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animal sex stories -2 SeXStoRY

Visit here to see real homemade porn Chapter 2 She stepped back, glanced down at her tits. They were soaked with pony spit and flushed pink from his nuzzling. Her plump tits felt swollen and heavy. "Do you lick Tammy's tits, Beauty?" she asked him. At hearing his name, Beauty waved his head in the air as if to answer. He brought his slobbering lips back to the creamy flesh of tittie meat. She tasted sweet, just like Tammy. His rubbery lips gnawed gently. "Ah ... ahhh ... ahhh! Don't bite me," she gasped heatedly. Warm cunt juice saturated the crotch of her bikini panties as she stood in front of the pony. Her knees trembled. Head in the clouds, she backed away from the hungry pony. Her passion had made her bold, reckless. With a carefree air, she took off her panties and jeans. She stood totally naked. She staggered back to the pony, wrapped her arms around his thick neck and hugged him. Then passion took over. "Un, un, un!" Moaning deliriously, she rubbed and squeezed her tits against his golden coat. Her tits sc****d back and forth against the prickling hair. Needle-sharp hairs tortured her delicate skin. d***k with passionate lust, Priscilla slipped a bare foot into the stirrup and hefted herself up into the saddle. Naked and horny, she sat quaking astride the pony's back. "Oooo, Beauty!" she gasped, swaying in the saddle. "Ohhhh, shit." Hot buttery pussy cream oozed from her virgin cunt and soaked the smooth leather saddle. "Oooo, God!" The golden pony pawed the earth. His tail, thick and long, swished back and forth. Soft neighs came from his mouth. His a****l instincts picked up the c***d's passion. Priscilla rocked on the pony's back. Her overheated pussy pulsed. Warm juicy cunt cream flooded the virgin channel of her hole. She felt light-headed, dizzy. Beauty tossed his head in the air. His golden mane swished over his thick-muscled neck. He whinnied, snorted, his rubbery lips quivering. The air around them reeked with sex. Priscilla grabbed the saddle horn, held it tight. "Unnn!" Brown eyes turned glassy. "Ooo, Beauty!" She slid her pussy back and forth in the saddle, greasing the sleek leather with hot sticky cream. "Ooooo!" Her small firm tits jiggled. Her nipples, swollen with bl**d and rosy pink, throbbed. She squirmed in the saddle. It was getting harder and harder to keep her balance. "Ohhh, shit! Beauty! Don't move!" The pony, agitated by the c***d's squeals and her passion, began to step back and forth. His head snapped around, his wet sticky lips brushing against the smooth flesh of Priscilla's knees. His balls, heavy with thick pony jizz, swayed between his powerful hind legs. He snorted. "Ahhhh!" She shook, released the saddle horn, and leaned forward. Gripping the pony around his neck, she rubbed her swollen clit into the hardness of the horn. Lights flashed behind her fluttering eyes. "Don't move! Don't move!" Beauty obeyed. He calmed down, stopped pawing the earth. His balls rumbled and the tip of his huge cock peeked from the sheath. He bucked with one quick snap of his head. "Aghhhh!" Priscilla screamed, almost falling off the pony's back. She held him tighter. Her hips moved from side to side. Her ass cheeks jerked back and forth. Warm cream continued to flow from her virgin hole. "Oooo," she sighed, floating on a cloud of passion. "No wonder Tammy misses the farm." She was overwhelmed with passion. "I never would have left." She squeezed Beauty's neck. Her cunt squished on the saddle. The sounds reached her ears. She leaned forward as far as possible. "Does Tammy do this?" A lewd giggle escaped her mouth. She sat up again in the saddle, tall, her back straight, her tits jutting out proudly. Panting, she brought her trembling body momentarily under control. She stared glassy-eyed across the stream. Being naked out in the open and sitting on a pony overwhelmed the c***d. It was unbelievable, but true. It blew her young mind. Using her hands, she caressed her own sizzling tittie meat. Tender strokes, light touches. Her hands became more urgent, more demanding. Kneading fingers dug into the pulpy flesh. Everything started to spin. She fell forward again and grabbed hold of Beauty's thick golden mane. "I'm gonna ride you. Cream your saddle." The pony snorted as if he understood the c***d's delirium. His tail slapped over his rump, and he shook his head. Priscilla moaned. "Ooooh, shit!" Holding his mane in her tight grasp, the horny teenager slammed her clit into the saddle horn. Lights exploded behind her glazed brown eyes. She blinked rapidly, an orgasm building deep in her virgin cunt. "Oooo, pony boy. I'm gonna cum. Holy Christ!" The realization of what she had said hit her like a ton of bricks. