Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cum for Dawn :Book I SeXStoRY

My name is Dawn and these are my stories. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? It all started in the summer of ’93: I was my s****r Sarah’s personal dress up doll. She was 9 years older than me, so that pretty much made me her toy to dress and play with. Well, one afternoon, she was having me change into a peach summer dress while she was getting ready to put my long blond hair into two pony tails… As I pulled my head through the dress, I noticed she was looking at some magazine. “What are you looking at Sarah?” I asked. “Oh just finish changing and I will show you, Peach.” (She always called me Peach.) Well, I guess my curiosity got the better of me, because I sort of forgot my panties. I walked right over to see what Sarah was looking at, not realizing she was lightly rubbing herself. I was rather surprised at what I saw; she was looking at a Penthouse magazine (at the time I didn’t know what it was, but as an adult I do) and all of the pretty girls that were naked! “Aren’t they pretty?” Sarah asked. “Yes, they’re beautiful!” I said, becoming enthralled with the pictures I was looking at. Page after page we looked through and I didn’t notice, or realize at the time, I was lightly grinding against Sarah’s bed. “Will I be pretty like that someday, Sarah?” Asking so innocently of my s****r, Sarah just smiled and put her hands through my hair. “Oh Peach, with your legs, you’re gonna be much prettier than that.” She slowly took my clothes off and had me stand in front of her mirror and knelt down behind me, caressing my naked body. I started getting goose bumps as her hands slowly went up my legs. “See, Peach? You got long beautiful tan legs,” she then caressed me just above my clit, “and your tan lines here make your skin look so milky soft.” I was starting to shudder and waiting for where she was going to next, “You got a nice flat tummy,” she whispered, taking one of her fingers and sliding it up the middle of my tummy. “And as for these,” she continued and covered my chest with both hands, slightly rubbing them and almost making me buckle, “Don’t worry! I’m sure they will get nice and round like mine some day.” I turned around all excited, “Really!? Can I see yours Sarah, please?!” I was jumping up and down with excitement. “Of course you can.” Sarah got up and, mind you she is tall for her age, just seemed to tower over me. She took off her clothes, which surprised me, (I just wanted to see her boobs) and I gasped. “Sarah you’re beautiful!” I was so in love with her body; she had the perfect tan, with absolutely no tan lines, and a perfectly diamond shaved pussy, fit and trim. She was about a B-cup (I learned later as we grew up), which to me was perfect, and long kinky blonde hair that almost touched her butt. Her eyes were that deep hazel green that just make you melt. Sarah smiled a bit and posed for me showing off her beautiful figure. She finally knelt down to my level so I could get a better look at her beautiful breasts. She grabbed my hands and put them on her so I could feel them. I was in heaven; I fondled her breasts for what seemed like forever until I eventually started to nod off. “C’mon Peach,” Sarah said picking me up and carrying me off to my bedroom. She put me down on my bed and the feel of the sheets on my naked body made me even more relaxed than I already was. “Now stay in here for awhile. I have to go do something,” Sarah told me, “but here you go; just in case you get bored.” She left me a different magazine to look through, which almost made jump out of bed wide eyed; I grabbed the magazine and started looking through it. I can’t remember what it was, I just remember the girls were even more beautiful than the magazine Sarah and I had been looking at. The girls in this magazine were flawless, absolutely perfect. One of the things that caught my eye was almost all of the girls were posed on a bed. This made me start posing on my bed, mimicking what I saw. I really came to like… no, love the feel of my sheets on my naked body; so much that I started sl**ping naked from then on. Well I started to get bored looking through the magazine so I decided to go see what my s****r was doing. I walked on down the hall and heard what sounded to me like a cry. Sarah’s door was cracked open enough for me to peek inside and, I didn’t understand at the time what I saw, I just knew I wanted to keep watching. Sarah was on her bed with one leg up high against the post, (she is very flexible, she has been practicing kick boxing since I was born) and her other leg spread on the bed as wide as possible. She was rubbing her clit, which to me looked like she was scratching the hell out of it, really fast. She was moaning and groaning really loudly. When she sat up to, I guess, look at what she was doing, she noticed I was peeping through the door and smiled at me. Sarah then did this, what I call the butterfly, move and brought both legs in with her feet almost touching her pussy then folding them to the side and started to catch her breath. “Are you ok Sarah?” I asked as I walked in with my head slightly down, not realizing I was grabbing myself and slightly rubbing my clit. Yes, Peach. I’m ok; I was just doing big girl stuff.” She told me breathing heavily. She told me I wasn’t quite old enough to be doing that yet, but soon I would be. I asked her if she would like to sl**p for awhile because she looked exhausted, she nodded yes, so I pulled her bed sheet over her and kissed her on her forehead. She told me I should put some clothes on before someone came home. I didn’t realize I had been butt naked for quite a few hours now, but for some reason I didn’t mind. I put my summer dress back on and started heading out of the room when I noticed her sheets were slightly moving and she was groaning. I thought to myself, “Sarah must be dreaming or something; should I wake her,” but I decided not to and let her get some sl**p. As I was shutting the door I saw her slightly smile and her head and body arching back. I hoped she was having a good dream. I know I did that night.

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