Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hayden Panettiere's Hero SeXStoRY

16th January, 2007 I’d just completed a tour in Iraq serving in the Marine Corp. I arrived at the airport and made my way home. The cooler weather blasted me, used to the warm heat of the Middle East. Grabbing a cab, I instructed him to my home. Having little personal belongings I hauled them into the trunk and sat quietly as the driver babbled incessantly. Getting home, I found an envelope on the kitchen desk with a small box beneath it. Opening up the envelope I noticed the handwriting immediately as my younger s****r’s, Ellie, my eyes scanned the letter briefly. Reading what she’d said, nervous about me in Iraq. She also told me about a great show she’d caught called ‘Heroes’ and thought I may be interested in it. Smiling, I nodded to myself and put the letter in the nearest drawer, aiming to keep it safe for a long time. I grabbed hold of the cardboard box and my pocket knife, since retrieved from my luggage. Slicing away at the cardboard I opened it up and looked at the back. Scanning over the back I nodded, it seemed interesting enough. I ran out to grab some last minute essentials for my house before I touched it. Getting home at half past seven, I rubbed my hands together and placed the groceries down on the floor. Putting them away, I grabbed the bag of candy I’d bought for myself I finally sat down to my Heroes Box set. I put the first disc in and started to watch the show everyone raved about. Watching as the characters unfolded, one in particular stuck in my mind. Claire, the Cheerleader who could heal herself. The young actress was smoking hot for a girl her age, and she was talented too. The blonde cheerleader character always was a nice one to watch and with Claire it was no different. My dick slowly started to harden as Claire moved around the screen. 17th January, 2007 It was late at night and I’d just finished Heroes. Completely reeling from the Season’s shocking endings! I went over to the window and saw that the rain was pouring down outside. Looking out, it mesmerized me as the rain beat off of the window. My eyes drifted down to the alleyway beneath me where three guys had cornered a young lady. Dressed in a large brown hat with a cream undercoat on, she seemed to be in trouble. My fists clenched as I grabbed my jacket and made my way down the stairs double time. Kicking the front door to the apartment complex open, I ran out to the scene and shouted to the young lady. “Are you alright there Miss? These guys bothering you?” The young lady looked at me, and had the saddest eyes ever. She simply nodded as the three guys turned around to face me. “Hey, she ‘aint nothing to do with you. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and fuck off before we really kick your ass!” Smiling, I took a few steps forward and stepped in front of her. Looking the three guys up and down, I smirked and simply said. “No.” The leader made a face and raised an eyebrow. “No? You think we’re fucking with you old timer!?” The young lady made a worried noise and her tiny voice broke the pitter-patter of rain. Laughing, I shook my head and looked at the young lady. Ensuring her that everything was OK, I turned back to the gang. “I’d seriously hope you weren’t. I tend to lean towards women.” That provoked a giggle from the young lady, only maddening the youths. “Now, you’ve got one chance to get the hell out of here or there’s going to be trouble! Because the only way you’re going to get to her is by going through me.” The three members looked at each other, then at me and nodded. “Fuck this! Let’s rush him!” The one on the left had the bright suggestion. The first two ran towards me ready to attack. As quick as a flash I dodged the first guys punch and grabbed him by the neck and arm, spinning him round I sent him straight into the wall. Spinning on my heel the guy on the left hurled a punch at me, ducking under it, I placed a well aimed shot in his gut making him keel over in agony. The thirds one stepped back, in sheer awe of what had just happened. “You want to experience firsthand what you can learn in Basic Training? No? Then I suggest the three of you get the hell out of here before I call the Police.” He nodded and turned heel and ran off in the opposite direction leaving his friends to join him. Turning around, I tore my jacket off of my shoulders