Saturday, July 6, 2013

An afternoon rendezvous SeXStoRY

I got the key from the front desk and we walked to the elevator. As soon as the elevator door closed, you were in my arms, lips pressed against mine, mouth open, tongue eagerly exploring my mouth. My hands were busy on your ass as you pressed your amazing body against mine. One hand dropped down and f***ed itself between us, finding my already hardening cock just as the elevator slowed for our floor. We parted with a final kiss just as the doors opened. We walked the short distance to our room. I opened the door and you walked in ahead of me. As soon as we were in the room you turned towards me and we resumed our passionate kissing. We parted and moved further into the room. You took off your jacket and tossed it on the sofa. I looked at you in amazement. You are so beautiful. Your long red hair falling past your shoulders, green eyes looking into mine. Your breasts rising and falling with your breath. Your beautiful legs framed halfway between your knees and your ass by your skirt. I moved closer to you, taking your face into my hands, and kissed you on your lips. Our tongues found one another and danced their dance inside our mouths. I unbuttoned your blouse and you backed away just enough for me to remove it from you without breaking our kiss. You pulled my shirt out from my pants and we broke our kiss just long enough for you to pull it over my head. As our lips met again, my fingers found the catch at the waist of your skirt and opened it, unzipping the zipper, and your skirt fell to the floor, just as your hands found my belt and undid it. You quickly opened my pants and slid them down. We both stepped out of our clothing and moved closer to the bed. My hands found the clasp to your bra and in no time, your bra joined the rest of your clothes on the floor. We stood inches apart, your hard nipples brushing lightly against my chest. Your hand moved between my legs and found my cock was already hard and straining against the material. You dropped to your knees and slid my underwear down, my cock popping up and aimed directly at your open mouth. You took me in and the warm, moist sensation of your tongue on the bottom of my cock made it jerk in your mouth. You moved your hands to my ass as you took my entire length into your mouth. I looked down and marvelled at the beautiful sight of my cock sliding in and out of your mouth, and you tipped your head back just enough so that you could make eye contact with me. My hands moved to your head and held you as my hips moved forward and back, fucking your mouth. I stopped and pulled out of your mouth, pulling you to your feet. I turned you around so that the back of your legs were just inches from the bed. Dropping to my knees, I slid your panties down and move you back until your legs pressed against the bed. As you sat down, I spread your legs and leaned my head forward, lightly licking the entire length of your pussy. You were already beginning to get wet, and the scent of you was amazing. You lay back on the bed as I lifted your legs up and placed them over my shoulders. Looking up at your face, framed by your beautiful red hair and your generous breasts, I slid my tongue inside you, spreading your outer lips, and slid my tongue all the way from the entrance to your vagina up to your clitoris. As my tongue found your clit, you moaned. I knew how sensitive your clit is, and paid particular attention to it, licking it, taking it between my lips and sucking on it, flicking my tongue across it. Your legs tightened against my head as your hips began to buck against my face. Your first orgasm was already close and I was not about to let you slow down now. My tongue flicked faster and faster over your clit as my hands moved up to your breasts, pinching your nipples. With a cry, you bucked harder against my face. I opened my mouth and covered your pussy, my tongue sliding along the entire length, as you came hard. And even as your orgasm subsided I continued to fuck you with my tongue. Within a couple of minutes, you were bucking against me again, this time covering my face with your pussy juices. Even then I did not let up, and your third orgasm came almost on the heels of the second. Finally, your legs fell to either side and I moved up your body. Your tongue licked my face, tasting yourself. You then pushed me to one side and moved down to take me eagerly into your mouth. As I watched, your mouth slid up and down the length of my cock. You took my cock in one hand as your lips left the tip of my cock so that you could move down and suck my balls into your mouth. Then, licking your way back up my shaft, you took me back into your mouth and my hips rose to meet you as your head moved down. After a few strokes, you quickly moved up and took my cock between your fingers, guiding me inside you. You rode me in this way for several minutes, then we rolled over so that I was on top. I rose up on my knees and watched as my cock disappeared and reappeared from your pussy, your juices covering me and making my cock glisten in the light. Suddenly, I pulled back and my cock pulled out of you. You looked up at me in surprise and shock, before realizing I was already turning you over. Once on your stomach, I pulled you up by your hips so that your ass and pussy were pointed up at me. I moved in behind you and my cock once again entered you, your pussy fitting me like a silk glove. I watched once again as my cock moved in and out of you, then I began to feel my orgasm building inside of me. My hands found your hips and I began to pound into you harder and faster. You moaned as you began another orgasm, your pussy squeezing me. Finally I could hold back no longer, and with a final thrust, my cum exploded deep inside of you. You pushed back against me as I continued thrusting into you, your pussy squeezing me as if to ensure you got every drop. I continued to move in and out of you even after my orgasm subsided and I began to soften, until finally, I fell out of you. I surprised you, however, by leaning forward between your legs and licking up the small stream of cum that seeped out of you, then moved up your body as you lay down and turned over. I kissed you passionately, and transferred the cum into your mouth, the mixture of mine and yours, and we kissed long and deeply, our tongues playing against each other, our mixed cum covering both of them, until we finally broke our kiss. We lay together then, side by side, and fell asl**p, knowing that we would wake up in a short time and our love-making would begin again.

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