Monday, July 22, 2013

She Cop SeXStoRY

Kim was a county police lady. She loved patrolling the back roads by the college. She was always looking for the local college boys. She loved to make deals with them to keep them out of trouble or tickets. Kim was short, good looking and extremely busty. She had a habit of wearing her uniform with several buttons undone and just thong panties. She would then walk up to a car and lean in and show off most of her huge tits. She laughed and called her patrol car a cock finder. And she never had trouble finding a young cock and sometimes several. Tonight on a back road she saw a car parked in the trees and she knew they were either drinking or smoking pot. She pulled up behind them and got out and went to the window and leaned in showing too much tit and asked for their license while she looked the two young men over. They were about nineteen and twenty too young for the beer they had just started drinking. She said to them "You boys are in trouble. You are too young to be drinking beer. We can make a deal if you don't want to go to jail." They looked at the sexy cop and said "Anything. We can't go to jail or we will lose our scholarships." Kim looked at the boys and said "OK, get out of the car." When she had them out and standing she told them "Now take off all your clothes because we are going to have a lot of fun tonight." They looked surprised but they stripped for her. She then finished unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it open and showing all her huge tits to the boys. She pulled down the thong and kicked it aside and the boys stared at her bald pussy. She smiled and said to them "Tonight you get to eat and fuck my cunt. Looks like you two like pussy a lot." She looked them over and liked that they had nice size cocks not even hard yet. She grabbed the first one and said "You are Sam, Right? I want you to turn so I can look at your ass." She then looked at the other and said to him "Pete, I want you to turn also and let me see your ass but don't turn back till I tell you. We are going to have some sexy fun. You see, I am going to fuck both of you tonight. Now lean over the back fender so I can check you out when I am done with your buddy." She went back to Sam and told him "Now turn back to me." She grabbed both his hands and put them on her huge globes. "Do you like my tits? I want you to rub them and suck them till I tell you what to do next." The boy rubbed one tit as he sucked on the other. As he sucked and felt her tits she reached down and grabbed his cock. She stroked him till he was rock hard and then she gripped his balls and they were large and full. She then grabbed one of his hands and put it between her legs. "Let's see how good you can play with my pussy. You better be good if you don't want to go to jail." He began to run his hand over her clit and rub it till it was hard then he found her cunt and shoved two fingers in her and began to finger fuck her as he sucked her nipple in his mouth. He had her cumming in no time as she kept stroking his long hard cock. Then she leaned her back over the fender of his car and told him "I want that big cock to fuck me and fuck me hard. Grab my ass and ram me hard and take a finger and shove it in my ass and cock fuck my cunt as you finger fuck my ass. I like it hard and rough so fuck me like a maniac." He shoved his cock deep in her cunt as he grabbed her and finger fucked her. He was pounding her cunt as his fingers destroyed her ass. She yelled "Yes, fuck me harder. Add more fingers to my ass. Pound me with that big hard rod. Give me that cock." His youth allowed him to fuck her quite a while before he filled her hole with cum. She then bent him over the hood of his car and spread his legs. She told Pete "Come over her and sit get on your knees between my legs. She then grabbed her night stick and shoved it in Sam's ass and began to fuck his tight ass as she told Pete "I want you to eat my pussy and suck that cum out of my dripping cunt. I want to feel your tongue deep in my hole. Use that tongue to keep me turned on." As he began licking and tonguing her hole she then turned to Sam and began fucking his ass with her stick. As she fucked his ass she grabbed his cock and began jerking his cock getting him hard again. A couple times Pete made her cum so hard her knees got weak. He was a good cunt licker. He had his tongue deep in her fucking her and keeping her cunt cleaned out. She had her stick deep in Sam's ass and was fucking him and jerking his cock giving it to him rough. His tight ass was going to be sore when she was done. Then she heard Sam scream and cum sprayed all over the hood of his car. She then told Pete to stand up and get behind her. She pulled the stick out of Sam's ass but kept him bent over. She got beside him and laid over the hood and told Pete "I want you to spread my ass and lick it and get it real wet then fuck my ass with every inch of that man cock between your legs. Fuck my ass hard. I like it deep and rough." As Pete began to lick her ass she told Sam "Reach over here and finger fuck my cunt as he fucks my ass. Use three fingers or more and fuck me hard. I want to cum many times." As Sam shoved three fingers in her cunt and began rough fucking her wet cunt Pete now was pushing his cock deep in her ass. She loved getting both holes fucked hard and was soon feeling her cum run down her leg. She loved playing with these two young college boys. She let them fuck her till Pete filled her ass with cum. Then she pushed both boys to their knees and Pete licked her ass as Sam licked her cunt. She held Sam's face tight to her cunt as he swallowed all the cum out of her fuck hole. She screamed "Use your tongue boys. Fill my holes deep with those tongues. Fuck me good Clean that cum out of me." When she finally let them up she felt clean and well fucked. She told them "You can go but don't put on your clothes till you get down the road. I may call you again for some more road side fun. I will hand cuff you and fuck your ass with my strap on. I would love to ride you hard and deep. Now get out of here before I decide I need more cock." They took off to the car and left as Kim watched the horny fuckers go. She left her thing there on the ground as she got in her car looking for more cock.

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