Saturday, July 20, 2013

chastity SeXStoRY

My wife, Lynn, has never shown much interest in my fantasies about bondage, Domination and enf***ed chastity. She used to accommodate me occasionally and tie me up but her idea of a teasing session lasted about 10-15 minutes and she showed little enthusiasm for such activity. I brought up the subject of domination once or twice but she showed very little interest. I almost gave up but out of curiosity, I bought a CB- 2000. It was easy to use, fit fine and I found it impossible to remove without the key. I was thrilled with the sensation of being locked up and thought I'd give Lynn one more try as, having her hold the keys would be a whole lot more exciting. I waited a day or two and then mentioned that I had something that might be more fun than tying me up. She surprised me with an expression of a fair degree of interest and asked me what I had in mind. I showed her a picture of the CB-2000 that I had printed from their web page and said that I would love to wear it if she would agree to hold all of the keys. She took in what I said as she read the page I had given her. When she was done she looked at me with a half-smile and said, "Would you really wear this thing?" I assured her I would love to wear it so long as she alone had access to the keys. "Greg, you would have to agree to give me complete, absolute and total, unquestioned control. You would have to swear that I would have full authority over the decision of when and whether you get released and you would have to further agree that you will never question my decision or ask for release. You may not even suggest being released or even complain or whine about being locked up. Can you promise that?" She asked. I couldn't help grinning as I raised my right hand and said." I swear that you will have absolute control over my penis and can keep it locked up for as long as you deem appropriate. I accept your authority in this as absolute and unquestionable." "We'll see" she said, "but it won't matter if you change your mind once we start so you better be sure." "I'm so sure that I already have one of these locks and we can start tonight, if you're willing to take charge of my cock" I frankly enjoyed saying that out loud and, by her bemused reaction, I think she liked hearing me say it. She asked to see it and I got her the device. Within twenty minutes I was naked and my cocked was securely locked. Lynn had all of the keys already hidden except for the one she strung on a gold chain around her neck. Once I was locked Lynn seemed to find the situation amusing and she got a bit playful. She started to giggle a bit and I asked her what she was thinking. "I never before knew what it was like to be in such total control. All you guys are so proud of your cocks and your conquests but I've got you under lock and key and fully under my control and there is nothing you can do about it. Greg, you look so helpless with your precious cock scrunched up in its cage and locked up. I'm going to wickedly enjoy being its cruel keeper." With that comment she fondled my balls and licked my right nipple. I responded with a passionate kiss and, one thing led to another so that soon we were both naked in the living room. I had long fantasized about just such a scene but could never have realized just how horny and frustrated I would feel. Lynn looked so good, naked and obviously aroused while I was totally unable to do anything with my locked up cock. I did the only thing I could do' I went down on her and began to tongue her soaking pussy gently but firmly to orgasm, not once but several times. As things calmed down she fondled my trapped package. "God, you're wet," she said. "I'll bet you'd love to cum, wouldn't you". Before I could respond, she put her index finger to my lips and said, "Remember your promise, no complaining, no whining and no asking for release no matter how long I decide to make this last." With that admonition I simply gave her a resigned "whatever" sort of shrug. Eventually we went to bed. There was a bit more teasing, both verbal and physical. Lynn seemed to be enjoying her role as my Mistress and she particularly enjoyed taunting me about it. I could do nothing but take it. Eventually we fell asl**p. I was awakened as my "morning wood" began to swell within the tight confines of its cage. I had to pee sitting down. Lynn walked in while I was so occupied and laughed to see me in such a feminine position. She was naked, looking very good and insisted on showering with me. She teased me without mercy. I was locked up, horny as hell and the naked woman who held the keys was enjoying taunting and teasing me way too much. I was very horny but knew better than to say anything about it. At Lynn's clear insistence, I spent the day naked except for my lock. She chose to wear on of my dress shirts, unbuttoned and nothing else. I spent the whole day waiting on her hand and foot or with my face in her pussy. At one point she was sitting facing me in my lap and grinding her pussy into my locked cock. I groaned in heated frustration and she said, "What's the matter, honey?" I responded with, "Can I ask you a question"? "Sure honey, what's on your mind?" she asked coyly. "You were always so reluctant to play any of these kinky games but now, well, why are you treating me like this?" She smiled wickedly, grabbed my balls and said "Because I can and there's not a thing you can do about it, is there?" "No there's nothing I can do about it and, I have to admit that this is very exciting and also a bit scary but you never seemed interested in this sort of thing before. What made you change your mind?" She explained that a couple we knew, Joe and Patty, were breaking up. Patty found out that Joe was cheating