Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Mom's sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 5 SeXStoRY

Chapter Five Sally just finished making their breakfast when she called Josh in to the table. Josh sat down and starting eating when His mom said that there were some things she wanted to talk about. Josh looked at her and said, what’s on your mind this morning mother? You know it has now been three days since you whored me out to those k**s at the college and I was wondering if you had made anymore plans for whoring me out. Josh just looked at her wondering if this was her way of proving to him she is the whore he wants. Or could she be wanting the cocks of other men for herself. So he asked why she wanted to know? Well, she said, When you whored me out I got a reward from you by being able to suck an extra load of cum from your cock. That made five loads out of you I got to suck that day. So I figured if you had something for me to do I could get to suck another extra load out of your cock. After all five is better than four you know. By the way I’m so glad you have taken to fucking me every night. That pussy covered cock is so much fun to suck while you empty your sweet nut cream in my mouth. So that’s it! All you wanted was to try and find another chance to suck me off again at the end of the day. I should have known, he said. I also have something else I want to tell you, Josh told her. Hopefully if this works you can quit your job and stay at home every day. What is it she asked while buttering her toast. I want to set up an internet web site with a Camera so you can show people what a slut you can be. You would be sucking cocks live, fucking, and taking requests from your viewers. We’ll have contests also. People will sign up to become members of your fan club and we can charge them something like $20.00 A month to become members. This will be worldwide so getting as many as 2000 member shouldn’t be too hard to do in a very little time. There will be pictures and videos of you for them to download. We can hold contest like finding out who of your members can cum the most times in a hour while your sucking their cock. We can have a different guy every day for a month and at the end the month all the ones that are tied can compete again next month in a second suck off. The winner will then receive a prize of one thousand dollars. Of course we will be able to charge a little extra for watching the multi cum cock suck off contest. It would kind of be like pay per view. Another contest would be called who can last the longest. You sucking the cock or the guy getting his cock sucked. The object to this one is to find out which one of you will call it quits first. The Guy will have to keep a hard on and shoot a load of cum at least every 45 minutes. You must never let his cock leave your mouth except to show that the guy is blasting out a load of sperm and then back inside your sucking mouth again. Again the winner of this contest will win one thousand dollars. I’ll be counting on you to never lose this contest. I have more ideals but, for now what do you think? I would love it if it works, she said. Quitting my job and staying close to you would also be a dream comes true for me. As far as the sucking and fucking goes you already know I’m all for it. It would further prove to you I’m your complete total slut and a whore. I welcome every chance I can get to prove to you how much of a whore I can be for you. Good because tonight we are taking a little trip and all you’re going to wear is a T-shirt with the words “I SWALLOW ALL CUM” written across the front. I think I’m going to like this Sally told him. Will I be getting an extra chance at sucking you off when we’re done? I don’t know, he said. This might take all night. So you need to get in the living room and bend over that big stuffed chair because right now I’m going to fuck you as there might not be a chance later on. Will then tomorrow morning I get to give you two blow jobs in a row okay? Josh just smiled as he followed his big stiff cock into the living room. Will I ever be able to reach her limits? Then he called out to her, you have to prove you’re a cum sucking slut first. Because right now for all I know you might have changed since the last time. When Josh entered the room she was already bent over the chair. Her Valentine shaped ass never looked so good and that sweet pussy of hers looked like it’s already starting to drip. Josh also noticed that he didn’t have to tell her twice and she was in here ready to get fucked in nothing flat. How many other mothers were like her? Guess I’m just a lucky guy he thought as he slide his cock into her all the way on the first stroke. Grabbing the hair at the back of her head Josh started slamming into her hard. Every stroke seemed more powerful than the last and she was taking it. Each slam caused her to grunt out a deep echo of pleasure from her throat. Still he slammed into her. Then he wanted to hear her tell him what kind of a woman she was. A slut she replied. What kind of slut? A nasty cum slut she told him. This cunt is your fucking cunt and it belongs to a very nasty cum