Tuesday, July 23, 2013

mommy SeXStoRY

Can You Help Mommy I was in my bed and almost asl**p, when I heard Mom calling to me. “Honey, can you help Mommy?” Now I cannot remember the last time that my mother referred to herself as Mommy. I got out of bed with just my tiny brief underwear on. She bought them for me and she washes them so I might as well let her see me in them. I left my bedroom, walked down the hall to her bedroom, and turned the doorknob but nothing happened. It was locked. I called out, “It’s locked.” From inside the room she replied, “Find a way to get in here, it’s starting to hurt.” I gave it very little thought before I stepped back and kicked the door just under the doorknob with the bottom of my foot. The wood splintered and the door flew open. There inside the room was my mother, she was naked, and she was impaled on her bottom bedpost. It was stuck up inside her pussy. I looked at the other bedpost in disbelief. It was humongous. It was shaped like a pineapple with a slightly pointed top, scaled sides, and a slight indent about six-inches down the post before it rounded out. Mom was well below the indent. Mom said, “I need to get up higher but I can’t manage it. Can you go get some hard covered books from the shelf in the living room? Get more than a foot worth and bring them back up here.” I could see that Mom was in pain but I couldn’t help looking at her naked body. I had never seen her fully naked before, though I had caught a glimpse of her bare ass once. Her breasts were nice and full, her tummy was slightly rounded, and her butt protruded nicely. My cock hardened in my tight underwear and Mom smiled. Then she said, “If you help me with my problem, I’ll help you with your problem.” I smiled and then I went downstairs to get the books. We had an old encyclopedia so I grabbed as many as I could carry and rushed back up to Mom. She smiled when I came in but I knew it was just to cover up the fact that she was in pain. I stacked up three books by each of her feet and stood up to support her. I had her lift one foot while I slipped that stack under her with my foot. I went to the other side to do the same thing and support her again. Mom was about four to five inches taller then but she still had trouble getting her pussy up off from the post. At least she was up enough to relieve the pain. She said, “Open that drawer over there and get my tube of K-Y Jelly for me.” I got it and then I watched as Mom squeezed some out onto her fingers and then she rubbed them on the post right below her pussy. I then watched as Mom lowered herself and raised herself up. She was fucking the post again but apparently to lubricate her insides so that she could get up and off from it. That wasn’t working so I put another book under each foot and then I took the tube and rubbed the stuff around the post. I rubbed her pussy lips too in the process. She got up above the indent but she couldn’t get up over the pineapple yet. Two more books under each foot, some more lubricant, and with my help she finally got up. Mom said, “Thank you. I thought that it was a good idea at the time but then I couldn’t get up on my tiptoes and get off it.” I said, “It was huge, I can’t believe that it fit in there.” Mom replied, “I’ve had bigger things in there.” I asked, “Like what?” She smiled and said, “You! You came out of there and right now it looks like you want to get right back in there too.” I looked down and saw that my cock was so hard that it was poking out of the top of my underwear. Mom was right I did want to get inside her. She took my hand and pulled me up onto her bed, she lowered my underwear, and then she lay back on her bed. She opened her legs and reached out for me. Then she grabbed my cock, placed it at her opening, and then she pulled me into her. I was fucking my mother and she was helping me. I couldn’t believe that her insides were clutching my cock as if she hadn’t just come off that post. I fucked her in a short steady stroke but it sure felt good to me. Mom encouraged me to go faster and deeper but I didn’t want too. I was enjoying the feeling and I wasn’t about to change that. Then it happened, I stiffened, I rammed my cock all the way into her, and then I started to spew billions of sperm into her. Mom shook and started to pant as her orgasm hit her. Then Mom asked, “Do you want to sl**p with me tonight. I’m pretty sure we will need to do that again in the morning before you go to school.” I thanked her and fell asl**p in her arms. Mom shook me awake in the morning and told me to get on top of her. I opened my eyes and tried to remember, Mom pulled me over her, and stuck my cock in her. Now I was your typical thirteen-year-old boy and I had a piss hard-on that just wouldn’t go away…and right then it was sticking inside my mother. Now I remember…help me…the bedpost…and the sex afterwards. I pushed myself up, felt Mom’s big tits resting against my arms, and f***ed my cock deeper into her. I fucked her hard but not for her enjoyment, mine. It seemed to take forever but finally I started to fill her with cum, then I relaxed, and then I pissed inside her. I didn’t stop either and she didn’t ask me too. When I finished peeing in her I just lay on her chest. Mom said, “Wow! You are full of surprises. I loved that and you cleaned Mommy out at the same time. Good thing I keep a pad on my bed. I get carried away sometimes too. Now lets take a shower and get cleaned up before we have to go.” The shower was nice. We got dressed, ate breakfast, and then we headed out. Normally I walked to school but Mom insisted on taking me and getting one last goodbye kiss in front of my friends. The only friend that noticed was Donna, a girl in my class. She said, “That was an awesome kiss. Can you teach me to kiss like that?” I looked at Donna in a whole new way. She used to just be a girl in my class, but after loosing my virginity she now looked like a possible sex partner. I replied, “Sure. How about you come with me after school and I’ll teach you. Mom won’t be home for at least an hour after that. Maybe you can stay for dinner too.” Donna added, “Or maybe a