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. Her hips moved faster. Pussy juice flowed faster. Her cunt muscles, untested and inexperienced, pulsed against her empty canal. Oozing fuck cream greased her untouched hole. With her thighs fused to the b**st's sides, her cunt flush against the smooth leather saddle, and her clit banging into the hard horn, Priscilla's virgin pussy exploded like never before. "I'm cumming!" she squealed, her shrill excited voice filtering through the trees. "I'm cumming!" Beauty sensed the c***d's passion. He whinnied, swished his head back and forth. His agitated noises blended with the c***d's squeals of joy. His tail flashed over his rump, and he began to paw the earth again. This time Priscilla was too involved with her orgasm to know or to care. She bucked on his back, clung to his mane. Her tits bounced. Her brown hair swished over her bare back as her head snapped from side to side. Brown eyes stared up, through the trees. Everything was spinning. "Ahhh! I'm creaming! Creaming!" She rode the frenzied pony as if he were a bucking horse at the rodeo, with hard jerking forward thrusts. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Virgin pussy cum gushed from her exploding cunt hole. Her tits felt as if they too would burst. Recklessly, she rode the pony. "Ahhhh!" Shuddering spasms attacked her body. She swayed, fell forward, gripped the pony's neck. "Beauty! Beauty!" she squealed, holding on for dear life. "Oooo, Beauty!" She slammed her clit into the hard leather horn. Explosions rumbled in her virgin cunt. Her pussy-lips slid effortlessly along the smooth greased saddle. Ass cheeks jiggled with each reckless jab of her hips. The pony was responding to the c***d's screams and the passion that surrounded them. His huge cock poked its head from its sheath. He gave a high shrill whinny. He stepped back and forth, snapping his head from side to side. Priscilla almost fell. The a****l's agitation and her own wild abandonment had almost toppled her from the pony's back. "Ohhh!" Her eyes rolled, dilated. Her cunt mashed over and over again into the leather horn. Her head snapped back. Everything turned fuzzy, gray. "Ohhh ... noooo!" Dizzy, her cunt still pulsing in orgasm, she began to slip off the pony's back. Wild-eyed, she grabbed the horn. She slipped from the pony's back like hot melted butter. On a soft blanket of grass, she writhed in agonizing bliss. She skittered down from the dizzy heights her orgasm had taken her to. Goose bumps dotted her smooth tingling flesh. "Ooo, Beauty," she moaned. Still on her back, she blinked the golden pony into focus. She pulled herself up into a sitting position. Heart beats thumped in her heaving chest. She looked around. It was like a dream, a fantastic dream. A sensuous smile adorned her face. Beauty lowered his head and nibbled his lips over her glowing tittie flesh. He snorted. The scent of her wet cunt flared his nostrils. He bent his long neck lower and tried to attack her pussy. "Nooo!" Priscilla squealed, scrambling away from the a****l. "No, more!" She giggled, crawled away and stood. "Ohh, God, you're horny." She grabbed her clothes, dressed quickly. "Now we'd better get back." She looked at the saddle. It was soaked with pussy juice. "Oh shit!" Priscilla pulled her blouse out of her jeans, wiped the saddle with it, then tucked it back inside. "Next time, I won't use a saddle." She climbed back on the pony. Tremors rippled through her pussy as she headed back to the farmhouse. remaining part you can continue on website

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