and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Hi there, I’m Adam.” The young girl sniffled and accepted my jacket. “Claire. Thank you so much for that! Where’d you learn to fight like that!?” The voice seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. I shrugged modestly. “The army. Just came out of a tour in Iraq. Listen, why don’t you come up to my place and we can call a cab for you…Or do you live locally?” “No, I live in L.A. I’m here…Visiting f****y…” The young lady seemed to improvise on the spot, poorly too. Not thinking too much, I gestured to my front door. “Why don’t you come in then? You can get warmed up and then we can get you a cab home.” She smiled and walked past me, jogging up the stairs I opened the door for her and led her upstairs. We walked up the stairs, barely looking at each other the impact of the boy’s actions seemed to sink into her as she was very quiet. Opening my apartment’s door I led her in. She walked over to the counter and picked up the Heroes box set. “You a fan?” I asked as I grabbed the phone from the hook. Grabbing the directory, I looked for the best service. “Kind of, I’m part of the cast.” “I thought you said your name was Claire?” I asked her. “Oh…Right. Yeah, my name’s actually Hayden Panettiere.” My eyebrows shot up at that, looking at her frame, all of the pieces seemed to fall into place. “Hayden?” I asked, unsure of if it was actually her. The lady turned around and nodded, taking off her hat. Her golden hair came into view as her pretty face did too. “Hey!” She exclaimed happily, nodding my head everything made sense now. “Those guys were after you because of who you are weren’t they?” She nodded. “When I said I wouldn’t go back to their private party, they got really angry. They followed me out of the club and down to here. Thankfully, you were there to stop them!” With that, she came around the desk and gave me a huge hug, which I gladly accepted. Feeling her tight body press against mine, got my dick hard, pulling away before Hayden could feel it. “Think nothing of it. Hey, let’s call you a cab. Do you want anything to drink?” I offered opening up the fridge door to try and cool myself off. “No thanks Adam. I’m good, say would you like me to sign your box set?” Hayden asked, looking at me from the kitchen table. “Wow, yes please. I’d really appreciate it!” I said happily, as I flipped through the book. Finding a number of a well-known cab company ran by an old school friend, I picked up my cell phone and rang through the order. “Half an hour…No problem, thanks Steve! The cab’ll be about half an hour, seems no one expecting the rain storm.” Hayden nodded her head cutely; putting down my signed copy of ‘Heroes’ Hayden looked at me. “You know…After what you did… I think you deserve more than an autograph!” Hayden said slyly, moving silently around the kitchen table. “What do you mean?” I asked my back still turned from her. Hayden lightly tapped me on the shoulder, as I turned around Hayden wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss. Hayden moaned lightly into my mouth as our lips smacked together, our tongue probing into each others mouths. Coming back to my senses, I broke the kiss. “Hayden…We really shouldn’t…” Hayden made a disappointed sound, and looked at my crotch, that was now rock-hard. Cupping my rod through my jeans, Hayden squeezed it lightly making me moan in retaliation. “Looks like somebody’s lying…” Hayden said with a wicked grin, flicking her hair back. Hayden dropped to her knees in front of me. Taking my pants zipper in her small hands, Hayden pulled the zip down, the sound breaking the silence. Putting her hands on my pants waist-band, Hayden slowly pulled them down, my black boxer shorts popping into her view. My rather large bulge in them showing as well, Hayden smiled smugly. "Well, well. Looks like somebody is glad to see me…" Hayden laughed as she pulled down my briefs. "I should warn you Hayden…I'm not exactly average…" I warned her as her hands delved into my shorts, pulling my cock out. The length surprised her as it almost hit her in the face. This is where I'm not average. ‘God’ seemed fit to bless me with a rather large cock, a little over a foot long and a couple of inches thick. "…My god…" Hayden exclaimed. "That thing is huge." She moaned as Hayden took it into her hands and started to stroke it. Giving up the fight, I looked to the ceiling and groaned lowly as Hayden’s dainty hands