Saturday, July 6, 2013

#3 - Nikki in the Woods SeXStoRY

About four days had past since my last fuck when I heard from the same guy again. I bumped into him at some local shops and we got talking and I could tell by the bulge growing in his jeans that my presence was having an effect on him. He hinted that he could go a quickie and luckily I had what I needed in my bag. I asked where we could go and he said he would drive me to a spot he knows is always quiet. I agreed and we went to his car and he drove me to the carpark at a local park. He said that if we walk a bit into the woods he has a spot he used to take an ex gf and its normally very quiet. I went with him to the spot which was a good 5 minutes into the woods and I could tell by the spot that he had used it before with his name carved in the tree. I asked what he wanted to do and mentioned sucking him off but he asked very nicely if we could skip the foreplay this time and get straight to the fucking. I agreed on the condition he licked my hole first to loosen it up a little then he could fuck me. He obliged and quickly had my jeans and panties down around my ankles and his tongue firmly between my cheeks. I bent over and held the tree as his tongue went in and out of my ass and I even sneakily pressed his head into my bum deep with a free hand and he seemed to love it. He even pushed a sneaky finger into my asshole and managed to get a second in just using his saliva as lube. I got the lube out of my bag and quickly put some on my hole and he put some onto his cock once he had his condom on. I bent over and held the tree trunk as I felt his cock slowly slide into my ass. It felt easier than before as the head went in quicker and the shaft followed in till he shuffled forward to get it all in deep. He didnt wait a second this time and he really began to go for it from the word go and pounded my little ass hard and fast. My knees got weak as he really pounded away at my ass and eventually I ended up on my knees and we switched to a more conventional doggy style position. He kept going and going like a bunny spanking my ass every now and again. It wasnt long into the position switched that I came just through the fucking and left a load on the ground. It wasnt long after that when he said he was about to cum and I felt him slide out quickly and take off the condom. I turned around and saw him rubbing his cock quickly but nothing was coming. I took over and grabbed his cock in my hand and vigourously wanked away before putting it into my mouth and really sucking it hard and deep until I heard him moan and groan as I felt a nice warm sticky load shoot into my mouth. There were a good 4 bursts of warm cum into my mouth that I kept in my mouth to show him before I swallowed it all. After all that we got ourself sorted and made our way out of the woods and he was nice enough to drive me all the way back to my house. We sat outside my house talking for a few moments and I invited him back in for seconds but he said he couldnt as he had to work early. Like the last time I let him know that I loved the fuck and whenever he wants another repeat all he has to do it call me and id take his cock once again. I even hinted at him that I might let him go bareback on me next time and that seemed to really get his interest. I walked into the house wiggling my bum and waved to him as he left knowing he would be back for more, but when.

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