Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flatmates SeXStoRY

Alex had heard so many stories about her new flatmates beforehand; their threesomes and group sex. She was completely comfortable with the idea of bisexuality. It's just she'd never considered herself to be bisexual. Until now. Within the first week of moving in, she found herself checking out Amanda's breasts. Amanda had a habit of wandering around in her underwear which didn't help. But that was Amanda for you, she had no inhibitions. She'd fuck whoever she wanted whenever she wanted. She also masturbated at least three times a day and made no secret of it. She had recently accquired a boyfriend and every night Alex and Isabelle would have to lie there listening to Amanda's moans and, more than often, screams. Isabelle, on the other hand was shy and discrete, but Alex still found it easy to eavesdrop on Isabelle's soft moaning as her covers moved slowly up and down during the night. Alex had fallen asl**p the night before to those moanings. Today, she was cranky and snappy. She had just been landed with a pile of paperwork in the office. On top of that, it was her turn to clean the mountain of dirty dishes in the apartment. She was not in a good mood as she let herself in to the flat. As she opened the door to the apartment ahe realised that someone was home already and was washing the dishes in the kitchen. Alex walked quietly in and found Amanda washing up. What was more surprising was what Amanda was doing while cleaning. Not only was she playing with the suds, she was playing with herself. She didn't seem to notice Alex coming in and by the sound of things wouldn't have cared. Alex hesitated, but before she could stop herself, she was reaching out and sliding her hand round Amanda's waist, stopping right where Amanda's hands were. A little shocked, Amanda jumped but after seeing who it was, she quickly moved her hand out of the way to let Alex play too. Alex kissed Amanda's neck as her right hand circled Amanda's throbbing clit. While she rubbed her, she grabbed her playmates perky breasts. Alex was getting wetter by the minute. She knew Amanda liked to talk dirty so gave he what she wanted: "I'm going to make you come on my hand and then make you eat my pussy on the couch" Upon hearing this Amanda went wild. Her body buckled as Alex fucked her harder and harder with her fingers. As Alex told Amanda how she would push her face against her pussy, Amanda couldn't contain it any longer and came hard and fast. Alex withdrew her hand from Amanda's open jeans, lifted up her top and smeared the juicy wetness all over Amanda's chest, then bent over and began to lick it clean. She cicled Amanda's nipples with her tongue and sucked gently at them as they got harder between her lips. It was eight already and she knew Isabelle would be home soon so they had to be quick. She led Amanda slowly over to the couch, laid back and lifted her skirt, reavealing to her taster that she was wearing no underwear. Amanda grinned at the sight of Alex's wet pussy and said "I was just dreaming this last night. I really wanted to come into your room and eat you right there and then" "Well eat me now. I want to feel your tongue as deep in my cunt as it can go" said Alex. She got what she asked for. Amanda's tongue pushed in and out of her tight hole and flicked over her clit. She thought she had gone to heaven as Amanda sucked gently at her pussy lips and fucked her with her moist vibrating tongue. In, out, in, out - Alex found herself getting hotter and hotter. She was so immersed in lust that it took her a moment to register the tongue flicking at her nipples. Isabelle had arrived home and clearly didn't want to miss out on the fun. Who was she to complain. She pushed Isablle's head down to join Amanda, groaning as she watched them kiss - and groaning even louder as both start eating her pussy. As their tongues flicked over her clit and inside her she reached an amazing orgasm. She looked down to see Amanda kissing Isabelle and unbuttoning her shirt. The night was only just beginning...

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