Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Told You SeXStoRY

“No, please…” I barely audibly whispered. “Shut up you little cum whore!” “So... ohh god, no... Fuuuuuuuck,” the words leaked through my painted lips. “You want that hole filled too, you little cocksucking bitch?” “No, please! God, just stop please…” “You’re so ready… I told you you’d be my bitch,” she taunted. Of course, there wasn’t much I could do to argue with her. Regardless of the obvious physical advantage I would normally have over her, there was the small problem of being helplessly slung over the side of the couch with my hands bound tightly behind my back, while her 8” strap-on cock sawed endlessly into my formerly tight hole. Oh, and the way I was dressed wasn’t exactly conducive to running away either. It’s hard to run away from your girlfriend when you’re dressed like a Hollywood hooker. It’s not that I wanted to be dressed in the tight leather mini skirt, peasant top, wig and 6” platform heels while getting my ass fucked to high heaven; it was quite the contrary. It was her sick mind, however that had worn me down to a shell of my former self (in more ways than one), and had transformed this seemingly gentle loving woman into a wanton sexual being bent on using me for every perverted sexual pleasure she could conjure up. *********** I never should have let Skye, my girlfriend, see the pictures. I admit, it’s hard to say no to her with my cock in her mouth, but something told me that letting her see pictures of me dressed like a schoolgirl from last Halloween would be a bad idea. It was done on a dare, just as a big hairy guy in a plaid skirt and high heels, but when I broke down and showed her you could almost hear something in her head click. The next thing I knew, she was talking me into shaving my legs and letting her “practice her make up” on me by promising me the hottest, nastiest sex ever. I made her swear not to tell any of our friends, and she would always say yes accompanied by the sexiest giggle. How do you refuse that? Little by little it got pretty apparent that these things turned her on like crazy. She admitted finally that something about making me do femme things made her as horny as she’d ever been. By that point I wasn’t one to argue since it always led to some of the hottest sex sessions we’d had. Seems little Skye had bit of a bi side to her, and I was her outlet. I knew her being 22 that she’d never had any real sexual relationships besides ours, so I figured it was normal that after 2 years together she’d want to experiment a little. She’d put me in some of her things, we’d both get turned on and the petting and dirty talk would quickly lead to sex. No, wait… it didn’t turn me on, I swear. It was her kink. I was straight, honest. Well…. YOU put on a silky pink thong, thigh high stockings and 5” pumps and then tell me you don’t get turned on a little. But it doesn’t make me queer. Even when she teased me about being her bitch, she was just joking, I think. Then one day we crossed a line there’s no going back to. There I was on the bed on all fours, wearing a white satin teddy, matching garters and stockings, and white stilettos while Skye & I floated through a HOT 69. My flowing red wig lightly tickled her thighs while the length of my cock plunged down her throat. I mean… the damn wig she made me wear kept getting in the way. Yeah. Anyway, I suddenly noticed her shift around as she swiftly darted her tongue from my dripping balls to the area around my ass. “Whoa, wait…. What are you doing?” I asked “I’m getting you ready, silly…. I’m going to try something.” Hmmmmm. “You’re not gonna…” “Just relax Tommy, I’ll let you cum all over my face again,” she cooed, knowing just where my soft spot was. “I hear a lot of guys get off on this.” Too bad I couldn’t see the evil smile on her lips as she reached under the pillow for her vibe. The next feeling I had was the soft buzzing of her little friend against the tender (and now smooth-shaven) flesh of my balls while she continued to work her wet fingers around the opening to my ass. To say I was in heaven would be an understatement… until I felt the tip of the vibe enters me. “Honey, no!” I snapped. “Wait, wait. This is gonna feel so good,” she replied, as she slithered from under me to kneel just behind me. “I don’t want that, please.” “You will, trust me.” I heard with a demanding tone I hadn’t heard from her before, and with that, the first two inches slid into my dripping, prepared hole. The feeling was more a shock than anything else but there was no doubt I wasn’t willing to play along. Then two more inches sank into me. “No, no please… stop baby… stop… YES! Ohhhhhh god YES! Deeper! Fuck me deeper!! “You like that baby!?!” She asked, suddenly thrusting the vibe a bit harder “Yes! More! Give me more!” I screamed, hotter and harder than I’d ever been before. “It’s all the way in!” “Then fuck me harder, you bitch!” “Bitch? You’re my bitch honey,” Skye whispered hypnotically. There was no way I was, of course, though from the look of me you’d never think otherwise, a “girl” in slutty lingerie and fuck-me heels, thrusting her hips back to meet the cruel invader that was at the moment taking her cherry while she moaned and screamed like an over-dramatic whore. The look of Skye alone was nearly enough to make me