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Dr. Scholfiled SeXStoRY

Author unknown. I was recently in a used bookstore when I came across an old journal. It was entitled Dr. Scholfield (1957) and I found some pictures sewn in the back cover. It seems the doctor was a researcher in inhalation anesthesia and rather than work in a tradional setting he worked out of his home that was isolated. Dr. Scholfield was having a dinner party for his assistants to celebrate the completion of their new operating room. Some people had a car breakdown several miles from his house and managed to walk I some very bad weather. They agreed to stay overnight and the doctor had an asistant add chloral hydrate to their drinks, to prepare them for some experiments. Within 15 minutes they were all unconscious. He started with the father and had him transported to the operating room, while the mother and daughter were placed in beds to await their turn. The doctor ordered nitrous oxide for test 1a. The assistant turned on the gasses and adjusted them. She prepared to administer the sweet smelling gas. She then placed the rubber anesthesia mask firmly over his face and administered nitrous oxide and oxygen for 30 minutes. The doctor then ordered that the test anesthetic be given. During the one hour he was on it all signs were indicating that he was doing well. Then he had a cardiac arrest. Dr.Scolfield ordered him removed from the operating table and his wife to brought in. She was unconscios from the chloral hydrate in an upstairs bedroom. The doctor’s assistants went to the bedroom and prepared to take her to the operating room. As before the woman was placed on the table and the anesthesia machine was prepared. The woman groaned as the rubber mask was placed firmly over her face and she started breathing the nitrous oxide and oxygen gases. The nurse administered them for 30 minutes per Dr. Scolfields instructions. The doctor monitored her vital signs and the rubber breathing bag while the woman was on nitrous oxide. He then asked the assistant to administer the test inhalation anesthetic. Once again she did well for about an hour and then she to suffered a cardiac arest and could not be resuscitated. He then figured that the chloral hydrate given was causing an interaction with the anesthesia. He ordered the girl be allowed to wake before bringing her to the operating room. About an hour later the girl was awake from the sedation. She was transported to the operating room. She cried as the nurse explained that she ahd to wrap her head and was going to give her gas through a nice rubber mask. The nurse picked up the anesthesia mask and prepared to administer the gas. She cried again when the mask was placed on her face but soon was under the influence of the nitrous oxide and oxygen. After 30 minutes the test inhalation agent was started and administered successfully for ten hours. The little girls name was Penny so he named the new inhalation anesthetic Penthrane. Dr. Scolfield was thrilled. Dr. Scholfield felt triumphant after his discovery of Penthrane. After several weeks of anesthesia experiments on Penny some of which lasted 24 hours at a time. She was left on the side of a road where she would be found. She told fantastic stories of having a rubber mask strapped to her face and having to breathe into a ballon that nade her sl**p. These were dismissed as c***dish fantasies. Although a search was performed her parents were never found. Dr. Scholfield decided next to condunt some long term experiments using 80% nitrous oxide and 20% oxygen with mild doses of penthrane to see how well a patient would tolerate these. He also decided to monitor their brain activity as he made adjustments to the level of anethesia. He needed some adults for these experiments and preferred women as they were easier to handle and required more anesthesia for induction and maintenance then men. He ordered his henchmen to bring some young females back for the experiments. Karen and Joan were on their way back home from the library. They were both excited about starting college soon. They had taken some time off after high school and at the age of twenty and nineteen they were going to be roomates in college. They were both interested in the medical profession, but not sure what they wanted to study. As Karen and Joan walked they noticed a taxi slowly following them. They started to run when the car accelerated and overtook the girls. In an instant two men had grabbed Joan and had her in the car. Karen was running for her life. Karen could hear the two men gaining on her and then they overtook her…She then felt a cloth saturated with ether being pressed over her nose and mouth. It had a strong pungent smell. She tried to hold her breath but ended up having to breath it. After 2-3 breaths she could feel herself starting to drift and feel out of touch. Ten seconds later she decided not to fight the ether as she was too weak then everything went black. The two men hustled her limp body into the taxi. They placed Karen next to Joan who had also been anesthetized with the ether. The taxi turned around and headed for Dr. Scholfield’s house. When they arrived at the house Karen’s limp body was taken to a bedroom where she was handcuffed to the bed. Joan still under the effects of the ether was brought immediately to the operating room and strapped down onto the table. Dr.Scholfield did a quick assessment of her condition and then proceeded to shave the hair off her head so he could do brain wave studies while she was under the anesthetic. After completion of that he placed a white latex cap over her head and placed rubber straps for her head to rest on. He then placed an intravenous linein her arm and waited for her to regain consciousness. About ten minutes later her eyes fluttered open and she was very disoriented. Slowly