Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Poker-nite SeXStoRY

...I came in the room and saw thress asses... I was kind of horny this night. Me and the guys where having a game of poker and had called three local hookers to be the entertainment for the night. But before the guys came over , the girls wanted a an hour to prepare before the poker-nite started. - Where can we prepare , said Shanita as i showed them my bedroom. The shut the door and i did not hear from them after that. ...tick tick tick... An hour flew by. Suddenly all the other five guys had arrived and the first beer was soon down our throats. - Where is the girls , said Frank. I made them follow my bedroom door. Knocked on the door. - Come in, said the three girls. I pooked on the door and this is what we saw !! Well we had to take care off theese three girls before we started our poker-nite. All of us six guys went "all-in" a couple of times without even looking at any cards.

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