the pool from the 3storey balcony somenpeople were to chicken to try so i decided to unleash my adventourous side i lossened my bikini top and walked up to harry, i have for a while and he was like my b*****r, i talked to him about everything and told him my secrets tara didnt know, he knew what has been happening between me and george and promised he wouldnt tell tara at the balcony i asked him for help to george to notice me as he had been flirting with my worst enimies steph and grace, harry turned me around and undid my top completely, he chucked me in he pool but kept hold off my top. i landed in the pool gracefully, when i looked up i saw george standing over me with his phone i said hi and rested my boobs on the side o the pool pretending not to notice about my top i heard a click and asked him what he was doing, he showed me his phone screen and i saw at least 30 pictures of me topless in the water, i wanted his attention and now i had got it i looked down and said o gosh i climbed out of the water and walked up to the balcony to retrieve my top at about 11 o clock (pm) everyone had gone home except me who was staying the night, i had a shower and opened the shower door strange i thought i didnt leave the bathroom door open as i went to close it i noticed a video camera on record just outside the door, i thought imight as well give them what they want, i dried my self as usual then sat on the floor i positioned 1 leg on the sink and the other on the door frame so the lens had perfect view of my pussy glistening with juice, i lay on my back and moved my hand towrds my pussy i rubbed my clit with my thumb and teased the opening of my pussy with my forefinger, i slipped in 2 fingers and carried on gebtly rubbing in and out, after a while i felt my body begin to shake but wasnt ready yet, i inserted another 2 fingers and curled my thumb into the palm of my hand and slowly pushed in, i wriggled my hand until my fist was inside of me and slowly opened my hand inside of me, the feeling was sensational, i felt my body shake uncontrollably and out gushed a perfect combination of sweet and sour cum, some hit the lens but it went unnoticed. i had george fill me in on these details as i blacked out for a while. i awoke lying on a bed with my hand being eased out my pussy, i stirred but didnt move, this person (george and harry which i found later) then placed my hand on my tits and squeezed spreading my juices over my boob, i felt a warm breath over my boob which erected my nipples another inch, soft lips were planted on my nipple and they were slowly sucked, i felt this persons tongue flicking over my nipple and teeth gently nibbling, these lips moved further up my boob and sucked for a long time at the same time a pair of lips had been planted on mine, this persons tongue flicking over my teeth and mixing with my tongue curling together, i lay still, this persons hand slowly moved down my stomach and over the top of where my thong line would be, this sent electric shocks over this area and gave me a new tingly feeling, this hand crept a litrle lower towards my clit, pressure was apllied and i was no longer laying still but slowly moving in time with this rubbing sensation everything stopped, i opened my eyes and george and harry was looking at me i kept moaning so they carried on, georges hand carried on down towards my pussy, a patch of my juices had formed on the bedsheets, he slid his middle finger into my opening and pushed upwards, i bucked my hips and moaned loadly he pushed harder and i let out a gush of orgasm, he slid in 2 more fingers which i bucked my hips to, after a couple of minutes he pulled out all fingers undis his trousers puled down his boxers and rubbed my juices over his fully erect 9" cock. harry pulled off his trousers and revealed a 11" thick cock, i lay george down on the floor and placed my pussy over his face, not to suffocate him but close enough for him to bury his face in my juices his tongue expertly flicked over my labia lips and pushed through my opening i let out a gasp and buxked my hips in joy, he held onto my hips and pushed my further down onto his face he kept using his tongue to exit and enter my openong while sucking around my pussy cleaning my off my juices, his hand searxhed for his cock, he pulled vigorously on the shaft and wanked so he was shaking, he show his load out over his stomach and on my back. harry was sitting in the corner of the wanking hard staring at his 'surrogate' s****r and b*****r going rough on eachother, bythe mess he had made i was guessing he had cummed at least 4 time within the last 20- 25 mins. he walked over to me knelt down as i orgasmed again over his b*****rs face, he pushed his cock into my mouth and ordered to suck, i slowly moved my head back and forth trying to accept the whole 11", i flicked my tongue over his cock and wrapped it round, i juggled his swelling balls in my hand and pulled my mouth over his cock and balls gagging me in the process but it was enough harry cummed in my mouth and spread it over mt face and tits george cummed over my back while i poured out over georges, i calappased forwards onto harry and lay there exasperated and blacked out a white flash shocks me up to feel an excruitating pain shooting all over my body, i looked down to my sore pussy and pulled out a 13" long and 4" thick cock, i looked down to see a video camera between my legs and up was george and harry and a bunch of unknown faces sitting on the bed looking at me i lay down again catching my breath, trying to figure out my emotions, hurt, happy, sexy and a slut it felt good to be used and i enjoyed the pain i heard someone walking towards me - george - with a big gym ball, he picked me up in his strong arms and layed me over it, i didnt know what was to happen but i was too tired to protest, my legs were lifted up over his shoulders so he was looking down on me, he guided his cock into my opening the rammed his full weight into me the pain was so terrible i cried out and begged for him stop but he pulled on my hair and thrusted my hips to help him bang into me harder, i had tears falling down my face and felt like a slut but didnt want it to end my tita were banging up and down which impressed a lot of people on the bed, i turned to look for harry and saw each person wanking hard harry was suddenly ontop of me pulling at my nipples being cheered on by the 'mob', after another minute george stopped banging into me and i felt my pussy tighten around his cock, he exploded his load into, i screamed out to cum anywhere but in me for risk of getting pregnant, he ignored me and pulled out of me just as the door opened, there stood my ex dàntè and my worst enimes steph and grace, i said what are you doing here and they pointed to raqueem, one of the boys on the bed, and said he text us to come and as we were only at nandos we decided to come, what happened, they r**ed and sexually abused me george stood up and slapped me in the face so hard i fell on the floor U LIAR U FUCKIN LIAR he shouted at me U BEGGED FOR THIS thats not true i turned to grace and pleaded for help george walked over to the other side od the room and said theres 1 thing you could do for me never to do tuis again anything i said he raced over to me grabbed my arse, pulled apart my cheeks and thrusted his cock into my arse i begged for mercy, even dàntè grace and steph were now tearing him off me, i was free i colappsed into stephs arms as dàntè and grace restarined him for me i cried into stephs shoulder so she took me away to the bathroom where she cleaned me up and bathed me as i was to weak and kept blacking out i snuggled into my pyjamas and colapased in taras roon who had slept through the whole thing. i became best friend with steph and could never face tara or harry or george again, i never told my parents what had happened until i found out i was pregnant with georges c***d. when i turned 16 me steph and river shared an apartment and we have always been there for each other from the day on

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