as she looked around and saw the operating room light, the intravenous line, and the doctor, she struggled against the straps on the table to no avail. She then became hysterical and tears flowed down her cheeks. The doctor reassured her and took a syringe with a yellow fluid into her intravenous line and injected 15mg of valium. She stopped crying and had a far away look in her eyes. The doctor satisfied prepared to start the experiment. Dr. Scholfield told his assistant to check out the anesthesia machine. The nitrous oxide and oxygen cylinders were turned on, the large rubber breathing bag was checked for leaks, the rubber hoses and mask were connected and checked also. Joan was mumbling about not needing an operation. It seemed that all was ready for the experiment to begin. The anesthesia machine was rolled over near her head and the doctor hit an oxygen flush and the black rubber bag filled quickly. He then turned the oxygen to 1liter per minute and the nitrous oxide 4liters per minute and prepared to place the mask over her nose and mouth. He firmly fitted the rubber mask over her face. He was startled when her eyes flew open and she started to struggle but the leather straps on the table held her firm. She started yelling but he could not understand her due to the thick rubber mask that he held tightly over her face, but the rubber breathing bag was going wild-opening and closing quickly as she continued to yell with panic. Slowly the anesthesia bag started to open and close on a more rhythmic basis as she began to feel the influence of the gases. Her eyes started to roll up and that’s when the doctor attached the latex straps to the rubber mask. The doctor waited for her to be almost out before he introduced the penthrane. Everything was quiet and the only sound heard was the black rubber bag as it opened and closed with her respirations. Dr.Scholfield then asked his assistant to bring a bottle of ether. He was going to add the penthrane and wanted to be ready in case the nitrous was not enough to keep her quiet. He turned to the anesthesia machine and added 1 percent of penthrane. Once again her eyes opened as she breathed the new d**g. She struggled and started talking again but her voice was muffled by the thick rubber mask. Her eyes once again slowly rolled up and she became flacid and went totally under the general anesthesia. The doctor and his assistant waited with the ether in case she woke up. After 20 breaths or so he was sure she was under. After putting on brown rubber gloves he picked up some sterile scissors and carefully cut out the top of the latex cap she was wearing. He then prepared to monitor her brain activity. Joan was monitored closely over the next several hours. The doctor adjusted the penthrane to allow her to wake up where she would start to talk and then put her down so deep he had to squeeze the anesthesia bag to assist her respirations. The doctor recorded information including depth of anesthesia and respiratory rate, brain activity and response to painful stimuli. All the while observing the rubber anesthesia bag for signs of any trouble. The doctor was pleased with the results so far. Joan did well and after several hours of general anesthesia was placed on a stretcher and moved to an area in the operating room where she would wake up after several hours of pure oxygen therapy. Doctor Scholfield then asked that they bring in Karen who had been kept unconscious by intravenous d**gs. She was still in a very sedated state when she was carried into the operating room by one of the doctor’s henchmen. She was limp and appeared to be unconscious. As he was placing her on the table she suddenly woke up and tried to scratch his eyes out all the while crying what have you done with Joan. The doctor tried to reassure Karen that Joan was alright by pointing her out in a pressurized oxygen box where she was recovering. He told her that Joan had been under general anesthesia for a long time but she would eventually wake up. Karen seemed to have fully recovered from her sedation and the doctor took joy in telling her that momentarily she would also be under general anesthesia. Karen then started to struggle against the straps on the operating table to no avail. He nodded to his assistant and the anesthesia machine was rolled over into position. Karen looked panicked at seeing the gas machine and it’s assortment of gas cylinders, black hoses attached to the rubber mask, and the big black rubber rebreathing bag. She started to cry as once again the assistant filled the bag with an oxygen flush. As before he set the nitrous oxide and oxygen levels, and prepared to place the black rubber mask on Karen’s face. He picked up the rubber anesthesia mask and prapared to start the induction. Karen tried to struggle free but to no avail. Slowly with obvious delight the doctor began to lower the rubber mask. Karen begged him to stop, but once again as with Joan her voice was muffled by the thick rubber of the mask, and the only thing responding was the rubber rebreathing bag. As before it slowly became rhythmic as the gases began to put her under. When she was under for about five minutes he added the penthrane to the mixture. She had a slight spasm as the penthrane took her deeper. The assistant as before shaved her head and took what looked like a white latex swim cap and placed it on her head. Dr. Scholfield then started the experiments. He adjusted the anesthetics up and down and recored her responses. When the penthrane was light she would have some movement of her legs and arms and open her eyes which were glassy and saw nothing. As he deepened the anesthesia her eyes would roll up and she would become flacid. It was during one of the times that she was light that she grabbed Dr. Scholfield and would not let go. The assistant had to go and aid the