Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dungeon Girl's Game Pt.2 SeXStoRY

"Stand up!" Dungeon Girl snapped, slapping Loren's ass once she was able to fit two of the six anal beads up her roommate's ass. She rose unsteadily and the guy in front of her held her head firmly so she had to bend over as she kept bobbing up and down on his cock. Dungeon Girl kept working the beads in, rotating them to ream open her asshole while someone else poured gobs of lube all over her ass. "Fuck, this is hot," her ruthless roommate said as she managed to fit the fourth bead in and pumped them in and out. "Loren's ass all fucking shiny, taking these beads... God it looks so fucking good!" Loren concentrated on sucking and keeping her balance while her mouth was used and hands roamed all over her bent body. They grabbed her dripping boobs, squeezing and slapping them, smacked and grabbed handfuls of her asscheeks, fingers slipping into the folds of her steaming pussy and jamming themselves inside her. She couldn't even think. She became the asshole, the pussy, the throat. Her total existence was one of being violated by total strangers and her best friend. The beads were sliding in and out easily now, and Dungeon Girl said she was ready, so the guy throating her took his cock out of her mouth and moved into position behind her while a girl took over Loren's mouth. She barely had 2 seconds to catch her breath before her face was shoved into a shaved pink pussy and she was told to lick. Though her jaw ached from sucking she did as she was told and thrust her tongue into the tender folds of the girl's juicing slit. "Does she lick pussy as good as she sucks?" she heard Dungeon Girl ask, and the girl murmured something she couldn't hear. A hand grabbed her hair and pressed her deeper till her face was mashed between the girl's soft thighs and made to grind against it. Pussy juice went up Loren's nose and she wasn't sure if she was going to suffocate or drown first. Even as this was happening they stopped beading her asshole and a hand held her firmly under her stomach. Then she felt the swollen head of a cock press firmly up against her tight rear hole. That second of anticipation was the worst part. She had never been ass-fucked while sober and she wasn't sure what to expect. The idea of being sodomized intensified the spark of lust within her body till her lower regions felt burning hot. His bloated mushroom cap eased slowly past her elastic sphincter until the thick ridge of the cock-head slipped inside with a moist pop. She tried to get away but strong hands gripped her hips firmly and held her in place. "You can't get away... no escape for you, baby," her attacker groaned, "your tight little ass is gettin fucked good tonight..." Pain flashed through her body. His dick was much bigger than those little anal beads! She squirmed uselessly and groaned into the pussy grinding on her mouth, swallowing endless amounts of girl-goo as her ass was slowly violated. It took forever. He'd work in an inch and held it there while her ass-muscles squeezed until finally stretching in defeat, then he'd f***e in an inch more. Her asshole yielded to the invading monster reluctantly, in spite of the lube, inspite of the fingers swirling in her pussy and the fingers tweaking her nipples. She breathed deeply and willed her ass to relax. His entire cock was soon trapped inside her hot ass. It hurt. But it hurt good. She shuddered from the mixed sensations wracking her body. She squirmed her hips, rotating on the iron rod impaling her. He took a few tentative strokes, then slammed into her. Again. And again. Harder, and harder. He was merciless and she sobbed into the hot pussy that smothered her nose and mouth. He stabbed her repeatedly with his flesh sword. His heavy balls slapped loudly and wetly against her sopping labia. Then he pulled out almost completely and shoved it back in. The near withdrawal and then re-entry drove her to new levels of pleasure. When the flange of his cock-head popped free of her asshole, scraping the nerve-endings of her anal opening, then scoured them again on the way back in, she realized the true pleasure of ass-fucking. The hand working her pussy rippled its fingers through her swollen pussylips, strummed her clit and jammed 3 fingers into her streaming slit. Loren could almost feel the fingers touching the cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and anus. She could feel her asshole stretch wider with each pump of his cock. She tightened her ass muscles around him, pulling him in deeper, trying to hold him in longer. She was so full of cock she felt like she was about to explode, but she still slammed back against him in time to his brutal thrusts. She could feel the girl's rockhard clit sliding and rubbing across her teeth and lips. The fingers on her nipples were squeezing them, stretching them, rolling them and her own clit was being treated the same way. When Loren was on the verge of cumming she involuntarily clamped down tight on his cock. He hissed in surprise and clutched her slippery asscheeks. She felt a hot, delicious feeling swirl through her, then her mind blacked out in a surge of pulsating pleasure. The orgasm ripped through her body and she bucked and thrashed against him. It was his turn to groan in pain as his cock felt like it was being crushed. Blinding white light flashed before Loren's eyes as she forgot or was unable to breathe. She would have collapsed if it weren't for all the hands holding her up. She came to slowly, body shuddering and sweaty, fluid trickling down her inner thighs, cock still pulsing inside her but not pumping. She had never cum with a cock in her ass before. No one spoke, not even Dungeon Girl at first, though after a moment she murmured, "Fucking hot, Loren," as she bent down to kiss her Slut's gasping mouth. The girl who'd been grinding her pussy on her face bent down and kissed Loren too while the guy resumed pumping away, now intent on his turn to cum. Loren kissed them both and arched her back, surrendering again to her tormentors, realizing for the first time that this truly was going to be the longest night of her life.

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