Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can This be True? SeXStoRY

I wrote this in 1999, long before I had found XH and it has never been published as I had nowhere to have it read. This is NOT true, it is a pure fantasy, although my wife does have a s****r, her s****r does have big breasts, and I do have unacted upon fantasies about her. Hmmmm, sounds bad, eh? Anyway, no real names, no real actions, just the fantasies of an old geezer. Have you ever had one of those nights where dreams and reality blend together to the point that it is difficult to tell the difference? Well I just had one and as I set here at the kitchen table slugging down my second cup of coffee I am still having trouble sorting it all out. I can here the sound of the morning talk show on the TV and in the background the sounds of a shower in the bathroom. But my mind is focused on the fact that I think I had sex with my wife's s****r while my wife slept in the bed next to us! So let me tell you how all this happened and see if it makes any sense to you, it sure doesn't to me. It began yesterday when my wife Wendy and I drove a couple hours to visit my s****r-in-law Lana in her new apartment. The weather was lousy for this early in the fall, it was raining when we left and as we got further North it turned to sleet and then to wet slushy snow. By the time we got to Lana's it was nearly a blizzard. The three of us decided to try out a few of the local hot spots even though the weather was rotten and before any of us realized it we had consumed too many beers. By too many I'd say the girls each had three or four and I had at least six. Yes, I know, you'll say that's not very many. Well it is for this crew. Wendy and I are 50 and have never been heavy drinkers. In fact when Wendy gets past the second beer all she wants to do is go to bed and pass out. We found our way back to Lana's apartment through the slush covered streets and for some God-awful reason decided to stay at her place instead of trying to find a motel. The movers had dropped off the few pieces of furniture Lana had moved from her parent's house and she planned on buying the rest this weekend with our help. Lana is about 15 years younger than Wendy, I'd guess you'd call her a "change of life baby." She had lived at home for so many years no one had ever thought she would actually make the move out on her own. Lana had been transferred to a great new position with her company and this is what it took to get her out of her parent's house. Anyway as we were making plans for sl**ping arrangements it was decided that we could all bunk up in Lana's king sized bed. Normally Wendy and I are such private people we would not have considered such a thing, but as I mentioned, Wendy was under the influence and had nothing on her mind but sl**p. And by the looks of it Lana was the same. I let the girls get ready while I watched a little TV. Wendy peeked out of the bedroom door and said I could come in, the light was off. She also told me that Wendy was on the far side of the bed near her bathroom; she was not feeling all that well. This meant that Wendy would be in the middle and I was near the bedroom door. I stripped off my pants and shirt and took a final pee in the very small half bath. As I entered the bedroom all I could make out was two lumps on a huge bed. I felt my way to the bed and slipped in beside Wendy who was all ready dead to the world. This felt really weird so I said nothing, just laid with my back to Wendy and tried to fall asl**p. I started to dose off when I felt some movement in the bed as Lana got up and went in her bathroom. I was under a little pressure myself so I went back out to the half bath and got rid of some more beer. I could hear the stool flush in the other bathroom and decided to wait a few seconds so that Lana could get back in bed. Lana is a great person, but I just didn't want to figure out what to say to a woman other than my wife as we got into bed. I guess at this point I should tell you a little about Wendy and me. We met when we were 20, got married, and had never been with anyone else, not for a date, or any affairs, real straight arrows. I should add that even though neither of us had ever strayed, I did have a fantasy or two along the way, what guy doesn't? One on-going fantasy was Lana, Wendy’s younger s****r, yes I know, forbidden fruit. Lana and Wendy although very different in personality do have a striking resemblance and are somewhat the same in stature, although my wife’s s****r has much larger breasts, which was the root of many fantasies. I guess that is why this sl**ping arrangement was uncomfortable for me. So I gave Lana enough time to get back in bed and then quietly slipped back into bed. I had gotten a little chilled waiting around in my briefs so when I slipped into bed I cuddled up against Wendy to get warm. This "spoon" position was one of my favorites. It put us in full contact from shoulder to ankle. Sex, at this point, was the farthermost thing from my mind but the close contact