sucking whore. Search the world and you’ll end up back here because no one is as nasty a whore as me. I’ll suck off all the cocks this world has to offer. I’ll drink the cum of every cock in this world. No woman can match me for my outright love for sucking cock and cum. All you have to do is ask and I’m doing it. One of those lines caught Josh’s attention and he thought he would question her later about to what extent she meant when she said she would suck ‘all the cocks’ in the world. But for now Josh needed to empty his balls so there would be enough time for him to fill up his balls again for her noon feeding. How many guys would love to trade places with him so they could have a whore like this? Alright you fucking whore you ready to suck my balls dry? I’m always ready to suck your balls empty of their cum, she replied. Give it to me. Make your whore suck your sperm down my throat and keep sucking until your big balls are dry. All right whore come and get it. He pulled out and she twisted around and fell to her knees swallowing his cock down her throat before her knees had hit the floor. The look on her face was something Josh could only contribute to a true cock sucker. This whore was doing what she truly wants to do and that is to suck cock and eat cum. Josh’s blasts were going into his mother’s mouth now and she was working her tongue and throat as fast as she could. She could even feel the heat of his sperm as it landed inside her stomach. When Josh finished, she had not missed a single drop of his cum and she waited for him to pull his cock out of her mouth hoping in the back of her mind he‘d ask her to suck him off again. She loved this new side of her. Life to her is so much better now than just four short months ago. Maybe she should reward the driver that hit Josh and changed both of their lives for the better. If it wasn’t for him she would not be sucking and fucking Josh. Much less having drank what must be approaching more than 16 gallons of his wonderful sperm. Before Josh pulled his cock out of his whore mother’s mouth he knew all the cum would be sucked clean from his cock. She doesn’t ever miss a drop now. Sally, still on her knees, looked up at Josh and thanked him for the fucking he just gave his whore and the sperm she had just drank down. Looking at the clock she said to herself it’s another 2 hours and 12 minutes before I can suck him off again. As Josh walked over to the computer he called out to his mom. Hey whore if want you can get over here and suck my cock while I get on the internet and finish making arrangements for tonight. Sally was there under the desk before Josh sat down. That evening Josh had Sally put on the T-shirt and then he gave her what looked like a dog collar to put around her neck. The writing on it read ‘Feed Me Cum.’ So far everything was looking good to her. Once in the car Josh had her lay the seat back and play with her pussy so truckers can see what a horny bitch she is. Then Josh started to ask her questions about things she said this morning while he was fucking her. Remember this morning when I was fucking you? Sally said yes while sticking three fingers inside her pussy. You told me, “I’ll suck off all the cocks this world has to offer. I’ll drink the cum of every cock in this world. “Do you really mean that? Think before you answer, Josh added. I don’t have to think about it because I know that if you asked me to do it I would do it, Sally replied. I’m your whore to do with as you please. Okay Josh said. You do know that dogs and horses have cocks don’t you? Josh! she said without any hesitation, If you asked me to I’d suck a dozen dogs for you. I’d even fuck a horse if you asked. I’m no longer in charge of my body it belongs to you. I want you to use me anyway you want too. Get as filthy nasty as you can think of and if you want you can ask me to think of totally nasty things you can make me do. The only thing I fear is that someday some girl will take you away from me. Letting you go is the only thing I don’t want you to make me do. Josh just smiled and told her alright. You keep pleasing me and I’ll promise I never allow some girl to get between us. But, you now know that some dog’s going to be getting a wonderful blowjob from you. Bring him to me I‘m a sperm whore, Sally said in a low wanting sultry voice. Josh then pulled the car over in front of what looked like a redneck bar way out into the sticks. They got out and Josh attached a leash to the collar around her neck. He asked her if it was too tight incase there was a big cock going down her throat there would be room for it without choking her. She told him she was fine and hopes tonight she will provide him nothing but pleasure from his whore. Josh then retrieved the handcuffs from the glove box and then they both started into the bar. At the door Josh didn’t even have to tell the door man who he was. Seeing Sally following behind him in nothing but a t-shirt Josh was let right straight in. The door man then sounded an alarm bell that told everyone in the bar the special guest was here. In the dim light Josh could see the place was packed and Sally was the only female there. Tonight all