doctor and left the mask just lying over her face. Some of the penthrane began to leak into the room and it had a fruity smell to it. The doctor eventually broke free and ordered her deepened. Once again the rubber bag was making the only sound in the room as she inhaled and exhaled. The experiments went on for several more hours. At the conclusion Karen was removed from the operating table and placed into another pressurized oxygen chamber the same as Joan. After a few more hours in the oxygen chamber both girls had recovered from their prolonged anesthesia and were takien from the building by the doctor’s assistants and left outside of a roadside diner. Back at the doctor’s house the doctor called in his henchmen and congratulated them on finding two such wonderful specimens for his experiments, but he knew his work had only just started and that more experiments would have to be done! Dr. Scholfield was pleased with all the experiments thus far with the new anesthetic Penthrane. He wanted to perform one last test before trying to bring it to the market. He decided the next subject should be female in her early twenties. His surgical staff began to make preperations for the experiment. The doctor decided he would find his own test subject. He began to frequent local bars looking for the righr woman. One night while he was in a local joint he met Sarah who was a local prostitute. She was the perfect subject at the age of 23 with no real local ties or relatives. If she disappeared, it shouldn’t arouse any suspicion. The doctor bought her several rounds of drinks and inquired as to her availability for a night of fun. She agreed and asked him to pick her up outside. He stopped and picked her up as she walked along the street. He drove her around for a while and suggested they return to his house for the night after the financial arrangements had been discussed and agreed. They arrived at his house and she started to remove her nylons. That’s when he moved in behind her and held an ether soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. She struggled against the powerful anesthetic but to no avail. She bacame flacid and he laid her down. Dr. Scholfiled had some concerns regarding the police and decided to wait for at least a week before starting the experiments. He took her to his cellar where he held her captive. Sarah called and yelled out for help, but due to the isolation of the house her cries were not heard. She refused to eat or drink, so the doctor was f***ed to feed her by a nasogastric tube and intravenous fluids. Eventually the day arrived for the experiments to begin. The doctor’s staff had been busy preparing the operating room. They performed a check list to be sure that there was plenty of nitrous oxide and oxygen on hand as well as the Penthrane, surgical gloves etc… Sarah was given intravenous valium and brought to the operating room . The doctor placed a rubber head harness on the pillow and a cloth surgical cap over her hair, and they prepared to lift Sarah onto the table. They picked her up off the stretcher and gently placed her on the operating table. She started to stir but quieted down after she was on the table. The doctor made some adjustments to the rubber mask straps and the cap covering her hair. The doctor then instructed his assistants to strap Sarah firmly down to the table. Dr. Scholfield felt it was important that she be awake before the Penthrane was administered. He and his surgical staff waited for the valium to wear off. About 45 minutes later her eyes fluttered open and she looked around and was confused. Had she been in an accident? Why was she lying on an operating table? What the hell was going on? Dr. Scholfield told her what his plan was and if everything went well she would be helping to make anesthesia history…She was not convinced! When she finally realized what was about to happen she begged him to stop. Dr. Scholfield nodded to his staff and they began to gown and glove. Sarah watched as the doctor moved around to the head of the operating table to the anesthesia machine. He sat down at her head and reached for the black rubber anesthesia mask. He turned on the oxygen and slowly lowered the rubber mask to her face. Sarah felt there was no point resisting since she was strapped so firmly to the table. With that he placed the rubber mask over her nose and mouth and held it firmly over her face. Sarah began to slowly inhale and exhale the oxygen. It was not so bad as she thought. As a matter of fact it smelled quite good. While she was thinking this the doctor fastened the rubber straps to the mask. She thought this could be quite sensual. That’s when the doctor reached over to the anesthesia machine and turned on the nitrous oxide and the Penthrane. Sarah was not prepared for the sweet odor of the nitrous oxide and the Penthrane. She started to struggle but was quickly overcome by the anesthetic gases. Within 30 seconds she was unconcious. He monitored her vital signs and her level of anesthesia while he made adjustments in the amounts of nitrous oxide and Penthrane being administered. He then asked his team to begin to check her reflexes. They gathered around the anesthetized woman and began to check her reflexes. Dr.Scholfield and his team were pleased with results. He then instructed them to turn her over onto her stomach so that they could check her spinal reflexes. Slowly they picked her up and rolled her over while the doctor made sure the rubber mask was secured firmly to her face. With that done they did several more hours of experiments. At the end Sarah was removed to an upstairs bedroom and allowed to awaken and recover from the anesthesia and after she had done so was taken form the doctor’s house and returned to town. Dr.Scholfield had concluded his experiments and the anesthetic agent Penthrane was brought to