Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A f****y Friend.....Indeed Part 11 SeXStoRY

I aapreciate the positive responses my stories have received. They are all factual, and, admittedly, somewhat mindboggling to me even after all the years which have passed. I am a bit surprised I haven't received any comments from the ladies...perhaps the subject material only appeals to males. This part picks up the night following Patty's arrival at Louise's home. I was tired and a bit hung over from our cocktail indulgence, so I didn't have any desire to throw paint at the walls. I had forgotten my watch the night before, so I stopped by Louise's after my shift at the mill to retrieve it. I saw a note written on yellow paper on the key shelf with my name on it. It was from Patty saying Louise had phoned her early that morning to say she would be out of town for another couple of days visiting her s****r, and suggesting she ask me to take her to the burger stand for dinner. It ended with the question, "So...young man...are you game? Will be back by 7:00 P.M. My best, Patty." I sat down in the den to contemplate my reply, and soon decided that despite being tired, Patty excited me to the point I wanted to see if/where it might go. I wrote, "Sounds like a dare to me, Ma'am...see you at 7:00." I went home, showered up, washed my Corvette, put on a decent pair of shorts and a white dress shirt, and rumbled into Louise's drivway at 6:59. Patty's car was in the driveway, so I walked in and announced my arrival. She emerged from the kitchen with two glasses of lemonade, gave me a long up and down look, and said, "Mmmmm...you look like my father's worst nightmare." In an overdone tone of conceit and cockiness, I replied, "Thank you...you may be right." She gave me a little peck on the cheek, and her perfume went right to my brain. We sat in the den sipping the drinks and chatting about my day at work, and hers at the medical seminar. She was wearing a pale orange sleeveless summer dress that buttoned up the front. A bright orange belt highlighted her waist, and hosiery and bright orange heels finished the look. Her blonde hair was swept up over her ears, and brushed across her forehead from right to left. The dress showed just enough cleavage, and I could just make out her bra through the material. When she crossed her legs, the seam on the front of her skirt gave me just a peek at slip lace. I was instantly ready. "I'm going upstairs to change, but first need to say something to you," she said with an ominous tone. "We overdid cocktails last night, and I apologize for my behaviour," she said. "I don't have any clue how I made it into bed, but I appreciate you locking up the house when you left...you're a sweetie." So...I was off the hook...she had no memory of the walk upstairs, the bathroom, or me putting her to bed. I said, "No apology necessary...I was happy to do it," I said. She got up, and I watched her as she walked toward the stairs. I could feel a vibration in my privates as I watched her legs ascend the stairs. About ten minutes later, she called to me, "What do you think...should I wear a blouse or a tank top?" It was 89 outside, so I suggested a tank top. A few minutes later, she came down the stairs wearing a form-fitting off-white tank top with a very beige bra under it, a pair of olive green shorts which really showcased her legs, and a pair of darker olive heels. Her legs and arms were tanned, and with the hairdo, she was gorgeous. To my shock and delight she said, "Can you see my bra through this top? I usually wear a beige bra with it, but didn't bring one, so I borrowed one of Louise's - she won't mind !" I managed to blubber something to the effect that all looked okay, but it looked far more than okay...I could clearly see her bra through the top. She must have noticed my hormonal expression because she said, "I like my underwear to match...good thing I have beige panties here...hehheh." We had our burgers, and the night had cooled to a soft warm temperature. She told me she had never been to the city before, so I took her on a motor tour which she seemed to enjoy. Around 11:00, we stopped at an upscale club to have a drink. All eyes were on Patty the whole time we were there, and it made me uncomfortable. She suggested we go back to Louise's and sit out in the screenhouse. She made spiked lemonades, and we sat together on a large futon. I was surprised when she pulled out a 120mm thin cigar, and asked, "Do you mind?" I told her it was fine, and she treated me to one of the most sensual smoking demos I've ever seen. We discussed life, our pasts, dating, and, eventually sexual preferences. She was very open ans sincere, as was I. She knocked my trollry off the tracks when she