bar drinks had to be gotten straight from the bar as all the bar girls were sent home for the night. All eyes were on Sally as Josh led her into the bar. Pulling up a chair next to the bar Josh had Sally climb the chair and on to the bar. Josh told her to walk to the other end of the bar and make sure everyone can read her shirt before coming back to this end of the bar. She walked slowing turning around every so often so everyone could read her shirt and collar. The guys sitting at the bar had straight views up her shirt and right at that bald pussy. When she stopped to turn she left her legs spread a little right over their faces giving them a good view of her pussy. Sally turned at the end and then made her way slowly back to Josh. When she got back to Josh he asked her to remain standing on the bar. Turning to the crowd Josh said that whoever bought his drinks tonight could remove her T-shirt and be the first to use her whore mouth once he handcuffed her to the urinals in the men’s restroom. This sent a flood of juices flowing through Sally’s pussy. Now she knew she would be sucking cock all night in the men’s restroom. It couldn’t get better then this she thought to herself. She spread her legs wide as she squatted down next Josh’s ear and whispered to him that tonight he was going to be very proud of his cock sucking whore. A men in his lower forty’s was the first to get to Josh and yelled to the bar keeper to put Josh’s drinks on his tab. The man then climbed up on the bar and right in front of everyone pulled Sally’s T-shirt off over her head leaving her totally naked for the whole bar to see. Next the man grabbed both of her tits and rubbed his face in them to the laughter of the bar. I don’t want to wait until she is in the restroom I want her sucking me off right here on the bar, he said. Sally knelt down as he removed his cock and shoved it into her face. It was a nice sized cock and Sally wanted to show everyone what they were going to be getting later. Once Sally started sucking his cock better then anyone has ever sucked him before he knew he wasn’t going to last long. The things she done to him just were not done by the average every day girl. After only 90 seconds he was blasting his cum down her sucking throat proudly proclaiming her the best ever. You guys are in for a real treat tonight. Josh helped her down and led her to the restroom were she was going to be spending the better part of the night. Just before entering she noticed the big screen TV’s all had what looked like a men’s restroom on the screen from different angles. Once inside it became obvious she was going to been seen by everyone all night. There were three urinals inside and Josh handcuffed her kneeling to the two on the right. Before turning to leave he told her there were almost 80 men out there waiting on her. Have fun and make me proud of you. If you have any trouble just yell out the number three okay? I will she said and you better believe I’m going to have fun with a almost endless supply of cocks to suck. Josh left and the line of men began entering the room where Sally was now kneeling. She could feel her pussy dripping while she waiting for the first cock to feed on. There she is said the first guy to come in. His cock was out and he aimed it straight for her mouth. Deep into her mouth he plunged as the others grabbed for different parts of her body. His cock tasted of dried piss as she tongued the tip. Her pussy was now exploding all on its own. This was now what she was living for. This was what she wanted and needed. She long ago accepted it as a new wife to Josh’s dad and now to her son. Being used by men any way they wanted was more like what she was wanting. All these men existed to serve her needs not theirs if the truth was to be known. The scent of their cocks filled her nostrils as she sucked the cock inside her mouth. Their sperm will soon be filling her stomach as well as covering her skin. No they were not using her she was using them. These poor bustards couldn’t understand how she was using them for their sperm to fulfill her addiction for drinking sperm. The crowd inside the bar let out a roar as a cock on her left started painting her face in cum. She wanted to reach out to it with her tongue and catch the jets but, the cock in her mouth was now blasting away at the back of her throat. Cum was now starting to fly and Sally loved it. Sperm was getting into her eyes and she was starting to see things in a blur. Just, like how the rest of the night went by, in a blur. She wanted to scoop up all the cum running down her body. She didn’t want all that magnificent tasting cum going to waste. Man after man feed her their sperm and they were still coming into the room. The worst part of all this was not being able to use her hands to scoop cum into her mouth. Her pussy was dripping sperm onto the floor. More would shoot out as each man that fucked her shoved their cocks into her pussy. She was now hoping Josh brought the rubber hose so she could suck up all the spilled cum on the floor. Thinking to herself that this could have been her cum shake.

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