the market. No one ever suspected all the research was done on unwilling people. Dr.Scholfield and his associates became millionaires from Penthrane. Sometimes it seems people are destined to make mistakes. For Lucille Rogers she made the ultimate when her car broke down near my rural estate. My name is James Scholfield, MD. I’m sure you’ve read about me in the papers or heard your neighbours talk about me. I’ve been in prison for pioneering work in anesthetics. The authorities just can’t understand that all true scientific advances come at a cost. What difference does it make if a few sacrifice their lives for the betterment of mankind. The newspapers called me “The Anesthetic Frankenstein”. The fools wouldn’t know a genius if they fell over one. I have been responsible for the discovery of Penthrane and other agents that made medical history. In order to continue my research I had to escape from prison. That was no easy task but eventually I accomplished it. With a small fortune hidden in oversea bank accounts, I was able to buy this rural estate in order to continue my work. My assistants one by one return after I disceetly notified them. Once again I set my operating rooms up and continue my experimentation in anesthetics. The first experiment was conducted on a transient named Bill. He came to my house looking for work and was hired and chloroformed within 30 minutes of his arrival. When he came to he found himself strapped to an operating table. He struggled against the straps to no avail. I had brought the anesthetic gas machine closer to the side of the table. I made myself comfortable on a stool situated just behind Bill’s head and prepared to induce anesthesia. I picked up the black rubber anesthesia mask and filled the rubber rebreathing bag with pure nitrous oxide. He watched what I was doing with a sense of panic growing in his eyes. I brought the hissing rubber mask over his face and slowly brought the mask down until it was firmly over his nose and mouth. He thrashed against the mask but the pure nitrous oxide was swift to calm him down. As his struggles weakened I secured the rubber mask tightly in position using a rubber harness and began to add oxygen to tha gas mixture. His breathing began to slow and take on a rhythmic quality. I added some Penthrane to the mixture and he began to thrash again as he detected the stronger odor of the volatile agent mixed with the sweeter smell of the nitrous oxide and oxygen that he was breathing through the rubber mask. He rapidly lost consciousness and I monitored his reactions for the next five minutes and then deepened his anesthesia by adding a larger concentration of Penthrane into the anesthetic mixture. I then gowned and gloved and prepared to begin the experimentation. We hooked him up to electrical leads in order to monitor his response to various electrical charges. He seemed to do fine and the measurements we had taken indicated that he was in a very deep stage three of anesthesia. As his respirations became shallower we assisted his breathing by compressing the black rubber breathing bag. Things then started to take a turn for the worse. He appeared to be having an allergic reaction to the Penthrane. We began analphylactic treatment immediately but to no avail. He took one last deep breath of the anesthetic vapors and stopped breathing. I removed the rubber head harness and mask and placed them back into position by draping them over the top of the anesthetic machine. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. His body was removed from the operating table and disposed of and we tried to regroup. Several days later, there was a knock at the front door and there stood Lucille Rogers asking if she could use the telephone as her car had broken down. I let her in and showed her where the phone was. As she picked up the handset to dial, I secretely pressed a button that would cut out the phone line. She informed me that the phone was not working. I took the phone from her and pretended to make a connection myself. I told her that this was not uncommon being so far out of town. She seemed satisfied when I told her that I would send for a mechanic in the morning, but in the meantime she should consider herself my guess. During dinner I fixed her one of my special drinks with chloral hydrate and the first course hadn’t been finished when she complained of feeling dizzy. I offered to show her to her bedroom and I practically had to carry her to the room. I offered her some antivert to help control the vertigo feeling, and she readily agreed. I brought her a seconal instead. She looked on the verge of unconsciousness and with slurred speech thanked me for helping her. She then rolled over and lost consciousness. I returned with one of my assistants several hours later to prepare Ms. Rogers for her induction and she was gone! I thought I had given her enough sedation to keep her out until I was ready for her. We searched the house with no luck. We then decided to check the grounds. I went to the lab and found a bottle of chloroform, after soaking a sponge with the anesthetic I placed the sponge in a plastic bag. I took the car and drove down my drive towards the main road. After ten minutes of driving she stumbled out of the woods and tried to flag me down. I was more than happy to oblige. As soon as she saw me she made a run for it. I was happy to oblige her and gave chase. I followed her up a hill and she tried to move away but I was gaining on her fast. In her panic she stumbled and fell, but managed to get back to her feet before I could reach her. Along the way she had picked up a broken bottle and as I came closer to her she turned round and threatened me with it. We struggled and I managed to get the bottle away, and now it was my turn to threaten her! I tossed the bottle aside and we continued to struggle. She