Wednesday, July 10, 2013

first cuckold SeXStoRY

Like everything in the hotel, the lounge where Karen and I sat in a semi-circular booth was decorated to give the impression of opulance and luxury. That's one of the reasons we were staying the night. We weren't traveling, the hotel was local, Karen and I were enjoying a night away form the k**s and house, and the overly decorated hotel gave the feeling of escape. Spending a night out in a hotel was the kind of thing we'd done before for an anniversary, but tonight was motivated by nothing more than a need to get away for a night. We had been sitting at the lounge for less than an hour when Karen noticed a man entering and said to me, "Ooo, he's hot". I expected her to say something like that at some point in the evening. She always does when we go out. We both love to people-watch, and occasionally strike up conversations with people we meet if we're sitting at a bar. "so, you'd like to go to bed with him?", was my usual response when Karen noticed another man. Tonight was no different, but Karen's response, "oh my god yes", had a tone of desire that seemed genuine. As if we weren't playing our usual fantasy flirtation game with each other, but rather that she was serious about really wanting an encounter with him. "Why don't you go over and talk to him?", I offered. I enjoy watching my wife flirt with other men when we went out, so Karen probably expected my suggestion. I didn't expect her response, "what would I say?" Usually Karen would just take my advice, take a seat next to a guy and let the conversation begin. For her to ask, "what would I say?" led me to think that she really wanted this guy to think she was available. I shouldn't have been entirely surprised, Karen was different than when we'd gone out before. After more than a year of dieting and going to the gym, Karen had a great body, She'd always been attractive, but now she was definitely "hot". Her attitude was becoming shaped by the stares and second glances she was noticing from the men who saw her. Tonight Karen was wearing a sexy outfit and she looked incredibly hot. Though her response surprised me, I was ready to tell her what to say. Having Karen go to bed with another man had been a bedroom and jerk-off fantasy of mine for years. "Just go take a seat at the bar next to him. When he asks, tell him you and your husband booked a room for tonight a couple of weeks ago but then two of my buddies from Rochester called this week and made plans for them to go to the casino. Say something like, 'so my husband figured he could go out with them and then still have a night here with me'. Don't be too over the top, but give the impression that you're angry that your husband chose his friends over you, that you don't want to sit in a room waiting for him, that you're looking to prove to yourself that he can't treat you like that". Karen had read enough romance novels to know that my story would both make her seem available and stimulate his libido. "what if he wants me to leave with him?", Karen asked, almost in a whisper. "Don't leave the hotel with him", I answered, "but if he's got a room here, and he want to take you there, you can go if you want, and I'll meet you back in our room. Or, if he wants to go to our room, then I wait here for you". "Are you sure you're OK with this?", Karen asked. "yeah", I said "have fun. I like watching you". Karen got up and walk across the room and sat down at the bar next to him. As soon as Karen sat down, he turned to see who had sat down next to him, and then pivoted and started talking to her. After a minute or so they shook hands, obviously sharing names. I watched them talk, watched their body language, but couldn't hear what they were saying. I was tempted to go sit at the bar too, inconspicuously just so I could hear them, but decided it was better to give Karen her space. After about thirty minutes, I was expecting Karen to walk back over to me, with some reason why he wasn't interested. That was what had always happened before when Karen flirted at a bar when we'd gone out before. As I thought about it though, I realized that this situation was completely different. We weren't at a bar, we were in a hotel lounge. Rooms were only a short walk down the hallway, not a fifteen minute drive. And Karen was different too. She was more sexual. I looked over at them, they were clearly getting along. I started feeling a sense of nervous anticipation. I felt like a k** who had just lit the fuse of a firecracker and was watching the fuse burn down, knowing there was no way of stopping the coming explosion. Was I having second thoughts? I quickly brushed aside the feeling. I was having fun with this I told myself, and although I didn't acknowledge the thought, I knew that I could stop this anytime I wanted. It wasn't really like a burning fuse on a firecracker. Another ten or fifteen minutes passed, and I saw the movement of Karen getting down from her stool. "OK", I thought, "here she comes". But then he got up too, and they walked out of the lounge together. That nervous feeling came back but much stronger and this time I couldn't brush it aside. I hesitated for a moment, stunned by the sight of this man leaving the lounge with my wife. I realized that I needed to follow them, but they had been out of sight for a few moments and as I stepped out of the lounge I didn't see them. I glanced outside to see if they were having a cigarette, but they weren't. I quickly walked towards the nearest hallway of rooms. There they were, far down the hallway, I saw him open a door and Karen and him disappeared inside. I began to feel light-headed, there was a roaring sound in my ears. I felt like I was going to pass-out, so I walked back to my room. I lit a cigarette and sat down. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly my thoughts and feelings were out-of -sync. My mind raced trying to process it all. Jumping from one thought to another. I lit another cigarette. I thought about the other man. Not only did he take a very sexy woman back to his room, but also a married woman. Right now he's enjoying another man's wife. I though about Karen. Meeting another man, going to his room. Was she still dressed? Was she in his bed? I imagined them in bed. Karen on her back, knees bent, legs spread, kissing him passionately while he thrusts back and forth inside of her. A heady rush of stimulation filled my head, almost like the rush of a d**g, or being intoxicated. I closed my eyes and let my mind race. About an hour and a half later the door opened and Karen walked in. She went to the dresser, got a cigarette and lit it. "Well?", I asked finally. "I can't believe I just did that", was her response. I waited a few moments, then asked, "did you enjoy it?" Karen nodded and said "yeah" in one of those voices that you use when you're not so sure, or conflicted, so its not a one hundred percent yes. We smoked together and then I dimmed the lights. I walked over to her kissed her and began to undress her. I don't think I ever wanted her as much as I did then. I continued to undress her. She smelled like sex. "She's truly sexual person now", I thought. We went to bed, and made love very slowly and passionately. Afterwards we fell asl**p in each others arms. The next morning I woke first, and wanted details about her encounter, but I let Karen sl**p. When she woke up, she told me everything. When she was done, we had the hottest sex we ever had. We would have loved to have stayed longer but it was time to check out and go back home. "So, do you want to do this again?" I asked as we walked to our car. Karen nodded and said "yeah", in a voice that was one hundred percent into it.

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