Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(3) Hanky panky holiday with mum SeXStoRY

This is part 3, but also a story in itself! The weeks seemed to fly by and, before I knew it, the time had come for myself and my mother to leave for our holiday. I was still in the dark as to where we were actually going, as my mother placed her finger against my lips every time I tried to ask "Shhhh..." she would say "you'll have to wait and see like a good boy." I arrived at her house early on the Monday morning and was pleasently surprised to see her in a pair of butt-hugging pink shorts, sexy strappy sandles and a tight t-shirt. And of course she was bra-less so her full tits bobbed and swayed with her every movement. She looked at the two suitcases and the holdall that I had brought with me and said "You won't be needing any of that! All you should take is the holdall with your essentials in." I was now starting to realise that this holiday was going to be special in more ways than one. We left in her car, leaving my two suitcases sat in her living room. My mother wanted to drive all the way, which gave me the chance to look down at her shapely legs as she worked the pedals and also at her superb breasts being squashed and pushed apart by the seat belt. After an hour or so of travelling, we pulled into a resort called Paradise Peaks. I read the sign outloud as we passed underneath it. My mother turned and said "Thats right, and soon you'll see my peaks." I knew exactly what she meant and felt my cock twitch at the thought of seeing her naked once more but this time in the light of day and not in her darkened bedroom a few weeks previous. The resort seemed deserted apart from some guy cutting the grass. There was plenty of greenery and open space with chalets dotted here and there. We pulled up at chalet number twenty and entered with our very light luggage. My mother disappeared to the bathroom while I stretched out on the soft bed. Moments later she was back, completely naked... and what a sight! Large breasts with sexy brown nipples standing erect, her dark hair resting on her shoulders and that inviting bush of pubic hair calling my name. My cock began to stiffen at the sight and I started to squeeze and caress it through my shorts. "Well, I'm off to meet some friends. See you later son." my mother announced. I looked confused so she came over and pushed her lips against mine. This wasn't a peck but a full-on passionate kiss. "Its a nudist resort. Haven't you guessed, you silly boy? Now get those clothes off and have a look around. I'll see you back here later and I'm sure you'll feel like fucking me." Did I hear that right? Fucking me? I thought to myself, last time she seduced me she called it making love. This hoilday was bringing out the a****l in her... and me. I felt like fucking her right there and then on the bed, but as she was my mother, I had to do as I was told. With a wink and a horny glint in her eye, my mother was gone out the door. The sight of her hot sexy arse burned a picture in my brain as I lay there. With my hard-on ebbing away, I stripped naked and ventured outside the chalet. For the first time I noticed some other people on holiday there, walking about in the nude; a couple walking hand in hand, a man stood with a semi-erect dick admiring a woman rubbing suntan lotion into her wonderfully pert tits and a pair of young women arm in arm having a good look at my cock on the way past. I walked off into the distance enjoying the freedom of being back to nature and the fact my dirty mother was somewhere naked too. Soon I entered a wooded area and I heard the faint sounds of a woman groaning with pleasure. I crept closer as quietly as I could. As I peered through the bushes, I hoped to see my mother getting that juicy twat of hers fucked but instead it was a young couple banging away with the guy on top. I was disappointed but stayed to watch that lucky bastard thrust into his lovers cunt like a mad man. Suddenly, the woman caught me out of the corner of her eye and I ducked just out of sight but I could still see the action. But, to my surprise, she didn't seem to be bothered I was there. In fact, she smiled, licked her lips and and nodded in my direction, which I took as an invitation to stand closer and watch or even to join in. There was only one pussy for me, however, and that was back at my chalet. I smiled back and headed back to the chalet, my cock erect and hungry for my mother's juicy wet cunt. I arrived back at the chalet to hear similar sexual noises that I'd heard in the wood. Instead of going straight in, I peeked through the window thinking that someone had mistaken this chalet for theirs. How wrong I was! As I looked through the window, there was my mother sitting on the red leather couch with her legs spread wide open. In her hand was a very large black dildo and she was furiously