seemed to always bring on an erection and beer or not tonight wasn't any different. I felt my stiff cock press against Wendy's butt and I gave it a little pressure pressing its full length against her crack. In response I felt a little backward pressure and a little wiggle to go with it. I could hear both girls breathing very heavily so I knew that this motion was not necessarily an attempt to bring action, but it did get my mind tuned into my cock. I brought my hand over to Wendy's thigh and caressed it slowly, bringing each circular pass closer to her hip. I wasn't trying to start anything, but it was a natural reaction to the pressure against my hard-on. As I made slow but deliberate circular passes my figure tips came in contact with the leg opening of her panties and it was at that instant that I should have stopped and thought the situation out. You see one of the little signals that Wendy gives me when she is thinking about sex is that she wears silky nylon panties instead of her usual cotton style. I have always liked to touch her through the soft sensual material so Wendy has just used this as a way of inviting my attention without actually saying anything. When my figure tips caressed the thin elastic and crossed over the boundary I was instantly aware of a nylon panty and my cock took over my thinking. I made a couple more passes onto the panty noting that it was cut a little high in the leg which was not the usual panties that Wendy wore, but I figured she must have bought something new for our trip. As I slipped my hand onto her panty covered upper hip I rolled my hand over to let the backside of my hand caress the gentle softness of her butt on the way down. What a silky sensual moment and as I made this movement Wendy wiggled her butt a little more causing more pressure on my cock. I lay very still thinking I had awakened her but realized it was nothing more than a reaction to my touch. I eased my pressure against her and slowly pulled my briefs down, hooking the elastic under my balls. I then rolled close to her again and felt the silky softness against the tip of my cock. I moved closer and felt the softness caress my entire cock and balls. It was pure heaven and I wanted to stay this way all night. I knew I should roll over and forget this but it felt so good I just couldn't stop. So I moved my hand back to her thigh and began that gentle caressing motion again. I wanted to feel that little wiggle again, this time with my cock in contact with the panty. As my hand moved up to the leg elastic again I was rewarded with that wiggle again. Man was that something! I didn't want to make any sudden movements since we were not alone in the bed, but I was insane for this touching and wiggling. I moved my hand across the sensuous fabric and then moved it back toward the leg elastic. I traced my figure tips along the elastic and slowly moved toward her panty-covered pussy. I could feel the heat and as I crossed over the crotch seam I detected the dampness of a woman that was aroused. This only tended to fuel the fire in my crotch. I knew better than to probe too deeply since it was not going to lead anywhere tonight. But I relished the fact that this contact had aroused her so deeply. I slowly moved my hand up over her tummy and around the top of the lacey waist elastic. This caused another little wiggle and more backward pressure from her butt. I gave a little humping motion up and down her crack and felt the silky fabric tease the tip of my cock. I wanted this moment to last forever but knew it was time to get some sl**p and let Wendy have the rest she needed as well. I gently rolled over onto my back leaving that heavenly panty clad butt behind. I gave her butt one more gentle caress and then pulled my briefs back over the tip of my cock. I started to drift off to sl**p with my cock throbbing, begging for attention. I felt movement beside me as she rolled over to face me. Her right arm crossed my bare chest while laying on her left and then she pulled back until her hand came in contact with my nipple. She let it rest there as I started to drift off again. I must have gone to sl**p, I remember some dumb dream about work and my boss being upset, and then the dream turned sexual. I was lying in a darkened office and someone's hand was caressing my chest very gently. The hand made circular motions just like those I had used on Wendy's thigh and butt. The hand continued its motion and slowly made its way to my cock. I had this huge aching hard-on and the touch of this soft warm hand was just what it needed. At some point what was a dream seemed to become reality as I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was. I remembered drinking the beer and being away from home. I heard the winter blizzard raging outside the bedroom window that was covered with d****s to ward off any cold draft, the room was pitch black and all that was in my mind was that hand on my cock. Then I realized where I was, not at the office but in Lana's bed. The hand lay on my cock applying