Thursday, July 25, 2013

pantyless shopping SeXStoRY

early saturday morning, wife got up, showered and returned to the bedroom, i was mostly awake, and was watching her dry off. she grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top, then pulled out my favorite black lace bra, and a zebra stripe thong. she bent over in front of me, teasing me, while she was pulling on her thong, i reached out and cupped her ass cheek, and she pushed back against me, my hand found it's way between her thighs, rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of the thong. soon she was squatting on my face, my tongue circling her clit, her hand around my hard cock stroking me slowly. her freshly shaved pussy was warm, wet and tasted so good, i nibbled on her clit, and tongue fucked her. her mouth found it's way to the head of my cock, slowly sliding down, until she had it all in her mouth, her finger massaging my asshole. she pushed her pussy hard into my face, i knew she about to cum, my face my soaking wet as she rode my face, she kept sucking and stroking my cock, and asked me to cum for her. my cock exploded in her mouth, she licked up every drop of my cum, then slid herself down to ride me reverse cowgirl, she rode my hard cock until she came 2 times. she slowly got up, toweling off her wet pussy. i got up and went to her closet, and pulled out my favorite little sundress she wears. she had a confused look on her face, i pulled off her cum soaked thong, and helped her on with the dress, and retrieved a pair of purple heels from her closet, and slipped them onto her feet. "no panties" is all i said. she left for her regular sat morning shopping. i recieve a text an hr later, all it said was "my pussy is so wet, cant wait to get back home" i replied "dont" she replied, "i'm at the mall, i wont" i'm getting hard again knowing she sitting in the parking lot, playing with her sweet little pussy, i wonder if anybody can see her walking by the car... she'll tell me about her adventure this afternoon while i kiss her clit, and finerfuck her asshole..

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