orgasm, as a sly little smile of triumph appeared on her face the harder she fucked me. My hair by that time was soaked and matted to my skin while my hooker-wear was stuck to my spasming, contorting body. One slight touch by my girlfriend’s fingertips on my heaving balls and the hot, sticky cum rushed like a geyser out of my beet-red cock, splashing onto the bed, her hand, and my stockings. As I collapsed onto my side I was half-consciously aware of how erotic it felt to slide my legs across each other drenched with my own cum. I nearly blacked out when Skye ran her semen soaked fingers across my lips. “Lick baby, lick. That’s it Tori, Good girl.” Tori? *********** For the next three weeks the actions of that day became more and more the norm. At one point I actually started getting worried because we hadn’t had “normal” sex in over a week. Skye was always a hot little fuck, with sexy legs I loved to put over my shoulders and a pussy so wet it felt like velvet when we fucked. I wasn’t about to give that up. Besides, what kind of guy lets his girlfriend fuck him over and over without wanting to reciprocate? Yet there she was every night when I’d get home from work waiting with her new best friend, her strap on harness. She’d even taken to teasing me, fucking me good and hard till I was ready to cum, and then suddenly pulling out and making beg to be fucked like a “good little bitch”. “When’s my turn? I never get to fuck you anymore. Don’t you miss it?” I inquired. “Of course honey. But you enjoy it so much more now, and I always get off too. I say we stick with what works. Don’t you like being my bitch, Tori?” It was like she was taunting me. “I don’t know about your ‘bitch’, but being your girlfriend now and then is kinda fun,” I added, trying desperately to defend the remaining vestiges of my manhood. “That doesn’t take away from the fact that besides you calling me Tori, I’m still your boyfriend and every now and then I like to fuck the hell out of you.” “Now now honey, believe me, I’m getting all I need. Plus, remember how I used to bug you for sex all the time? When was the last time I had to? It seems to me like you like this a little more than you’re letting on. In fact, lately when I get the panties out for you, you immediately get hard and start pawing at me... I think that would make you my bitch!” She was trying to provoke me now. “I love seeing you happy, that’s all.” “Happy is just what I am. And you’ll only be making me happier. Okay?” “Okay.” “Good… Now get in the shower and get rid of that stubble. Then put on the frilly white panties and the new platforms I bought you.” What had I just agreed to? As the days passed though, our activities branched out. Skye took great pleasure in dressing me as slutty as possible and then getting me randy as all hell and tormenting me. Sometimes she’d have me pose for pictures or suck on her strap on till it was wet enough to slide into me. Other times the dirty talk would start up where I’d be made to degrade myself further, as she wouldn’t be satisfied until I came up with the naughtiest phrases imaginable. Sometimes I wondered what the neighbors though of the strange voice shouting out things like “let me suck that fat cock” and “fuck me like the cock-hungry slut I am”, soon giving way to previously unheard of utterances like “I’m just a cumwhore! A naughty little cumwhore!” or “**** my ass and shoot your hot load on my slutty face!” The ways I debased myself for her enjoyment knew no bounds. And it always seemed to end the same, with my exhausted body lying prone as Skye carefully made me lick my own thick seed from her dainty fingers. Made me? And was it just her enjoyment? Like prophesy, I soon found out. *********** I stood in the living room for ‘presentation’, dressed as instructed: sheer black peasant top with bell sleeves, 14” leather miniskirt, matching pink satin bra and panties, auburn shoulder-length wig and 6” platform stripper heels. The little temptress she was, Skye already had a very hot video on the big screen, of a somewhat reluctant t-girl surrounded by large men with even larger cocks. My feeling was that of a fly being drawn into a spider’s web. “My darling little Tori, today we play a new game. Since you were good enough to take the day off from work we’re going to keep you dressed all day, and I’m going to fuck you harder than ever because the neighbors aren’t home to hear us. Today you’re getting fucked till you cry, little girl.” As the words left her mouth she circled me like a hawk to its prey, eyeing my every minute feature. Getting to my ass, Skye lightly rubbed against the taut leather, and without a hesitation clamped a set of steel handcuffs around my wrists. “To make sure you don’t go anywhere,” She added sweetly. The words fell off of her skilled tongue so matter-of-factly that you could tell there was no room for discussion. I stood handcuffed while her inspection continued. Agile fingers traced my manhood through the silky pink panties beneath my skirt, working me into a frenzy. Hot breath on my neck, followed by Skye’s snaking tongue as it darted in, out and around my ear made sure she had my undivided attention. Skilled hands roamed across me, bringing every nerve in my body to full attention. If I were a real girl I’d have been dripping in anticipation. True to form, I was soon