pressure to the tip and then moved slowly down and cupped my balls through the fabric of my briefs. Then her hand moved back up to the elastic waist and slid under it. Her fingers caressed my curly pubic hair and then moved lower to cup my balls again. What a heavenly touch. As she moved up the shaft of my cock I pressed against her hand and relished in the contact as her hand reached the tip of my cock and circled around it. I lay very still not wanting to awaken anyone. I listened and could still hear the sounds of two women breathing very heavily and realized that the hand on my cock was attached to a sl**ping body. The hand began to move again, very slowly down the length of my cock and then back up. It was unbelievable, the gentle touch, the fact that we were in bed with Lana, and I thought I'd get a hand job by my sl**ping wife. I got a rush thinking that the woman I had lusted over in my fantasies was lying just feet away in the same bed and if this kept up I would be spurting cum all over! When her hand reached the tip of my cock she brushed her thumb over the slit in my cock and rubbed the slippery pre-cum around sending a chill up and down my spine. Then she stopped and did not move from holding my cock in her warm soft hand. "Oh, come on," I screamed in my mind, "don't stop now!" I gave a gentle hump against the hand to see if I could get it started again. It worked, she began to move it again, but not down the shaft, rather she pulled her hand out of my briefs. I felt her stir a little and then she slowly sat up in bed. "Now I've done it," I thought, "I woke her and it's all over now." She turned slightly towards me and then lowered her head to my chest and began a gentle kissing and nibbling of my nipples and then moved lower. Wendy often teased me with this motion, but oral sex for us was one of those areas that we visited, but never practiced. I enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex, but Wendy said she didn't like the taste. I respected her wishes and never asked for something that she would not like, I guess it is one reason we had been married so long, we loved and respected each other. But tonight she moved lower and lower with her head. She stopped at my belly button and licked a circle around it and then poked her tongue into it. "This was new, " I thought. Then she moved her hand over my cock and pulled my briefs down, exposing my cock and balls. With one fluid motion she moved her head down lower and I felt my cock engulfed in her warm wet mouth. I thought my balls were going to burst when I felt this, a blow job, it was beyond belief, it was obviously the beer that caused this. I felt her tongue circle the tip of my cock and then she pulled gently off but left her tongue in contact with the tip of my cock. She ran the underside of her tongue around the end of my cock just like she did with my belly button and then pressed the tip of her tongue against the slit in my cock. Again, something that was totally new for us. Then she began a gentle licking of my cock and moved down to my balls. Her hand cupped my balls gently as she licked them like an ice cream cone. I could feel her hot breath against my cock as she moved back up and sucked me into her mouth again. This time she lowered her head until I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. From there things got blurry, the sensation of her mouth and tongue and the wild fantasy of having a blow job while in Lana's bed made my beer fogged brain spin. It was all I could do to stop from groaning with pleasure. Before too long her up and down motion got me very near the edge. I knew that regardless of the attention she was giving my cock, if I blew my load in her mouth she would probably gag from the taste and I'd be in real trouble. So I moved my hands to the sides of her face and gently pushed her away. I didn't want to speak and wake Lana, but I didn't want to ruin a good thing with Wendy either. I was shocked at the reaction; she brushed my hands away and without a sound or hesitation began moving faster up and down my engorged cock. I lost all sense, the sensations were wild and I was near the edge. Suddenly I felt by orgasm trigger and the first wad of cum boiled up from my balls. It spurted out into her waiting mouth and rather than gag she sucked hungrily on my cock, literally pulling each succeeding spurt from my cock. It was unbelievable; the sensation was stronger than any I had ever felt. I tensed as my body was racked with my cum and stifled a groan that always went with a hard cum. My head was spinning, as the last jerk of my cock ended. She slowly pulled off my softening cock and she laid her head on my stomach and moved her hand to cup my balls. I couldn't believe what had happened, yet it was real, I could feel her hot breath on my cock as it lay just inches from the mouth that had given me such pleasure. I relaxed as my mind replayed the event and drifted off to sl**p. It wasn't a sound sl**p, but a weird sl**p, filled with strange short dreams, snapshots