managed to break away from me for one more time and was crawling away screaming for help. She didn’t get far and as I fell on top of her to stop her getting away again I pressed the chloroform soaked sponge that I had removed from the plastic bag firmly over her nose and mouth. She tried to hold her breath but ultimately she had to take a deep breath, and immediately inhaled the strong, pungent anesthetic. Over a period of a few moments her struggles became less and less until they stopped completely. Her eyes rolled up and she became completely flacid. I carried her back to the car and drove back to my estate. When Lucille regained consciousness she was firmly secured to the operating table. Her hair was covered with a cloth cap and her eyes had a very confused look to them. I slipped a black rubber harness under her head as she demande to know what was going on. She was becoming hysterical as she pleaded for me to let her go. I deliberatly moved the anesthetic gas machine closer to the table to a position where she could see what I was doing. I explained to her that it would be necessary for her to breathe some sweet smelling anesthetic gas through a rubber mask. I opened the flow valve and let the rubber breathing bag fill with pure nitrous oxide. When it had fully inflated with gas I picked up the hissing black rubber mask and brought it down over her face until it was firmly over her nose and mouth. She began to struggle as she started to breath in the sweet smelling gas from the mask but I just kept it tightly held in place until after just a few moments the gas began to take effect. Her struggling weakened and I secured the mask firmly in position with the rubber head harness. After all the straps had been connected and adjusted I balanced the gas mixture from 100% nitrous oxide to 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen. As she became unconscious her struggling ceased completely and her respirations took on a nice rythmic pattern. I added some Penthrane to the anesthetic gas mixture and her breathing became deeper as the volatile agent took effect and the anesthesia deepened. We monitored her vital signs for a period of time. After 30 minutes of having the mask strapped to her face we decided to intubate her. My assistant brought over the intubation tray and I undid the mask harness straps. My assistant injected some muscle relaxant into Lucille’s arm and as we waited for the d**g to have it’s desired effect I held the mask firmly in place whilst my assistant manually compressed the breathing bag. The muscle relaxant soon worked it’s magic and after just 35 seconds I was able to intubate her and connect her back to the anesthetic machine. After taking several readings to her responses to various different concentrations of anesthetic gas and Penthrane we extubated her and connecting the mask back onto the breathing hoses we placed the rubber mask back over her nose and mouth and strapped it firmly in place again. Lucille was a good patient after being through 3 hours of moderate to deep general anesthesia. I was informed that another subject had been found and was at that moment heavily sedated and waiting in the pre-op holding area for me to assess her for suitability for continued experiments. I ordered Lucille’s anesthesia stopped. They removed Lucille from the table and took her to bedroom where she would be allowed to recover. I also ordered that she be given an injection of a d**g that would ensure that she has no memory of what happened when she is released. I went from the operating room and down the corridoor to the holding area. On a gurney was a girl in her early twenties. I was informed by an assistant that her name was Kelly and that she was the girlfriend of Bill. Having not heard from him for a while she decided to look for him. She knew the addresses where Bill had gone asking for a job and had eventually come to my house. I quickly checked her over and finding nothing wrong ordered Kelly to be taken to the operating room and prepared for the experiments. I went to check on Lucille and found her still unconscious on the bed. I returned to the operating room and Kelly had already been placed on the table and strapped firmly to it using the thick leather straps. A cloth surgical cap had already been placed over her hair and the rubber head harness was in position under her head. As I neared the table I could see that the sedation was wearing off and Kelly was lying there crying mumbling that she didn’t need any operation. I wheeled the gas machine closer to the table and upon seeing this Kelly started to struggle and try to free herself. I sat down on the stool behind her head and leaning over her so that she could see my white gauze mask covered face told her that I wanted her to breathe some gas through a black rubber mask that I will be placing over her nose and mouth. Using the same technique as before I readied the gas machine for the induction. I picked up the rubber mask and quickly brought it over from behind her head and brought it down to cover her nose and mouth. Kelly started to struggle even more and deciding to not wait for the struggles to stop I ordered an assistant to hold her head whilst I strapped the head harness to the mask. As soon as I had connected the straps and made sure that they had been fitted tightly enough so that the mask couldn’t slip I quickly added the Penthrane to the mixture. As soon as Kelly had seen the ominous black rubber mask descending towards her she had put up the most god-awful struggle, but now because the rubber mask was firmly strapped in place and she was taking deep panic filled breaths of the overpowering gas mixture her struggling quickly stopped and her eyes rolled up and she was unconscious. The experiments could now begin.

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