begging for my “daily dose” of her hard cock. “I know you’re ready, Tori. A hot little fucktoy like you needs cock at every opportunity, doesn’t she? And I’m here to make sure you get it. Now tell me you want it, baby.” “Yes Mistress, give me what I need,” I robotically complied, my will completely dissolved. “What is it you need, sissy girl? Is it cock? Is it a nice… long… hard… cock, pounding that tight little ass of yours? Like the girl in the video? All those cocks… I bet you’d love to be there, helping her…” My inner voice tried desperately to fight the urge to go along, but her voice was hypnotic, as if every suggestion immediately became my will. The feel of that huge cock against me, her hot breath on my neck, the taut leather of the skirt, teetering on impossibly high heels… No, this couldn’t be me, could it? Getting fucked like a girl by your own girlfriend was one thing, but the playtoy on the TV screen was far beyond any depth I’d go to. Such a wanton slut, a whore for cocks dripping hot cum. Cum… it tastes so good… so… FUCK! No it can’t be, it won’t be… this will be the last time, I swear… Noticing my sudden apprehension, Skye impatiently took matters into he own hands, throwing me over the arm of the very couch that she had many time threatened to throw me over to ‘fuck me like a naughty bitch.’ Surprised by such an aggressive move, I was helpless as she immediately pounced on the opportunity to top her prize. Grinding her hips into me while maneuvering her giant lifelike cock against the length of my ass, she a****listicly licked my ear as she continued in her attempt to drive me beyond my fragile will. “Look at the screen, little one. See how she loves it? How she moans for more?” “Yes, Mistress.” Where did that come from? “Mistress? I’m not your Mistress you little bitch. Just because you’re a wanton little hussy willing to take the first good fucking that came along doesn’t mean you’re my slave…. Not yet anyway.” My god, I really had no choice anymore, did I? And it all felt so good… Quickly the skin-tight skirt was hiked up over my hips as my pre-lubed hole ached for fulfillment. My Mistress wasted no time in unsheathing her cock, a brand new bigger than life strap-on cock no smaller than 8” long and easily as big around! Paying no attention to the horror, which now filled my painted eyes, the glistening tool slithered through my crack and unceremoniously slid halfway into my ass. The scream of shock I’m sure could be heard for miles as I chanced a glance back to see the now familiar smirk of superiority across Skye’s face as she fucked her girlfriend into oblivion. “Such a HOT… LITTLE… FUCK,” she emphasized with each pounding stroke, as the watering of my eyes slowly turned to tears. “No, please…” I barely audibly whispered. “Shut up you little cum whore!” “So... ohh god, no... Fuuuuuuuck,” the words leaked through my painted lips. “You want that hole filled too, you little cocksucking bitch?” “No, please! God, just stop please…” “You’re so ready… I told you you’d be my bitch,” she taunted. Ready? The feeling of being used so thoroughly, the undeniably suggestive way I was dressed, the t-girl on the video screen now taking cock at both ends and begging for more, it all served to break down the few remaining walls of my psyche. In an instant there was no denying, I loved being her bitch. I deserved cock in my ass all day and night long. I was her fuck doll. “Yes, yes baby… I’m ready, so ready to be your naughty little toy.” “You want it all, bitch? You envy the little slut in the video? Tell me how much you love the taste of cum. TELL ME.” “Yes Skye, yes! Feed me my cum. I want it so bad. God yessssss...” “I’m tired of fucking you, suck my cock my sissy little crossdresser,” she chided, stripping the condom off her dripping phallus and circling me to shove it in my waiting mouth. “Show me just how you love having your mouth fucked, like your little friend on TV.” Everything I knew about getting a dynamite blowjob went into the tongue bath I gave her dildo. I surprised myself by nearly fitting it entirely in my throat. For that moment, I was every man’s fantasy, working a dick in my mouth like a pornstar on Ecstacy. It seemed like an out of body experience, as the image of the t-girl on the TV screen merged with my own consciousness into a blur of wet, slobbering fellatio. “Damn she’s better than you promised,” a man’s voice uttered, shattering my trance. But before I could react, Skye’s hands clamped down on the back of my head, forcing the remaining two inches of hard rubber cock into my throat. Tears poured from my eyes as I gasped for my last breath. Large, strong hands took station at my hips as my empty hole again was invaded, this time by hard FLESH. My eyes flashed up toward Skye and her ever-present smirk of mastery. She thoughtfully traced a fingernail under a tear from my cheek as my eyes pleaded to her, “Why?” as the unknown man behind me let out grunts and groans of pleasure while he let me know for the second time this afternoon what a “hot little fuck” I was. “Dear, dear Tori. You remember Dave don’t you? From my office Christmas party? I told you before not to worry about my sex drive, that I was ‘getting plenty’, didn’t I? After a few weeks of seeing how much you loved being a little sissy getting your pantied bottom filled with