Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday lunch! Thank you K! SeXStoRY

I first met K about three years ago. We were both in the same line of work and became friends keeping in touch by email and phone. We meet for the occasional lunch and chat and over the last year or so there has been a kind of tension between us. This resulted in a passionate kissing session a few weeks ago in my car as I dropped her near her home. K is Sikh and spends most of her time looking after her f****y now, she’s in her late 30’s but looks much younger. She attends the gym regularly and is sli with flawless complexion and the most beautiful face imaginable. I had joked with her on a number of occasions that she was the girl of my dreams and paid her regular compliments, but she always put up a barrier when I tried to get closer. However, the last time we met was different and kissing her passionately was very exciting. I have to confess that I allowed my ands to wander a little and she relaxed and responded. I didn’t want to push it though, she’s classy, from a good f****y, so I thought it was worth biding my time, rather than a hasty car fuck. We arranged to meet for lunch last Friday. She had overdone it at the gym and said she had a few aches and pains, so I joked that I would bring some massage oil. To my surprise she replied that she would love a good massage and when I suggested that I book a hotel room for the purpose she said, ‘Don’t disappoint me then’. We met in the city centre, a long way from where either of us lived, a sort of a ‘meet half-way’ location and went for lunch. We were both starving and we spent a couple of hours chatting away and eating. It was great to see her again and I couldn’t help staring into her eyes. Usually if I made eye contact like that, she would avert her gaze, but this time she looked straight back into my eyes, holding my attention, her eyes smiling. Her lips seemed fuller too. Little tell-tale signs that she was interested. I felt butterflies in my stomach. As we finished the meal I turned the conversation to the gym. Then I thought to myself, ‘If you don’t do it now, you might regret it’, so I said to her, ‘Still got those aches and pains?’, ‘Yes’, she said, ‘my shoulders and back are killing me’. ‘Well, it just so happens that I have some scented oil in my pocket’, I said, laughing. ‘You haven’t?’ she said. ‘Yes, I have’, I replied. ‘What’s more, I have booked a hotel room’. ‘Oh my God!’ she said, ‘I never thought you would actually do it!’ she said. ‘Well, you did tell me not to disappoint you’, I replied, ‘But I can always cancel it if you aren’t happy about it’. She paused in reflection for what seemed like ages, ‘I’ve blown it!’ I thought to myself. I was concerned that I may have damaged the friendship. Thoughts raced through my mind. I thought about the condoms in my inside pocket, ‘Better not mention those!’ I thought to myself. K smiled at me and said, ‘I’m nervous’. ‘So am I.’ I said. ‘Look, it doesn’t have to happen, if it does, it doesn’t have to go any further than you want it to. You know I’d never try and get you to do anything you aren’t entirely happy with’. ‘You won’t tell anyone, will you?’ she said.’ Of course not,’ I said, ‘nobody will ever know’. (OK, I lied a bit there, I had told some XH friends that I’d publish the story, however, I will never identify her or where she’s from). ‘OK’ she said, ‘I just don’t want my f****y to know, that’s all. They just think I’m meeting a friend for lunch’. ‘Well, you are, aren’t you?’ I replied. ‘Yes, I suppose so.’ She said. ‘Look, nobody will know either of us here, it’s fine,’ I said. ‘Don’t worry. I’m nervous too, let’s just take things slowly. If you aren’t happy, then at least we’ll have somewhere private to talk’. We left the restaurant and walked to the hotel. She must have been very nervous because she insisted on waiting outside while I checked in and asked me to text her when I was in the room. I was worried that she might have second thoughts and leave, but I went ahead. Soon I was in the room, heating turned up and I texted her. I put some towels nearby and placed the massage oil on the bedside table. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and I let her in. I took her coat and hung it up then gave her a hug. She was trembling. ‘Are you ok?’ I said. ‘Yes, just a little nervous. Promise me..’, ‘No-one will ever know,’ I said, ‘anyway, it’s only a massage, what could be wrong with that?’. ‘I wasn’t born yesterday!’ she said, ‘I know exactly what you have in mind! Funny, I never had you down as a naughty boy!’, ‘And I never had you down as a bad girl either!’ I said and we both laughed. I began stroking her long, jet black hair and her face. She smelt amazing and I kissed her neck, her face and then our lips met. She is a lot shorter than me and I had to bend down to kiss her so I lifted her up and carried her to the bed and we sat on the edge of the bed kissing. Her lips were full and soft and every time our tongues touched it felt like a little electric shock going through me. ‘I promised you a massage’, I said. ‘OK, sounds good to me’ she replied. I placed the towels on the bed and watched excitedly as she removed her dress and tights. Soon, she was stood there in just her underwear and I motioned her to lie on the bed. She lay on the bed, face down and I moved her hair out of the way and warmed the oil in my hands. Slowly and expertly I began massaging her back, neck, shoulders and arms. I was excited, I could feel my cock, hard inside my trousers, throbbing and aching as I ran my hands over her perfect soft skin. I undid her bra strap and pushed the straps aside as I worked on her back, the muscles were knotted and tight, so I worked hard to loosen her up. She was making appreciative moaning sounds and I continued. I massaged her back, sides, arms and fingers, then moved down to her legs and feet, taking my time and feeling the tension ebb from her perfect body. She was wearing a thong, so I was able to work on her buttocks without removing it, but on the second or third time I squeezed her ass, she lifted her hips and I slipped my thumbs inside the thong and gently removed it. She parted her thighs slightly and I got the first view of her lovely, hairy pussy. ‘Oh my God, I wanted to fuck her doggy there and then, but resisted the temptation. I carried on massaging her from neck to toes and her breathing changed as she relaxed, I feared that she was falling asl**p, so I kissed her. As she rolled over, her bra came off and I could see her pert breasts, her nipples erect and puffy. ‘Oh I’m in heaven!’ I thought. I took in the sight before me, beautiful, slim, firm body, pert breasts and neatly trimmed, hairy pussy. I warmed some more oil in my hands and began to gently massage her chest, stomach, moving down just stealing the odd little touch of her beautiful pussy, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger and taking great delight in watching everything becoming swollen and wet. As we kissed, she undressed me and soon I was naked, my cock hard, pre-cum was dripping from the tip. I wiped the excess oil from my hands and kissed her from head to toe, at the same time stroking her pussy. She was moaning and let out an excited gasp as I slipped a finger inside her. I kissed her stomach, moving down, soon I could smell the musky aroma of her pussy. She parted her thighs further and I began to kiss her pussy, slowly, gently at first, my tongue darting, making little flicks into her hole and around her swollen clitoris. She was getting wet and I adore the smell and taste of pussy, I love my face to be covered in pussy juice. I kissed, licked and sucked her pussy, warm soft swoleen pussy lips and clit at the same time slipping fingers inside her, reaching for the G-spot. My free hand by now was caressing one of her breasts. She was moaning and her fingers pulled her clit hood back, exposing her clit even more, so I gently sucked on it and she shuddered and moaned. Her moaning intensified and the wetness increased, gushing over my eager lips, tongue and face. I began to devour her more hungrily and excitedly and suddenly she let out a squeal and began to tremble as she thrust her pussy into my face. I pulled my fingers out of her and reached round with both hands on her buttocks, pulling her cunt into my face. She reached down and tried to push my head away, but I continued and she came again, then again. I kissed her, knowing that she would taste her pussy on my lips, and she raised her hips. I turned her so her ass was at the edge of the bed and I stood between her thighs sneaking a look as I slowly entered her soft, wet hole. She wrapped her legs around me and I held her ass as I moved inside her. She was tight and squeezed me with each thrust. Her pert little tits were wobbling as I thrust into her, her nipples still erect and puffy. I leaned down and sucked them in turn and kissed her. Then I pushed myself up and watched my pink cock sliding in and out of her beautiful, wet, hairy brown pussy. I reached round behind her back and she grasped me with her thighs and I lifted her up. Still inside her I turned round and we fell back on the bed. My cock popped out, so she sat above me and guided me inside her again. The feeling of penetrating her was amazing! She began riding me, quite hard and I thrusted into her. I was going to cum soon so I sucked one of her tits quite hard and squeezed the other as she rode me. The feeling inside was building and I began to feel that I really couldn’t hold back. Everything ached exquisitely and I came. It felt like several orgasms in one as each time I squirted up her I felt that wonderful release feeling. She collapsed on top of me, we were both sweating and my cock was still twitching and spurting inside her. Then it softened and slid out of her. She rolled off me and we kissed. I ran my hands over her body and sneakily took a look at the lovely brown and white cream pie we had made together. We spent 3 more hours together in that room, and then we parted, promising to meet again soon. The hotel is now booked for a couple of weeks from now. Shame she lives so far from me, I haven’t though about anything or anyone else all weekend!

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