Monday, July 15, 2013

Dirty Dogging Fun SeXStoRY

Ive been dogging a few times and had quite a lot of fun but last night was something completely different, i got down 2 the spot and parked up like you do and i was sat there for bout half an hour and it was totally dead no one 2 b seen anywhere so i thought i'd have a little wank 2 get me warmed up and kill some time. I started pulling and getting hard when a van parked up next 2 me with 2 guys in it and they sat watching me wank, both the guys were a bit older than me, one was quite tall and he had a thick dark beard and i'd say he was in his late 30s early 40s maybe not bad looking, and the other was a bit younger and he was a very chubby guy. Both guys had not long finished work cuz they were still dirty and still had their hi viz jackets on. They had both been watching me for a little while when the fat guy in the passagers seat waved at me and he wanted me 2 go and get in the van with them bt i got all shy and jst sat wanking for them, another couple of minutes passed then he got out and walked over 2 my car and knocked on my half open window, i said "hi u ok?" and he jst grabbed my door handle opened my car door then pulled me out of my car by my hair and pushed me towards their van, thats when the other guy got out and came round 2 the passagers side and he started 2 rip at my clothes and i was starting 2 get really worried cuz we were in the middle of nowhere. By now they'd got me completely naked and pushed me 2 my knees and i was sucking both their dicks and everything had clamed down a bit by now bt then all of a sudden they picked me up and put me in their van and started 2 drive away, my clothes were jst left on the ground and my car door left open, now i really was shitting it bt they didnt drive far jst 2 another carpark a bit further in the woods, we stopped and the guys said i hope your ready for this and i didnt know wot they meant cuz they jst stayed in the front of the van. A couple of minutes went by then 2 other vans pulled into this carpark and they were from the same company, 2 guys got out of one and jst one from the other, by now i'd kind of worked out tht i was gonna hav 2 go with all 5 of these men, they all chatted for a while then they came 2 the bk of the van and all of them stood there and the guy with the beard said "your gonna make us all very happy men arnt u! I could tell this wasnt a request so i got out the van and got on my knees bt one of the new guys didnt let me kneel down he grabbed my ass and pulled it bk up 2 his groin and started feeling and grinding my ass, i could feel him getting harder through his jeans and he was quite well accounted for in the cock department, then like a flash he'd got his trousers down and he was all the way in my ass it hurt so bad bt i didnt hav a choice i jst had 2 take him, by now i was swapping between the 3 other guys sucking them off in turn and the other guy was filming he was a lot older i'd say bout 60. After a lot of sucking and being fucked the guys said im gonna drink all there cum and they said i had no say in the matter the old guy was the last 2 cum and he missed my mouth and got it all in my hair and in my ear, after he cum the guys got cleaned up and went and left me in the other carpark naked and covered in cum and i had 2 walk through the woods 2 my car then the worst thing happened as i was walking through i saw 2 women walking their dogs which was not a bad thing until i saw tht one of the women know my s****r. Oh no! Ive never heard anyhing back bt im still paranoid tht she knows.

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