Friday, July 12, 2013

Danielle Harris the shape stalks SeXStoRY

Danielle Harris was enjoying the annual convention for Fangoria, it was a group of horror fans not unlike herself that loved showing their appreciation of all things horror. She tried to make it to one every chance she could get. She was flattered at the girls that would dress like her character of Jamie Lloyd from Halloween 4 & 5, and a little creeped out by the guys that would dress like Michael Myers/The Shape. She was signing autographs and talking to the fans in the Halloween area of the convention, a place she knew almost by heart. She had been to these kind of conventions many times since she was 11. But she loved it. A female fan walked up to her and asked, "Hi, I love your work, so what are you working on now?" Danielle turned to her with that beautiful smile and spoke with that sweet c***d like voice, "I've got a new film coming on DVD close to the time of my birthday in June, and I'm currently doing a film called Em & Me." Danielle could see a strain of disappointment on the girls face as the girl went on, "Well when will you do another horror film like Halloween or Urban Legend?" "Well, I can't tell you anything is in the immediate future as far as horror goes, sorry." The girl knew now that Danielle could tell she had been disappointed and attempted to rebound, "It's OK, but that's cool that your birthday is in June, mine is too." Danielle was all of the sudden awash of the fear she felt when she was harassed by a manic fan and saw the same look in this girls eyes. "That's nice, but if you'll excuse me I must be going," she said trying to get through the crowd. The female fan stood looking shocked that she had actually just walked away from her in the middle of a conversation. Then the shocked look wore off and she grouped back up with the rest of her friends. Danielle made her way to the front of the building and out the front door, it was still light outside but just barely. She was also looking back making sure the strange fan wasn't following her. Still watching to make sure that she wasn't being followed she walked slowly backwards. Suddenly she bumped into someone, she turned startled to see a man in a Captain Kirk mask and navy blue overalls. She screamed and then tried to gain her composure, "Hey I'm really sorry about that, that was very uncool of me." The shape said nothing, just stood there. She went to walk by him but he stood in her path, not seeming like he was budging at all. "OK, can you please get out of my way"?, she said with a crackle in her voice. He still didn't move or say a word. She went to walk around him and he stepped over right in her way. She then got a disgusted look on her face and said, "OK freako, you've had your fun now get out of my way." He still didn't move or say anything. Again she went to move around him, and he stepped in front of her again. "All right asshole, enough is enough!", she screamed as she tried to walk around him on the other side, once again he stepped in front of her. She started to look even more pissed off until suddenly the shape reached out and grabbed her covering her mouth with his black gloved hands. She was scared and startled by this sudden chain of events, but everything seemed to be getting foggy. The shape had some sort of cloriform-like substance on his gloves. Soon all fight left her and she collapsed into his arms. He lifted her over his shoulder and through her into the back seat of a black '68 Mustang. Then he sat down in the drivers seat and proceeded to drive away. Danielle then woke up in a strange house, she looked around and swore she had been here before. She got up and looked around. Then it suddenly came to her, this was the house used as the Myers house in Halloween 5 she went to run to the door but there standing in the doorway was the shape, she turned around and saw the garbage shoot she climbed down to get away from Michael in Halloween 5. Without thinking she ran to the shoot and hoped that she could still fit her dainty body into it. She opened it up as the the shape began to walk slowly toward her, she then climbed in. "Thank God I still fit in here," she thought. Then she suddenly realized that there was no way out of the shoot through the bottom. Suddenly the shape opened the door to the shoot and reached in at her! She let go of the edge and fell screaming to the bottom, just like in the movie. She awoke to the sound of footsteps just outside the bottom of the shoot, before she could do anything the door to the shoot opened up! Then suddenly the hand of the shape came through with a really shiny knife in his hand! The knife was pointed for her crotch and she was sure she was done for. But then the hand raised the knife up in front of her face. Startled she yelled, "What are you doing?". The knife as a lot shinier then your usual butcher knife and the light reflected from the knife into Danielle's eyes. Still not knowing what this guy was up to she asked again, "What are you doing? What is this all about?". He then started swaying the knife back and forth, she watch it cautiously thinking he was going to stab her at any moment. He swayed the knife back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. She kept watching with the fear of being stabbed. The knife kept swaying, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. "Please, don't kill me, what are you.....," she suddenly stopped talking as her eyes continued to gaze at the knife swinging in front of her. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, "What arrrr... I wan... pleeeasss." Again her statement was left unfinished as her eyes were becoming glassy. Glassy and glazed as she watched the knife sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Soon she just sat there with her eyes wide open and glassy staring at the knife. Suddenly the hand stabbed the knife into the aluminum sheet in front of her crotch. But amazingly she didn't budge, she didn't even realize it had happened. She just sat there staring into nothing, he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her through the door and sat her in an empty chair in the center of the basement. Her eyes were still open but completely unseeing as she still stared forward. The shape then walked up the steps that exit the basement and left. Danielle was still sitting in a complete hypnotic trance as more footsteps could be heard coming down the basement steps. The person was wearing an outfit reminiscent to the outfit worn by the Man In Black. Black hat, long black trenchcoat, and black gloves. The character stood in front of the entranced Danielle and appraised her. Then the person took off the trenchcoat to reveal a naked female body underneath, then as the hat came off the mystery was revealed. The person in the Man In Black getup was the female fan that Danielle had talked to earlier at the convention. "So, you thought I was a sicko, did you Dani?", she said tauntingly. "Yeeeesss," Danielle managed in monotone. "Shut up, shut up until I tell you to speak," she hissed walking around the entranced Danielle. Then she got right in Danielle's face and said, "You are my obedient servant, you will do whatever I say, whatever I command!" Danielle sat silently, then the girl yelled, "Say it, Danielle." "I.... am ... your ... obedient servant" "And"! "I... will ... do ... whatever ... you say ... whatever ... you command" "Good, now knock off the robot talk, you'll talk like a slave not a robot" "Yes" "And you'll refer to me as Mistress Whitney and you will not awake until you hear the snap, at which point you will remember nothing that has happened" "Yes" "Yes, what"? "Yes Mistress Whitney" "Very good slave" "Thank you Mistress Whitney" "Yes, you are a good slave, so show me how good and show your beautiful body" "Yes Mistress Whitney" And with that she began to remove her shirt, she had a black bra on underneath. She dropped the shirt on the floor and began to remove her blue jeans. "Slowly slave, not so fast, I want you to turn me on," Whitney said. "Yes, Mistress Whitney," Danielle replied as she continued to push her jeans off to reveal a pair of black panties. "Stop slave" "Yes Mistress Whitney" Whitney moved behind the now half naked Danielle and began fondling her breasts, Danielle didn't respond so she continued to fondle her breasts. Still no response from Danielle. "Slave, when I touch you you will feel a surge of ecstasy all though your body. You will show all the emotion that goes with ecstasy, do you understand"? "Yes Mistress Whitney" Whitney then continued to fondle Danielle and this time Danielle's head fell back as she moaned. Whitney then brought her hand down to Danielle panties and ripped them off revealing her beautiful dark tuff. It was nicely trimmed and made Whitney want her even more. She stepped in front of Danielle and sat her down in the chair and began to eat her out. She licked her clit all over and Danielle threw her head back again and placed her arms back around the chair. Whitney then reached up and ripped off Danielle's bra revealing her small but very attractive breasts, Danielle nipples were already hard and Whitney could help but start to lick on them. Danielle was in ultimate ecstasy, just like Whitney had wanted. She went back between Danielle's legs and started licking her clit again. This time she continued until she made Danielle cum all over her face and mouth. But meanwhile footsteps appeared to be coming slowly down the steps, Whitney turned to see the shape standing with the mask and outfit still on. "Jesus Jack, grow up and take that shit off, it was fine for the induction but now it's time to take it off." The shape just stood looking at her and the helpless Danielle. He then walked up behind Whitney and grabbed her by the hair! "Hey! What the fuck are you doing"!, she exclaimed. Then he raised a very normal looking butcher knife and slashed her across the throat and then turned her facing him. Holding onto her bleeding body by the shoulder, he stabbed her over and over in the stomach. Her lifeless body then dropped to the floor and the shape turned his attention toward the prone Danielle. He walked up to her and looked her over oddly, she remained motionless and stared forward still in the trance. His head tilted from on side to the other, as if he couldn't figure out why she was so calm. Then he turned toward the steps and left her there in the trance. Danielle sat there for the longest time completely naked, staring forward with a blank expression. Then from the window someone could be heard walking away at the side of the house, the person stepped on a small tree branch, causing a snap. Clarity suddenly came to Danielle's eyes and she then realized that she was naked, she looked around for her clothes, then she noticed the body on the floor. She screamed and ran up the steps and out of the house. A police officer doing his nightly survey of the grounds, seen her running naked down the street and flags her down. He got out of his car and put his coat over this beautiful naked girl and put her in the passengers seat of his squad car. He then got in the other side and asked, "What doing out here running around naked young lady?" She looked very confused as she should have been and asked, "Where am I?" "Your in Haddonfield, my dear." She looked at him even more confused and said, "That can't be!" "Well, it is, I've lived here all my life, may I ask your name dear"?, he stated. She looked at him strangely, as if he should have already known, then she smiled a strange smile and said, "I'm Jamie Lloyd."

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