really. Nothing that did not make sense nor would I remember most of them. I don't know how long I slept but I was awakened when I felt the hand move off my balls and tug on my flaccid cock. Not a gentle little pull, rather a sharp tug. Then I felt her hot breath as she moved her head down again and felt the tip of my soft cock sucked into her mouth. I have never had great luck with two sexual sessions in a row, only if things are just right. And this was definitely one of those just right times. My cock had a mind of its own and the motion of her tongue and mouth brought it to full attention in seconds. I was nearly awake as it rose to its full length and realized I stood a good chance of getting a second blow job in the same night. I have never been the kind of a guy that expects to receive and not give, but I knew that there was no way I could get on top of her or her onto me. The movement would awaken Lana and then we'd be embarrassed beyond belief. I was in a rather awkward position with one arm pinned down by her body as she slowly bobbed up and down on my cock. I knew that I couldn't reach her with my other hand without rolling over, yet I wanted to give her some pleasure as well. She must have sensed this since she slowly pulled off my cock, and gave it a little kiss. As she rose to a setting position and then lay back down facing me, her left arm pinned under her and covering her breasts. I rolled over to face her and wanted to massage her tits but knew that would not happed so I gently moved my hand to her butt and began a gentle caressing motion. I moved up to her waist and then around front. I moved my hand down to her crotch and began moving my finger tips around her pubic mound. She raised her leg slightly and I moved my hand into position and could feel her heat and wetness through her panties. I pressed lightly at first and then added pressure as I moved my hand to cup her pussy. She put her hand on top of mine made a small circular motion guiding my hand over her panty covered clit. I pulled back and I moved a fingertip to the edge of her panties. I began a gentle probing motion and managed to slide my fingers under her panties to the soft wetness of her pussy. I slowly caressed her and moved my fingers until they came in contact with her clit. She was hot, wet, and ready for my fingers and I flicked her clit from side to side. In less than a minute she thrust her pelvis hard against my hand and I knew she had cum. I pressed gently against her pussy until I felt her body relax know it was over and then began to caress again. I was shocked when I felt her hand move down and push my hand away. I wanted to try for a second or a third for her and hated to stop. Then she moved her leg over mine and she slid over close to me. I felt her hand between us and she pulled her panties aside, exposing her pussy completely. The tip of my cock touched her course pubic hair causing a sensation that needed to be repeated. I'm not ashamed of the size of my penis, just practical. I am shorter than average so this position has not been a great success for us in the past. I have enough cock to please her, but it takes direct entry to get the job done, and I knew this was not going to work. She moved her leg completely over me and locked the heel of her foot in the back of my knee. Then with a gentle but decisive motion she pulled us together. I felt the tip of my cock slip down her slit and felt the heat of her wet hungry pussy. I wanted to penetrate her but knew it just wasn't possible. Then I felt her hand on my cock. She had reached around behind her leg and was holding my cock by the base. She began rubbing the tip of my cock against her slit, back and forth, up and down. As she did this I could feel her pull me closer with her foot. As she pulled the tip of my cock down her slit she stopped as it reached her opening and with another gentle pull I felt the tip of my cock enter her pussy. Not all the way, just the tip. She humped it a couple times then let it out to begin rubbing it around again. I couldn't believe it, she was using my dick to masturbate herself. This was wild. She continued this for a few minutes and each pass up and down included that brief entry. At one point when I was in her she humped my cock and then stopped. I felt her tense up and knew she had cum again. Then when it subsided she began again. Needless to say all this attention was having an effect on me as well. I was getting close to the edge again and now I had a real problem. We used condoms for birth control and of course I didn't have one on now. There was no way I wanted this to end in a pregnancy, but if I shot my load while in her we'd be in trouble. I tried to pull back a little but she had me trapped and her motion began to increase. I could feel my orgasm rising and before I knew what happened I exploded with the first wad just as she was humping my cock. I quickly pulled out of her and pressed tightly against her. My cocked pressed against the soft nylon panty still covering her tummy and I shot