Sunday, July 21, 2013

Awakened by Candy SeXStoRY

It was a Saturday and I was just strolling down the High Street, going nowhere in particular, when I noticed a commotion down a side alley. A largish male was pushing two girls around; they both looked pretty distressed. I grabbed the bloke as he slammed one of the girls into a door, and he went arse-over into the road, got up and took a swing at me. I dodged, and gifted him a right hook; his nose took the brunt and spurted bl**d instantaneously. He thought about coming again, but the bl**d was pouring from his nostrils; he staggered off, thinking better of it. The two girls were a little shaken; the taller of the two checking the smaller prettier one over, to ensure she was ok. She then turned and thanked me. “None of my business I know, but what was that all about?” The taller one half smiled and looked a tad sheepish, she was thin and quite shapely, but her face was a little angular; nothing like as pretty as the petite redhead who accompanied her. “Oh, never mind; he’s just an estranged ‘friend’ who seem to think we still owe him something; can’t thank you enough for helping, I doubt he’ll bother us again after that!” I wasn’t so sure, so I offered to walk with them for a while, especially as the redhead gave me a very warm smile which I returned; my nether regions tingling at the warmth of her sweet face. This seemed to agitate the tall one. “Oh thanks, but you needn’t bother, we’ll be ok, won’t we Candy?” ‘Candy’ was still looking at me with some admiration; her friend shook her. “OK, so you’re impressed with being rescued by a knight in shining armour girl, but remember WHO you are and get a grip!” Candy looked at her friend and her smile waned a little, I was a little puzzled as to why her friend was so bothered about me walking with them for a while, after all, the thug I knuckled had simply been given a bl**dy nose and might be back. Candy gave a wistful look at her friend and then looked at me. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t walk with you for a while, Ross might be back, and I wouldn’t want to face him alone with Anna after you’ve hit him on our behalf.” Anna was now well and truly agitated, and started to walk backwards to emphasise the need to get away, and not involve anyone else. “That’s it Candy! I’m off. Just tell him what you are and put him out of his misery; he’ll be off quicker than Ross then!” Candy’s soft face dropped at her now departing friend’s words, but she remained silent. Now 25 yards off, Anna shouted back as she walked away. “I’ll make it easy for you; put your hand between her legs, Candy IS NOT A GIRL!” I was struck dumb for a moment as I looked at the pretty figure before me; I also watched the gait of the departing Anna, who was no doubt suffering a slight return to her true gender in her haste to be elsewhere; I now realised why her angular facial features did not attract me. My eyes returned to the soft redhead before me; my initial feelings for her were not the same, her milky white hairless arms, sweet breasts and perfect ley feminine facial features were a picture. She was now too shamed to look at me and stood looking at the ground, biting her soft red lips. At that point, it would not have mattered if the person in front of me had had two heads; she was alone and no match for the male here earlier. I touched her arm and she shuddered slightly and looked at me with radiant blue eyes which were tinged with hurt. “Come on, let’s go and have a coffee somewhere, you can’t go on your own, I wouldn’t be happy.” Her eyes cheered to a soft smile again, and despite her friend’s revelation I was still in the company of a very attractive female, as far as I was concerned. Then the strangest thing happened; she automatically took my hand as we walked, and she giggled softly as we gently squeezed each-others hands, my cock tingled and started to swell. Though never having shown any gay tendencies before, the truth about Candy made her no less attractive to me, I was in a dilemma; the longer I held her, the more attractive she became. We took a bus to an area closer to where Candy lived, as she knew a suitable café; as she ascended the stairs to the top deck of the London bus, my balls tingled as I watched her shapely feminine arse swivel sweetly as she went up. As we sat together she edged closer and gripped my hand seemingly to reassure herself that I was really there. I found myself squeezing back in recognition that I was truly glad I was there. As we left the bus, I put my arm round her; she smelt gorgeous; I could not believe what was happening to me. She looked deep into my eyes without smiling or frowning, I knew she was hoping what I was hoping too. The walk to the café was all too quick; I was close to asking her so many things whilst holding her, though she made sure to extend her hands across the table as we sat opposite when inside. We sat staring into each –other’s eyes whilst we made small talk; both not daring to ask or say what we both really wanted. My cock was rigid as I looked into that sweet face. We finished our coffees, paid and left. I knew she lived nearby and was dreading saying goodbye to her. We walked hand in hand a little further; I then found the courage to ask. “Will I see you again Candy?” Her eyes welled instantly and we embraced for the first time; then our lips met and I tasted her for the first time also. My head spun as we snogged unashamedly, Candy took my arm from her back and placed it lower down on the soft cheeks of her pretty bum. I gratefully squeezed her against me, my cock buzzing and rigid against her middle; I giggled a little as our lips parted, I could feel Candy’s little erection against my thigh. Tears ran down her cheeks which I licked away. She smiled through her tears and squeezed me tightly as she spoke. “Please come home with me. I promise I won’t hold onto you if you find you don’t like what I am; I know you’ve never been with someone like me before.” My only fear at that point was that I might eat her alive, such was the intensity of the attraction I now felt; this was something far more sweet and effeminate that any woman I had known, Candy was uncanny. Though we were now both anxious to get back to her flat, we stopped periodically for a squeeze and a kiss; the passion there was so intense. We arrived at her flat and she hurriedly unlocked the door and led me straight to the bedroom. I removed my clothes and left them in a heap on the floor; Candy smiled with pleasure as she ran her fingers through my chest hair as I undid her blouse and skirt. Naked except for panties, Candy was the sweetest redheaded girl I’d ever seen; soft white hairless body, pert well- formed breasts, a tight waist leading to a sweet bottom and long shapely legs. My cock stood rigidly to attention. Candy looked very anxious as she knelt on the bed and I peeled off her panties; I smiled and comforted her as a small hairless cock and balls revealed itself for the first time. I kissed her and gently stroked her rude little penis with one hand, and put my other hand in the cleft of her sweet bottom, fingering her tight arsehole. Candy was now relaxed on seeing I was quite happy with the way she was; she took my bulging cock and stroked it softly, her pretty little fingers, sliding on the glistening pre-cum my cock was now oozing. She sighed softly as I put my arm around her waist and turned her; she lay forward and lifted her sweet bottom invitingly. I was close to coming just looking at my beautiful Candy as she waited for me to penetrate her for the first time. She whimpered as I licked her sweet anus to lubricate it, and then eased my bulging bell-end into the warmth of Candy’s bottom. As I worked back and forth in increasing ecstasy, I took her little cock and masturbated her as I rode. I could not believe the pleasure I was experiencing; Candy moaned sweetly as her little dick squirted its cream just for me, and my whole body shimmered in heavenly ecstasy as I came for my sweet Candy for the first time. Candy moaned with pleasure as I spurted again and again; she was mine forever now. Spent, I slipped my satisfied cock from her bottom and we embraced, naked and fulfilled. Candy cried again, and I admit I was close to tears myself, such was the emotion. We held each-other close and I watched her fall asl**p in my arms. Three days later, there was a rap at the door. Candy beamed with pleasure as she brought Anna through to the bedroom, where I lay naked on the bed after yet another heavenly session. Her jaw dropped when she saw me. I have never known her be silent for such a long period since that day onward.

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