said, "Most guys your age just want to put it in right away, get their rocks off, and leave. But you seem different to me." I told her she was right, and said I was into the tease and excitement of the slow erotic things versus the slam-bam style. She took a drag of her cigar, looked at me, and asked, "Just what are your turn ons sweetie?" So I went for broke and told her I was turned on from the start by her looks, her figure, her personality, and her sexy clothing and lingerie. She said, "Oh yes love...I saw how you looked at me when I had my slip and heels on last night. Did that turn you on?" I told her it did, and the memory of it was having the same effect. I added, "The fact you are wearing Louise's bra is very hot, as well." She smiled and and pulled off her tank top. "Like it,?" she asked. Her nipples were poking through the smooth fabric, and they looked hard and dark. "What did you want to do with my slip last night...cum on it?" I admitted it, and she floored me by telling me that she thought that was very erotic. She stood up, undid her shorts, and removed them. "This is going to be 50-50, so get that shirt and shorts off, she commanded." When she saw my hard penis tenting up my briefs, her eyes opened wide, and she said, "Come on...I'm going to intoduce that big boy to some slip action." We got up to her room and she slipped Louise's bra off. Her nipples were fully erect, and looked purple and ripe for sucking. She had my BVD's off in an instant, and pushed me backwards onto the bed, taking me into her mouth. After a few moments she said, "What would you like me to wear for you?...better yet, open the dresser - all of my lingerie is in it. Pick whatever you like." She had the white half slip she had worn that day, the black full slip from the night before, a black half slip, and dark brown full slip. I handed the slips to her. She tossed the dark brown one back to me and said, "Put it on...I want to see your cock sticking out in it." The idea was very unsettling to me, but I obliged her. She walked over and rubbed me with the white slip while fingering herself. "Ohhh...you are so hard and so hot," she whispered, but I am not letting you cum yet. I pulled her panties down, and she kicked them aside, and I took off her slip. "What slip,? she asked. I told her to put on the black half slip and her black heels. She pulled the slip up to her knees, then stepped into her heels. As she bent down to grab the elastic waistband of the slip, I stepped forward and pushed my penis against her wet and swollen kitty. I slipped into her with no resistance, and she bent over to steady herself with her arms on the bed. I pumped her long and slow, ans she was moaning and saying, "Ah ah ah yessss...do it DO IT". She turned to look at me and in a sultry tone of voice said, "Now put it in the other place." I told her I had never done that, and she said it would be a feeling I would never forget. I pulled out of her, hard as a diamond, and she kicked the black half slip from around her ankes, and put it on the bed. She bent over aginsm this time with her legs spread farther apart, grabbed my penis and guided it to her backside. We we both so wet it only took two ro three pushes, and I was in. She was moaning and whimpering, and telling me to pump it harder. The feeling was indescribable, and just as she sensed I was about to explode, she pulled away, turned, wrapped my red-hot penis in the black half slip, and made me cum into the slip. "Ooo...you DO get turned on by these, don't you, sweetie?," she asked. I pushed her onto the bed on her back, spread her legs, and filled her kitty with my penis again. In seconds, she had a shattering orgasm which made me cum again. After about 40 minutes, I got dressed to head home. Morning came early. As I kissed her goodnight, she said, "Tomorrow night, you dress me up any way you want...we will outdo tonight." I was about to leave when she said, "Will you jerk on a slip one more time for me? I want to watch and play with myself." I dropped my shorts and briefs, she gave me the white slip, saying, "I wore this one to the seminar." I smelled it, and it had the fragrance of her scent, and her perfume. she was sitting on the bed - naked except for her black heels - with her legs spread and her finger rubbing her clit. Her nipples were still hard and purple, and her 34C breasts were bouncing. She was beathing hard...as was I...when she said, "Come closer...cum on my belly and boobs." I shot a third load of hot semen all over her, and she took it in her fingers to rub it on her nipples and her tongue. I kissed her agin, locked the door behind me, and headed home for a full 2 hours of sl**p befroe my mill shift started.

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