on her. In a long conversation with Lynn, Patty explained that she and Joe had just gotten more and more distant until Joe found some attention elsewhere. This made Lynn a bit worried about us. When I suggested the chastity device it seemed like a perfect solution. "Now we're playing out your fantasy on my terms and the cocklock insures that you can't cheat on me. I'm going to do all I can to enjoy my new role as your captor and I hope you're enjoying it too." It began to sink in just how stuck I was. . As long as she held the keys, I was stuck in this lock. I had given her my word that she was in charge and I would put up with any treatment. I wasn't about to go back on my word. I was truly stuck. "Come on upstairs. I want to tie you up and torment you some more," she said as she walked toward the stairs that led to our room. I followed her and got onto the bed as instructed. She tied me spread-eagled and then left the room. I heard her take a quick shower. She returned to the room with a few things I couldn't quite identify. "Let's see how good you are with that tongue," she said. "If you do a good job, I might let you fuck me. You can hope I will, anyway." With that, she climbed on top of me and knelt astride my head. I gazed up at her breasts and at the beautiful pussy I so desperately wanted and got to work. I tongued her wet lower lips and swollen clit until she began to rock rhythmically on my face. Within a few minutes I heard her ragged breath give voice to soft moans and eager low wails of passion. She gripped my hair and came hard against my face. Her near-rigid body shook violently in the throes of an immense orgasmic release. I envied her almost painfully as I felt the insistent swelling within my locked cage. She continued to quiver slightly as her passion ebbed and she let herself slip off of my face. As her breathing returned to normal she began to toy with my swollen sore balls. She whispered, "I might like a little penetration, want to help me out?" I could only nod my head frantically as my tongue was still a bit cramped from all of its efforts but Lynn got the message. She took the key from the chain around her neck and unlocked my cock. Once freed, it sprang to a dripping solid erection of near painful stiffness. She toyed with it and licked it a few times, I thought I might cum immediately. Lynn sensed how close I was and backed off a bit. To my surprise, she unrolled a condom onto my cock. As surprising as that was, she confused me further by unrolling four or five more onto my shaft. I was now wearing about a half-dozen condoms on my cock. It's true this made me a bit thicker but that wasn't her purpose. With all of that latex between her and me I could feel practically nothing. She rubbed a bit of lubricant on to my rubber-clad shaft and began to pleasure herself with it. Her moaning began again and she impaled herself onto my senseless cock. I felt nothing despite all of the pent up desire, the teasing and the torment all I could do was watch as we made love. This went on for ten or fifteen minutes with several climaxes for her and nothing for me. I was near tears of frustration as she reached her limit and rolled off of me again. My cock never quit. As she cooled down, my cock began to grow limp. When it was flaccid, she removed the condoms and reattached the curved cage to the A-ring of the CB-2000. I was locked back into my tiny prison without any chance of release anytime soon. Once I was locked back up, Lynn sat astride my hips and, looking radiantly naked and very satisfied, she said, "Remember your promise, no complaints. I hope you have enjoyed today because it's a pretty good foretaste of what's in store for you from now on. I've decided that I have a lot of catching up to do. Now that we both have a clear idea of who's the boss, I think you can go at least a month before you get to cum next. I hope you're up to the challenge, but honestly, it doesn't matter a bit to me because I'm not unlocking you no matter what." So that's how the first month of our new arrangement went, actually the first five weeks. After a month I was so sure I was going to get to come, Lynn couldn't help but be the consummate bitch queen and refuse to unlock me until nearly a week later. When she finally did unlock me, she gave me possibly the quickest blowjob anybody ever got. It took me mere seconds to come once she began to suck on my dick. I came for what seemed like minutes and nearly passed out afterwards. I came to and found that I had been re-locked in my cage. She loves to keep me naked and toy with my locked package. Other times, she will tie me spread-eagled to our bed, unlock me and tease me sometimes for an entire afternoon without ever letting me come. Although I am most often naked, she will either remain fully dressed or put on a show with sexy lingerie all calculated to drive home to me how powerless I am to get any relief. She, of course, gets all the oral sex she wants. Plus, she delights in that particularly cruel trick with the condoms. I've had fewer orgasms in the last eight months than I used to have in a week. I've performed so much oral sex I think my tongue is actually getting stronger with all of the exercise. Lynn is expanding her sexual interests and now likes to spank me or use her hairbrush to redden my ass. She's even threatened to invite her friends, including Patty, over to see how easy it can be to keep a man faithful. I don't think she'll actually do that but I can't be sure. I'm horny all the time and Lynn loves my desperation. I have no idea where this going but it's already way beyond what I thought was possible. Like I said, be careful what you ask for, I'm sure getting it now.

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