Saturday, July 20, 2013

fiat uno dick bite SeXStoRY

once it was my first sex with my x girl i took her in my garage we were very d***k . we kissed but so quickly i took off her bras , started eating that white mellon with that nipple playing in it as if its a radio tuner hardly . then she took off my shirt started to kiss all my body specially my neck . i took off her purple dress , she had an under pants it was winter December my car the fiat uno wasnt that big , but we realized it bigger , i brought my seat back towards the couch after taking her pants off also her purple heels i started sucking her toes she had a smelly salty feet with a black nail polish , i ve eaten them suddenly she took of her black g string and put her lovely white ass into my face i puched the ass and started licking that red strawberry pussy she took of my pants and started sucking my dick hardly , cant forget till now how her legs was opened and am licking it while she is bending down towards my dick which is under the driving wheel she started to suck my 9 inch cock very quick and hard also her teeth was about my dick head every lap of sucking mmmm , that was hard i felt uffff , it hurts , i decided to surprise her with a naughty movement i put my middle finger straight into her ass hole she screamed bended down suddenly and gave my dick his first un expected bite , I STAYED 7 DAYS AT HOME , but when i returned in my complete power i taught her a new lesson , and that was her first ANAL SEX ALSO IN THE CAR .

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