fucking her cunt with it. The shaft looked very shiny with her juices and as she plunged it deep within herself, she brought her knees upwards every time so I got a glimpse of her tight little shit-hole too. My cock had been up and down all day but now I knew that this boner was here to stay! I wet my hand and began stroking my member as I watched my mother tasting her own juices off the dildo between fucking sessions. I knew I'd be shooting my own juices up the side of the chalet soon so I knocked on the door and opened it. It was a strange thing to do, but I didn't want my mum to be angry with me if I just barged straight in! She looked up, took the dildo out of her wet hole and threw it to one side saying "Son, you're just in time. Get over here and eat me." I didn't need telling twice so I knelt in front of her and put my head between her legs to lap up all her sweet pussy juices. She grabbed my hair and thrust my face into that soppy wet paradise as I ran my tongue up and down her cunt lips and greedily sucked on her clit. She bucked wildly as her first orgasm ran through her body. I now stood up in front of my mother and asked "Please suck my cock, mum. You promised!" She looked at my throbbing cock with wide eyes and a broad smile from her cherry red lips and commented "Well, I did tease you about that in the bedroom didn't I?" I nodded and gasped as she, very slowly, began to kiss my shaft from the base to the tip. When she reached the top, her tongue flicked over the pee-hole and lapped up the pre-cum that was oozing out. "My boy's yummy!" she laughed, licking her lips. She licked it up and down like a lollipop and then took the whole end into her mouth and sucked gently as my cock twitched uncontrollably. Deeper now into her mouth, my mother began to take me right to the back of her throat and I could feel her throat rejecting the foreign object as she gagged on it but she continued throat-fucking herself for me. I ran my fingers through her hair, loving every minute. "Please let me fuck you!!" I screamed pulling her head away before I came. "Yes, I want you to fuck me, son. I want to feel every inch of you inside me, you dirty little bastard." Her foul language was turning me on too! My mother relaxed back onto the couch and opened her legs showing me the prize I had longed for once again. This time there was no condom and nothing to stop me splashing my jizz up against the walls of her love tunnel. I knelt down and positioned the swollen head of my cock up against those soft pussy lips and slowly entered my mother. With a condom it was good, but this time without one it was mind-blowing. She was wet, warm and tight. It was everything and more, that I had hoped for. I could hear how wet she was was from the squelshing noise from her pussy. I began thrusting slowly, watching how sexy it was to see her cunt lips moving in and out on the shaft of my dick. Every now and again I felt her tighten her twat around my cock by squeezing her vaginal muscles. What a fucking turn on, I told her! My mother put her legs onto my shoulders but I took hold of them and pushed them back, just like she did when fucking that dildo earlier. I was going to make sure this was as deep as possible when my balls exploded into her. I started thrusting fast and deep now as she clawed at the couch and pleaded for her son to fill her up with his spunk. I paused for a minute and withdraw my aching and iron-hard cock to look down for the last time at that lovely glistening hole that was about to receive my come. I plunged my rod back in and pumped into my mother fast until she dug her nails into my backside, demanding that I shoot my load into her. It was all too much and I felt the uncontrollable urge to release my seed into that juicy, hot hole. My whole body spasmed, leaving me rigid and unable to breath, as my cock shot jet after jet of creamy come into my mothers cunt. She cried out, as her own orgasm ripped through her own aching body and her nails bit into the flesh of my buttocks. After the last of the spunk emptied from my balls, I managed to let a deep groan of relief, satisfied that I'd well and truly fucked my mother good and proper. We collasped together on the couch, sweat pouring from my head not only from the fucking but also the excitment too. I was shaking and it took me a while to calm down. After a few minutes, we looked at each other, smiled and started laughing. "How long were you watching me from the window, you naughty boy?" my mother asked. I turned back into that shy little boy she wanted me to be "I'm not telling" I said "but I did see your bum-hole." I giggled. She looked surprised but also turned on. "Did you really, young man! Tut, tut! Well, that hole can be fun too, did you know?" Oh no here we go again, I thought, as I felt my cock begin to swell once more...

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