wrapped around my pole and started to jerk slowly. "God…That's good Hayden…Stroke that dick…" I moaned, bringing my head down to watch her small hands stroking my dick. Hayden leaned in closer and started to softly lick the head of my cock. Attacking it like a little girl would with an ice-cream cone she softly tasted the precum that was already oozing out. I watched her tongue slide over the wet head as she tested the waters so to speak. Her hands slowly started stroking the rest of my cock, increasing my pleasure. "Yes…Suck that big dick Hayden…" I groaned, putting my hand on the back of her head, pushing my cock against her lips. I watched as Hayden's lips started to spread out around my cock as it slid into her mouth. I could hear Hayden softly moaning as she started to bob her head up and down on my cock. A smile grew as she slowly began getting used to the larger size of my member. Hayden pulled my dick out of her mouth, catching a breath but not missing a beat. Hayden continued stroking it as she licked her ruby red lips, Hayden smiled and looked up at me. Peeling her lips off of my dick, Hayden tilted her head and started licking up and down the sides of my cock. Apparently satisfied that my dick was lubed up, Hayden grabbed my cock and agonisingly slowly began rubbing it across her lips. "Fuck…Don’t tease me Hayden…" I groaned as I started to push my dick back into her mouth. Hayden moaned as she continued sucking my dick, making loud slurping noises. Slowly sliding her soft red lips up and down on my shaft managing to take a bit more at a time. Simply standing there I watched as Hayden held my dick halfway, lashing it with her tongue. She then restarted her bobbing up and down, going faster, taking more and more of my member in. Hayden’s fast pace soon dropped to a slow bob to a complete stop. Pulling it out of her mouth slowly, Hayden took a deep breath. Looking at my dick, I saw that she had left a trail of spit between my cock and her mouth. "Ohh…Fuck…Yeah Hayden…Suck that dick…" I said, almost silently as she took my member back into her mouth, going down slowly, trying to take as much as she could. My dick suddenly hit the back of her throat and made her gag slightly. Hayden pulled her head back up and then went back down again. Going up and down faster and harder increasing my pleasure ten-fold. Close to cumming, I quickly put my hands from my hips and on her head. Sliding her mouth off of my cock, I smiled as spit trail remained between my dick and her mouth. "You don’t want me to finish you off?" Hayden asked, leaning back on her knees. "Stand up and bend over the table-top." I said her as she took my hand and got up. I leaned over to her tiny waist and unclasped her jacket’s buckle. Seeing her clothing for the first time, I looked it up and down and saw she was dressed in a white shirt with a short black skirt. Hayden grinned and turned on her heel, bending over the table top. Hayden flipped up her skirt to reveal her white, satin panties. I smiled wickedly and hooked my thumbs in her panties’ waistband bending at my knees I slowly slid them down her legs. " Are you going to fuck me now Adam?" Hayden asked as she looked over her shoulder at me with a wicked grin, she then shook her ass at me. Smiling, I brought my hand back and smacked her ass, watching her cheeks jiggle sexily. She yelped in surprised pain, looking over her shoulder she gave me the sweetest face she could muster. “Meanie…Now are you going to fuck me?” I gently rubbed her ass cheeks and nodded. "…You’d better believe it baby…" I said, taking my dick in my hand, I teasingly started rubbing my cock in her ass crack. Not really planning to fuck her ass, her letting me take her pussy was more than a treat. "Mmm…I can't wait to feel that thing inside me…" Hayden moaned as she playfully rubbed her ass against my cock. Reaching over to the top drawer, I slid it open and grabbed a condom. Tearing away the silver foil, I quickly rolled the rubber over my pole. I then grabbed my cock and started to rub the head against her pussy, feeling the warmth coming off of it. I slowly pushed the head into her. "Oh God!” Hayden moaned as I started to push my dick deep inside of her pussy. She wasn’t a virgin, but by her tightness she had only bumped uglies with another guy. Taking my hands from the table-top I placed them on her soft hips and slowly started to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. "Damn