Monday, July 1, 2013

At the clothes store - a true story SeXStoRY

This actually happened, and to this day it still gets me horny thinking about it. I was still in high school and had absolutely no experience of sex, except for the pretty much constant wanking and fantasising that most teenage boys indulge in. I'd never even kissed a girl. It was summer break, and my older b*****r was due to graduate from college, so my mother had sent me out to buy a suit for the occasion. I'd never had a suit before, and my mum took a lot of convincing to let me go on my own to buy one. But off I went one sunny morning on the train to town, to look round the clothes shops. I'd been lookin round for about half an hour, and had seen a couple I thought might do, but wanted to visit one other store before deciding. This was one of a large chain of clothes stores, and had all the casual menswear on the ground floor, and all the formal wear upstairs. I went straight up and started looking round all the suits hanging on the rails. The lower floor had had a few customers in, but up here was totally empty - just me and the sales girl who was leaning on the cash desk. After I'd been browsing for a minute, the girl came over and asked if she could help. She seemed friendly; she was early 20's, quite small and petite, with short black hair and smiling eyes, so I told her I was looking for a plain gray single-breasted, but wasn't sure what size. The girl stood back and looked at me. 'You're very slim, pal - we'll try a 30 or maybe a 28,' she said, still looking me up and down. I had always been a bit self-conscious about my shape. I didn't consider myself slim - I was skinny, scrawny even. Lots of the other guys in my year were bulking out and getting pecs and six-packs; but not me. The girl grabbed two pairs of trousers from a rail and said 'Fitting rooms are over here.' She led me over to a row of little cubicles with curtains. 'Try them both, and give me a shout if you need any help.' I thanked her and pulled the curtain shut behind me. I took my jacket off and hung it on a hook on the wall. Then I unbuckled my belt and took my jeans off, throwing them over a chair in the corner. After a few moments of fumbling about, I had the trousers on. I thought they'd be okay with a belt to hold them up, but they were too long. I was just about to take them off to try the other pair when I heard the girl's voice on the other side of the curtain. 'How you doing in there pal? Need any help?' I was about to say I was doing fine, when the curtain was snatched back and the girl poked her head in. 'I'm not sure,' I explained. 'I was just going to try the other ones.' The girl came right into the fitting room. 'Let's see.' She looked down at my waist, then gave the waistband of the trousers a tug. 'Yeah, there's a bit of room there.' She yanked them up firmly, then ran her hand round my back, slipping it inside the trousers a few inches, feeling the gap. It was at this point that I first realised how sexy this girl was. I was a few inches taller than her, and with her up close to me, with her hands round my waist, I had a perfect view of her cleavage. She was wearing a v-neck top that showed off the round, creamy spheres of her smallish breasts perfectly. I could even see one lacy edge of her bra. 'We'd better try the other pair,' she said, making me shift my gaze hurriedly back to her face. 'Just take those off and we'll get you into them.' I just looked at her. I was waiting for her to step outside the cubicle, but she didn't seem to have any such intentions. Still I stood looking at her. 'It's okay pal,' she smiled, 'just pop them off quickly. You don't need to worry about me. You are wearing underwear, right?' After a bit of hesitation, I unbuttoned the trousers and took them off. I remember thinking how lucky it was I'd worn newish underwear - white Y-fronts with red trim, my mother always bought me Ys. And I was sure I saw the girl looking at them for a long moment, checking out my bulge. She handed me the second pair of trousers and I pulled them up. Once again she looked down at my waist, and again she ran her hand between the waistband and my body. She was so close I could smell her scent, hear her breath, even feel her warmth as she put her arms around me. 'These are better,' she declared. 'Turn round a second.' I turned away from her and immediately felt her hands on me again. 'They even give you a nice little bum,' she giggled, and then casually ran her hand over my butt. A tingle of butterflies instantly erupted in my stomach, and a my dick gave an involuntary twitch. She grabbed my shoulders and swivelled me back round to face her. She was still smiling and looking down at my lower half. Once again my eyes were drawn to her tits and I felt my heart speed up. My dick twitched again. 'They're a bit long though. I'd better measure you.' She took a tape measure which had been hanging round her neck and suddenly dropped to her knees. 'Just open your legs a little bit pal.' I moved my legs apart a little, and before I knew it she was pushing the tape measure into my crotch. I gave a gasp and moved away a bit. 'Sorry pal, it's okay. I've done this hundreds of times. It's just how we do it.' I nodded my consent and she replaced the tape measure into my crotch and ran the tape down my leg. I could feel her knuckles pushing into my balls. I also had an excellent view right down her top. With dread I realised that my dick wasn't twitching any more, it was growing. I could actually see a little bump appearing in the tailored front of the trousers. The sight of it just millimetres from her warm hand only made it grow more quickly. The girl got her measurement and stood up. 'You're a 29. I'll just go and find a pair of 29's. Give me those ones off and I'll hang them back up.' Again I hesitated, but the opportunity to protest shyness was long gone. I slowly unbuttoned them and took them off, revealing a very noticeable tent in my red and white briefs. I pretended not to notice, what else could I do? But the girl's eyes were drawn to it right away. 