three or four greasy ropes of cum against her. She must have cum at the same time because she tensed like before and pulled very tightly against me. Slowly we both relaxed and she rolled over onto her back. I did the same trying to catch my breath without making any noise and laid there wondering if I had pulled out in time, I surely hope so. As these thoughts raced through my mind I drifted off to sl**p. As morning broke I felt movement in the bed and slowly came alive after a night of fitful sl**p. It was still dark in the bedroom although the sounds of the blizzard had ceased and I felt the female form beside me start to stir. I had my eyes closed trying to sort out the nights events as I felt her quietly move away from me and then she quietly slipped out of the blankets and crawled to the foot of the bed and headed for the bathroom.. The shower came on and I knew it was time to move myself. Suddenly I realized I was alone in bed with Lana, my crusty cock was fully exposed with my briefs pulled down. I opened my eyes and turned to see if Lana was still sound asl**p. "My God!" It was Wendy, sl**ping soundly on the far side of the bed. This couldn't be, we had gone to bed with her in the middle, and I must have had sex with Lana, incredible sex. Or had I, was this just a dream? I moved a hand down to my cock, sure enough it was exposed and the left over dried cum was stuck all over it. I pulled my briefs back up and moved closer to Wendy. I extended my hand and touched her leg. I moved up slowly until I touched a cotton panty. It had been a dream, there were no nylon panties, no sex, and I must have masturbated in the night to the sensual dream. Wendy stirred from her deep sl**p as I rubbed her tummy and moved my hand to her panty. "Oh no you don't," she whispered, "you wait until we get into a motel room for that." Then she seemed to dose off again as I pulled my hand back. "What a dream," I thought as I rolled back over. As I did I felt a little wetness and a lump in my back. I got up and slid out of bed. I stepped quickly out of the bedroom to head for the half bath. As I passed the bathroom door where Lana was showering I could see through the crack of the half open door and my cock stirred with the fantasy of seeing her naked in the shower. But I knew that my mind was still a mess with my dream and jerking off in the bed with my wife and her s****r. I quickly took a pee in the half bath and tried to wash up a little. I quickly got dressed with my clothes I had left behind last night and headed for the kitchen to make coffee and sort this all out. "What a night," I thought as Wendy walked slowly into the room. "I don't know about you," she said quietly, "But I had too much beer. I shouldn't have had that fourth one." "So you had four, I guess I didn't count. That means you slept like a rock." I hoped out loud. "I didn't hear or feel a thing until this morning, you horny devil." Wendy said as she smiled at me with that look that meant I had lit a spark in her with my roaming hands a minute ago. Just then Lana walked into the kitchen in a large fluffy pink robe with a towel wrapped around her wet head. "Good morning," she beamed, "Who's next for the shower?" I didn't know what to do; I didn't want to look her in the face for fear the truth would come out. Yet I couldn't set there like an idiot and say nothing. I felt my cock stir as I watched Lana pour a cup of coffee as the pink robe gapped open showing some of her ample breast. Wendy spoke first, "Well I need coffee first, I guess that means I'll take the shower last." As I started to get up from the table Wendy asked Lana, "So how did you sl**p?" "Here it comes," I thought, "the jig is up now." "I slept GREAT!" Lana sang out, "Just GREAT!" I quickly left the room and headed for the shower, I couldn't take much more of this. As I entered the master bathroom where Lana had just showered I could smell the scent of her soap, lotion, or powder, and it aroused me thinking about my dream. I poked around looking for a towel, stripped my clothes off and decided to lay them on the hamper as the floor was wet. I hesitated, was there a cum stained panty in that hamper? “Should I look?” I asked myself. “Hell yes,” I answered as my cock sprang to life, pointing up at me, and driving my thought process. I quietly lifted the lid and lying right on top of the other clothing was a nylon panty with a wide elastic lace waistband, and as if on display, the front of the panty was lying up and it was covered with dried stains, the origin of which seemed obvious, or was it my cock thinking again? So you tell me, did she give me a blow job, masturbate herself with my cock, and half fuck me in her sl**p without knowing it? Or did she know all the time? I'm no hunk, nor am I a real stud, just an average guy who had never cheated on his wife. Is it cheating if the woman does the taking? Is it cheating if you really thought the women next to you was your wife? I don't know, "Can this be true?"

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