cock every night, I knew I couldn’t take that away from you. And Dave was more than happy to fill in,” she giggle knowingly at her pun. “I’m sure you’ll agree that he has quite a piece of equipment there, and don’t lie and say you want us to stop. Now, take your mouth off the toy and tell me what you want.” “I… I… but…” was all I could manage between Dave’s hard, quickening thrusts. “Say it, bitch!” But shocked silence was all she received. Then she changed up her strategy. “Dave, stop fucking the bitch, but stay in her,” she said evenly. Dave complied just as he drove balls deep into me with a hard manly grunt, as I mustered the courage for a reply. “Now, Tori… tell me what you want… NOW.” “Please, I don’t want this. I just want to be Tommy. I’m not a bitch, I’m your boyfriend!” “Quit stalling you little tart. I know how horny you are right now. Besides, even if you really didn’t want to, you have no choice anyway,” she explained, clicking her long nails against the remote in her hand and gesturing it toward a bookshelf In the corner. “Caught on video”, she emphasized much to my horror. I could die right there and let her explain it to the coroner. “Oh, don’t fuss Tori honey. Do you know how much websites pay for video like this? We’ll never have to work again. Well, I won’t at least. And stop your fidgeting or we’ll have to start all over.” “God Skye, no, please stop!” “Too late for that now, Tori honey.” “I just want to stop, please! Dave! Skye! I don’t want this, “ my cries rang out to deaf ears. Skye took the opportunity to reach beneath me and find my own rock hard cock straining against my femmy pink satin panties. “This tells a different story, doesn’t it? My sissy transvestite slut of a boyfriend likes getting fucked, doesn’t she? She loves gagging on big hard cocks, hmm?” Each accusation brought an agonizing throb from my satin-encased cock. “C’mon honey, Dave’s all ready to finish off, and believe me, his cum is the tastiest!” I was nearly at my ends as she rhythmically stroked my cock through the soft pink panties. Just as I attempted to gather the last shreds of my courage, her slender fingers left my cock, only to trace my wet lips with my own sticky precum. That was all it took. “Ohh god, Skye, please give me that cock!” “Uhh uhh, naughty girl….I knew you’d see it my way. Ask Dave.” “Dave, please… I need your cock NOW!” I yelled, completely debasing myself. Glancing back at the television I took a cue from my on-screen partner. “Fuck me hard and cum all over my slutty face! God, I want that hot cum!!!” I didn’t have to ask twice as he wildly began long, fast strokes into my ass. Skye watched in triumph as she took position alongside of us and once again took hold of my cock through my panties while brazenly french kissing Dave. “Fuck me like your slut, honey! I deserve it, don’t I? I’ve been such a naughty little whore… a naughty little cum whore... mmmmm God I can’t wait to taste you!” Fuck me like the cocksucking whore I am and shoot that hot cum on my naughty little face.” God, the slut in me was coming out like crazy. Skye was right, I NEEDED this. Just when I thought my body would spontaneously combust, Dave pulled his swollen member from my backside and took position on the couch at my face while Skye stumbled for the video camera for my close up. To my surprise, she sat the camera on the nearby coffee table and quickly unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back. As sore as my arms were, they couldn’t reach out for Dave’s cock fast enough while I crawled from the couch arm to a kneeling position in front of him. “Massage his balls,” my kinky girlfriend instructed, as she knelt next to me and simultaneously stroked both of our cocks. I stroked my press-on nails along his hairy ball sack as he moaned in ecstasy, moving my sissy lips around his cock head preparing for the imminent explosion. “Naughty girl…you cocksucking bitch! Take my cum! Fuck I’m cuummmminnnnng!!!” Dressed as I was, on my knees in front of my girlfriend’s new lover, while she stroked his manly cock into her transvestite boyfriend’s mouth, I couldn’t help shooting a huge load of my sissy cum into my pretty panties. Seconds later It seemed, ropes of hot cum splashed over my painted face. More cum than I could ever imagine a man cumming, drenched my face while my own sticky seed dripped from my panties. Skye, always ready to help my humiliation along, scooped up my mess and applied it to my already messy face while I scooped what ever cum landed on my face rightfully into my mouth. God, it was tasty! “Save some for me! I’ve gone without for a week just so he’d shoot that mess all over you!” my devilish girlfriend added. My body all abuzz, Dave and Skye helped me onto the couch and Skye added the naughty trick of kissing me hard on the mouth, sharing the last bits of heavenly cum with me. Skye’s ever-present smirk grew even wider with that final humiliation as she sat c***dlike in Dave’s lap. “It’s so good having a man to fuck me hard again. You don’t mind do you Tori? Having a sissy girlfriend is a LOT of fun but I’ll still need men every now and then. I can’t possibly give up hard cock just like I wouldn’t ask you to either. You understand, right? “But…. What about me?” “You? I told you you’d be my bitch.”

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