sl**pover. You have one of those epicene names or a unisex name. You know like Jessie, Fran, or Chris. My mother will just assume that you are a girl and say yes.” She thought a moment then asked, “Do you think your mother will mind if I sl**p over?” I replied, “I think I can talk her into it.” Donna said, “Okay, how about this weekend then, both Friday night and Saturday night?” She kissed me on the cheek and ran off giggling. Throughout the day I thought about fucking Mom and then I thought about fucking Donna. Why else would she want to spend two nights in my bed? At lunch Donna said, “I called my mother and she said that I could go to your house after school, that I could stay for dinner but only if your mother invites me, and that I can spend the weekend with you again if it’s alright with your mother.” Then I got a kiss on the lips. It wasn’t a bad kiss either. After school I waited around for her. Donna came out with another girl from our class. They looked over at me, they giggled, and they kissed on the lips. The other girl ran off and Donna came over to me. She said, “You know Angie, well she and I were practicing kissing during study hall. I think I’m getting better.” She held my hand and together we walked to my house. I would stop every block to kiss her on the street corner where anyone could see us. She would put her arms up high around my neck and I would cup her ass cheeks with my hands drawing her pussy right up tight against my hard-on. We kissed then she giggled and we would start walking again. About halfway home Donna said, “I hope your mother isn’t jealous of me.” I asked, “Why should she be?” Donna said, “I saw the way that she kissed you this morning. It was a kiss between lovers.” I immediately replied, “But I do love my mother.” Donna blushed and said, “Not that kind of love silly, the kind where you fuck.” I had nothing to say about that, how could she possibly know. Just before we turned into my sidewalk Donna said, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you but my mother kisses my b*****r that way…and they have sex all the time.” We entered the house and I took Donna in my arms again. Her arms went around my neck, my hands went to her ass, and we kissed in a way that was unknown to either of us. Our lips became one, our tongues became one, and my cock tried his best to enter her. She was helping too by crushing herself into me. That kiss lasted an eternity and we swapped a gallon of spit. When the kiss broke my hands went to her breasts and started unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands went to my pants and started to undo them. Her blouse hit the floor and I stepped out of my pants leaving my shoes next to them. As we made our way up to my bedroom her bra hit the floor and my underwear. Her pants and my shirt were next, followed by her panties just outside my bedroom door. We left the door open and kissed some more. That time there was nothing between us at all. We made our way to the bed, my cock made its way inside her, and we continued to kiss passionately. We were not fucking at all, our bodies were doing their own thing while Donna and I continued to kiss. I think we were making love. We were still at it when Mom stood in the doorway holding Donna’s bra and panties. I looked over and said, “Hi Mom, this is Donna.” Donna said, “Hi, we were just kissing.” Mom laughed and said, “With is cock in you, no less.” Donna said, “It seems better that way.” Mom said, “You are right, it does.” Mom then asked, “Are you staying for dinner?” Donna said, “Yes if it’s alright with you. Oh, and if it’s alright I’d like to have a sl**pover this weekend too.” Mom said, “Okay.” Then she said, “I’ll order a pizza. That gives you another half-hour to kiss.” She called us when the pizza arrived. I just put on my underwear but Donna couldn’t find her underwear so she got a pair out of my drawer and went topless. After all Mom had seen her naked and sitting on cock. Mom just smiled when we came down to the kitchen. When Donna dripped some sauce into her breast Mom leaned over and licked it up. Donna just smiled at her and put some sauce on the other b**st for Mom to lick off. It became a game. Mom removed her blouse and bra and then put some sauce on her own nipples and waited. Donna leaned into one and I leaned into the other one. Together we licked and sucked Mom’s nipples. When we finished Donna again put sauce on her nipples and then offered them to Mom and I. Eventually Mom had Donna get dressed and took her home. She went in the house and met with her mother letting her know that Donna was welcome at our house anytime. She never had to lie about me being a girl or a boy. That night while I was having sex with my mother I told her about Donna’s mother and b*****r having sex all of the time too. That made Mom smile knowing that we weren’t the only ones doing it. On Friday Donna had a few clothes in her backpack even though we both knew that she wouldn’t get to wear any of them. Mom got out of work early and met us in her car to take us home. We had more than forty-eight hours to fool around together. We became a threesome. I had two women and they had each other. I finally realized that those Mormons had the right idea in the first place. Mom and I took turns pleasing Donna, Donna and I took turns pleasing Mom, and they took turns pleasing me. We had sex together, we slept together, and we ate and bathed together. Donna loved having her nipples kissed, her clit stroked, and her pussy fucked. She liked her lips French kissed, her breasts played with, and her butt massaged too. In fact Donna loved everything and anything that my mother or I did to her. That Sunday afternoon Mom dressed and left the house for an hour. When she returned she had almost all of Donna’s clothes with her. She had gone over to Donna’s house, caught her mother in bed with her own son, and then she negotiated that Donna should come and live with us. Donna was ecstatic and so was I. The three of us lived together as a f****y, Mom had two c***dren, and I had two wives. The End Can You Help Mommy

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