Hayden…This pussy is tight!" I grunted, lowly. Watching her movements carefully, aiming not to hurt her as I fucked her pussy. Hayden grunted and put her head down on the table as I watched my dick slide in and out of her pussy. Hayden started to push back against my dick as I felt my member sliding deeper into her pussy. "Ohh god…Fuck me…Yes!" Hayden yelled out, pushing her body back against mine as I fucked her. Reaching up with my left hand, I grabbed her long blonde hair and tugged on it slightly. My dick pumping in and out of her, I watched as she took more and more of it at a time. Hayden pushed herself up on the counter top as I pulled on her hair. "Ohhhh fuck Hayden…Take that dick!" I moaned out, pulling a little harder on her hair, as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. Changing the tempo, I pulled out until only my dick’s head was in and then I slammed my cock back into her, watching her body shake and listening to her moan. Placing her head on the table-top, Hayden reached back and started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. Her fingers slowly brushed up against my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me harder!" Hayden moaned at me, playfully rubbing my balls as they bounced off of her hot young body. "You want it harder Hayden?" I asked as I grabbed her soft, smooth hips, starting to pound my cock into her, hard and fast. “Fuck! Fuck Yes! Fuck me!" Hayden yelled out as I kept pumping my big dick into her, letting it slide in and out of her warm, wet cunt. I could feel cum starting to build in my heavy balls, shaking my head, I grunted out a sentence. "I'm gonna cum Hayden!" I quickly pulled my cock out of her pussy, watching it remain open, her juices dripping out. Hayden, as quick as a cat, turned around and got on her knees. Hayden quickly grabbed my cock and jerked it hard and fast. "Cum on my face Adam!" Hayden said as she started licking and sucking on my cock again. "Ughhhhhh…Here it comes!" I groaned out as my cum started to shoot out onto her face. "Oohhh fuck! Hayden…Take all of my cum!” I said as it shot out onto her face and into her waiting mouth. Hayden jerked and licked my cock as it shot cum onto her pretty face. Hayden smiled as she began sucking the last bit out of my cock as she swallowed it. “Yummy…That sure tastes good!" She said as she looked up at me and smiled, licking the last bit off the side of her mouth. I moaned with exhaustion, watching her stroke my cock as she stood up. "Damn Hayden, that was a hell of a fuck" I told her as she got up off of her knees. Using her petite left index finger, Hayden scooped up my cum from her face and licked up the remaining cum. "I sure hope it was Adam! I didn't want to go half-ass and not reward my hero properly." Hayden said to me as she wiped the sweat away from her forehead. I also wiped my face off and was about to say something a car horn beeped away impatiently. "Well Hayden, I think that’s your ride…You should probably go on now.” I told her as I pulled my briefs and pants back up. She smiled and thanked me with a hug. "Thanks so much Adam! I’m really glad you were there! I’m really glad you were there for the aftermath too!" Hayden said as she came over and gave me a deep kiss. I just smiled and opened the door for her. "Do you want me to report those guys for you?" I asked as Hayden walked over to the entryway. She nodded, and looked up at me. "Yes please. Can you not say who I was though?" I shrugged and nodded at her. “No problem, I’ll say ‘a victim’ was attacked and I saved her.” Hayden gave me another huge hug and pecked me on the left cheek. “Thanks so much Adam!” And she was gone. Two Months Later… Back from another tour, I walked into my apartment to find a letter at the top of my pile of bills. Opening up the letter I read over the artistic lettering. ‘Mister Adam Monroe, I am writing you this letter to commend you for your brave actions defending Miss Panettiere against the muggers. For this Miss Panettiere and I, Police Chief Wiggum request your presence at a L.A award show for local heroes. Enclosed are details for the event and an RSVP. Thank you again, Police Chief Clancy Wiggum.’ Wow, Hayden wanted me to be known for my actions to the entire US…I knew I would do anything to see her again and that suit I bought for my s****r’s wedding was collecting dust…

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