Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When me, Lateshay, got fucked at Freaknik.... SeXStoRY

Once, I went to a Black Freaknik recently and there were thousands of folks. As women walk down the street, they get felt on. BBC's on both sides of the side walk ready to get their feel on. As I walked, several and I mean several hands were squeezing my butt, tits and pussy. At first, I couldn't believe how open everyone was to squeezing on female body's from head to toe basically. It was at night, as I walked, then I was cicled and couldn't go anywhere. BBC's all around me feeling me, squeezing my tits and one put his finger up my butt. I started to get turned on as my pussy became so wet. I was fingered by 3-5 fingers as others enjoyed the rest of me. I was then lifted in the air as camera phones began shooting pics & vids. My ass was exposed and one BBC began to suck on it in front of everyone as I was hoisted in the air. One ate my pussy and I know I was smelling good. ;-) My ass was ate, titties sucked on as I was let back down to the ground. Many more BBC's began to circle. I could feel my thong slide side ways as my arms were held as my mid section was lifted as if I was on my back....lifted in the air. A big cock began to penetrate my pussy pounding and calling my "white bitch". he shot his load and filled his condom. Many more began to fuck me filling up condoms with cum. It had to be 30 or more that fucked me in ass, pussy, pounding away cumming one after another. My tits were the main focus at one point. One BBC sucked my tits as he fucked me squeezing my ass. He started chewing on my nipples as he fucked me deeper and deeper. He put his finger in my butthole and I yelled & came so hard. It started another frenzy of fucking me. One BBC after another. My pussy was so wet from my cum. My cum made it so easy for dicks to slide in and out of me. All of a sudden, I was bent over and my butthole became the focus. One after another I was fucked deeeep in my ass. I was cumming constantly.....non stop!

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