'Oh dear. Did I do that?' she asked with a giggle. She was actually pointing at it. I looked down and said nothing, covering the offending bulge with both hands. 'It's okay pal. Honestly. I'll take it as a compliment.' 'I'm really sorry,' I muttered, 'it happens a lot. I can't help it.' The girl just smiled and looked back at me as I stood in my underwear with my hand on my boner. Somehow talking about it, the two of us acknowledging that it was really happening, had made it much hornier. My dick was now well boned. 'You got a girlfriend?' she asked. I told her that I didn't. 'Looks like you could use one,' she laughed, nodding towards my crotch. I looked away again, and made a grab for my jeans, still keeping one hand on my crotch. 'Wait a minute,' she said, holding up her hand in a stop gesture. She quickly glanced out onto the shop floor, looking up and down among the rows of suits. Then she came back into the cubicle and pulled the curtain shut. 'You ever been with a girl?' I quickly considered lying, but came to the conclusion this situation was out of my control. 'No,' I muttered. She advanced towards me, still smiling, but now with a lascivious gleam in her eye too. She came right up to me and took hold of my wrists, then gently but firmly she lifted my hands away from my crotch. My hard cock bulged proudly inside the material of my Y-fronts. She lifted my hands up and placed them slowly on her breasts. 'You like that?' she whispered. I nodded nervously, pretty much lost for words. I couldn't believe what was happening. After a few seconds she let go of my hands, but I kept them firmly on her tits, feeling the bumps of her bra beneath, and the rise and fall of her breathing, which seemed to be quickening. Meanwhile, her hands were pulling at my t-shirt. She quickly whipped it up over my head and I moved my hands from her chest to let her pull it off and throw it on the floor. Then she pulled her own shirt off, unhooked her bra, and I saw her amazing breasts, round, plump and firm. She looked down at them, smiling, then looked back at me. I knew she was inviting me. I slowly reached out and felt their smooth warmth. They were firm and silky, and the small pink nipples were erect and felt like hard rubber. The girl reached out and touched the straining bulge in my underwear. It was the first time anyone other than myself had ever touched my dick and it felt incredible. I was amazed to feel myself get even harder under her touch - I was already pretty much vertical. I was now so much harder than I had ever been before. For long minutes she slowly rubbed my cock through the material of my Ys. As she worked away at it, I felt the foreskin slip back and a warm flood of precum leak out. She knelt down in front of me, never taking her eyes off my bulge, slowly and carefully rubbing my hard cock until the precum had made the white cotton go see-thru and I could clearly see the pink shape of my swollen cock head under her fingers. After a few minutes, she leaned in and started slowly licking me. She ran her tongue up the shaft of my raging cock, tasting my moisture and giving little appreciative moans. Slowly, agonisingly slowly, she pulled down the waistband of my Y-fronts, taking the chance to feel the naked flesh of my butt as she pulled them down at the back, then slowly stretching the elastic at the front over my boner and licking the fine black pubes revealed at the tops of my legs, before finally letting my underwear drop round my ankles. She started sucking me, just the glistening head of my cock at first. I felt her tongue massage the underside, then felt her lips close round the head in a wave of warm wetness that I'd never before felt anything like. Then she took me deeper into her mouth. I felt an electric surge of pleasure that seemed to bolt through me from my dick, into my balls and stomach, zapping my asshole in the passing and right down to my toes. I knew I wouldn't last long. The girl worked more quickly now, expertly wanking my cock with her right hand and sucking me at the same time. The other hand was rubbing away at my balls and occasionally moving between my legs to caress my butt and explore between the cheeks. There was a fleeting sensation of complete unreality. I looked down and saw I was resting my hands on this girl's shiny black hair, watching her suck on a glistening hard cock that was surely too big and too fat to be mine, hearing the delicious slurping noise as she thrust her mouth up and down on it. I just had time to think O Fuck! This is actually happening! before my dick spasmed and I felt the warm cum rise through it. The girl must have felt it too, because she quickly pulled it out of her mouth and wanked it hard. I looked down and saw my heart beating frantically in my thin chest, my little belly heaving up and down with gasping breaths, and then I saw one, two, three, four, five massive spurts of cum burst from my cock. My whole body shuddered and a sheen of cold sweat seemed to cover me instantly. As the throbbing of my cock subsided, the girl looked up at me and smiled. There was cum on her cheek, her lips, on her right breast, and in her hair. She started to wipe her face and ended up with cum all over her hands too. 'Jesus, pal! Where did all that come from? Don't you ever wank?' She laughed. I couldn't speak. I just stood there, naked, with a string of spunk hanging from my softening cock and dripping towards the floor. The girl reached over and picked up my discarded Y-fronts from the floor. She used them to wipe her hands and face on, streaking them with creamy cum. 'I'll give you another pair,' she assured me. She quickly put her top back on and went out into the shop. She returned a few seconds later as I was cleaning my cock on the ruined Y-fronts. She threw me a pair of bright blue boxers and I got dressed in a complete daze. I bought the suit and thanked her very much. As I left the store she was standing where she had been when I came in: leaning casually on the cash desk as if nothing had happened. I didn't like to tell her she had cum in her hair.

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