Saturday, July 6, 2013

Erica, Pete´s pet #4 SeXStoRY

Pete left the teens a while to discuss things, but both stayed silent. So he decided to take things in his own hand. "Come along Erica, let´s leave Erin time to settle here with Tiger in her new place. I´ll show you mine. It´s a bit up the mount. I didn´t have the chance yet to show it to Erin. You´ll be my first guest, beautiful blonde baby." Pete offered his arm to Erica. She kissed Erin goodbye. Blew a kiss at Tiger, still dreaming of fresh salmon or young pussies. She grabbed Pete´s elbow and they left a baffled Erin and snoring Tiger. "My truck is right around the corner, remember my dear?" Erica climbed next to Pete. As close as she could get. Burning from curiousity where Pete would take her. Hoping he would take her. Erin had aroused such a terrible curiousity in her. Ever since, her snatch tingled. Was often wet... Waiting, longing for attention by a caring hand. Lips. Kisses. Erin had shown her so many dirty possibilities. Clips from hot hamster, where lovers did the strangest things to each other ... While looking at the landscape beyond smalltown, Erica´s bright mind couldn´t help wondering and wanting. Reflecting on possibilities. "Pete is good looking. Looks like an experienced guy. Erin seems to trust him. He´s even on talking terms with Tiger! ,-) ... He might be a good and sensitive lover. Just like I´m looking for. Oh God, I pray he´ll be good to me!" Pete noticed that Erica seemed to be looking at the horizon, and not noticing his casual remarks on some landmarks they drove past. Pete pinched her left biceps. "Hey, honey! Are you still here with me?" Erica looked at Pete. "Yes Pete, I was just dreaming about what you might want to do with me at your place. I really deeply long to feel you, my mountain man." "As you´re new to this sport, I´ll be gentle, my dear Erica. So, don´t worry. Only in words, I will tie you up on my bed spread wide like an eagle in flight. In real, you´ll be as free as bird to enjoy my love to you."

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