Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grandfather's visit... SeXStoRY

My Grandfather came up to visit from Jamaica over the holidays. He stayed with my mom and I in NYC. My Grandfather was a successful businessman and had a thriving professional business, in Buff Bay, Jamaica. He was 62 and had the physique of a much younger man. Since my Grandmother's death he travels abroad often, and lives as a bachelor. He is a big man. Standing 6'4 and weighing about 220 lbs. His skin is tanned a rich dark pecan brown with a thick neck like a football player. His hands are huge and neatly manicured. Always a fancy dresser he was known for his attire. When he arrived at the house my extended f****y was there as well to greet him. My mom cooked and we all ate and drank and rejoiced in my grandfather's arrival to America. My grandfather had the craziest Jamaican accent. When he talked he sounded as if he were singing. His voice was so deep n mellow. After everyone left we got Gramps settled into his room, and I left mom and gramps to talk and I went to my room. As my mom was a nurse she had a mandatory double shift tomorrow night, and I would have to check on Gramps and make sure he was comfortable. It wasn't like I had other plans because I was a straight up nerd. I was content staying home studying or surfing the net. "Goodmorning Lisa, my sweet granddaughter I have cooked you and your mom some breakfast. Looking at you I can see you eat good already" grandpas says. I laugh and sit down to breakfast with my mom and Grandfather. Gramps says he will be gone most of the day out visiting with my uncles in Queens. Shortly after breakfast they pick him up and he is gone for the day. "Make sure you listen out for my dad and let him in when he returns. I assure her that I wouldnt let her down. I would listen out for him and make sure he was ok. Mom felt guilty that she had to go to work but she had no choice. I made a mental note to make sure and be more helpful. After she left to go to work I got in the shower and put on a long night shirt that came just above my knees. I slipped on some panties and laid across my bed. I was reading a book for an assignment in school when i heard the bell ring. I jumped up and ran to the door knowing it was Gramps. When I opened the door there stood Grampa and Uncle Errol. They both had been drinking and they were both talking loud. "Lisa , what a gwan" says Uncle Errol. He hugs me and pushes grandpa in the house. "Old man gwan settle yourself , and I'll see you tomorrow" says Uncle Errol and he heads out the door. "Yeah man , Im here with my granddaughter and daughter , Im in good hands " says gramps. "Are you hungry? Do you want me to heat you something" I ask. "No baby girl Gramps Is good. I been drinking and enjoying my b*****rs today, Im just gonna shower and go to bed " he says. "Ok if you need anything Im in my room just call me" I say. I go in my room and continue reading. As Im reading there is a knock at the door. "Yes" I say and get up and open the door. When I open the door Gramps is standing before me with nothing on but a towel covering his mid section. Come fix the television in my room I cant get it to play" he says. "Ok" I say and go in his room to see whats the problem. After messing with the tv for a few minutes I realize that the cable wire had come off the tv and I connected it . I turned on the tv and tried to show Gramps the channels that may interest him. While I was talking I made sure to look away from Gramps as I was uncomfortable with him being almost nude. "Thank you baby girl for helping Gramps" he says. "You are such a pretty girl. I know you have to beat the guys off of you. You not one of them skinny girls. You built up nice, and sweet" he says. I smile and walk shyly towards the door to go to my room. "So what's your boyfriend's name? Is he a Jamaican? asks Gramps. As he blocks my path of leaving. "I dont have a boyfriend. Im focusing on my education Gramps. Boys aren't on my mind right now" I say. "You never had a boyfriend at all? Come on, all this big body you got here and you dont have a boyfriend" So you are a virgin" he asks. "Yes. I dont need a boyfriend right now anyway. Goodnight " I say, and walk out gramps room. Just as I walked past Gramps, he grabs me and pulls me towards him. "I want a goodnight kiss from you" he says. As he pulls me to him his towel comes off and he is naked. I try to pull away but he has a firm grasp on my wrist. I realize he is d***k and try to pull away. He kisses me on my mouth. I clench my mouth shut . He pushes me on the bed and I try to get away. He easily holds my arms above my head with one hand. He is lifting up my gown with the other. I twist and turn to get away but I cant. I am on my back with my arms helplessly over my head. Gramps is lying on his side with his leg over mines. "Relax girl, im not gonna hurt you, im just gonna touch up these big tits. I turn my head away and try to grasp what is happeneing to me. Gramps grabs my tits in his big beefy hand. Kneading my nipples and pinching them lightly. "It always amazes me how young gal titties stand up, no matter how heavy they are" he says. Suddenly he puts his mouth on my nipple and starts to work his tongue all across it. I start to get this funny feeling in my middle. I no longer want to resist , I just try and concentrate on my gramps mouth on my tits. As he is licking and sucking my tits, I can feel his big dick on my side. I slightly turn towards gramps, as I do , he begins to rub my butt. He pushes me back onto my bed and stands between my legs. He drops to his knees and pulls my panties aside. He plants a big wet kiss on my pussy, that made me shiver. Gramps was a pro he licked my pussy and had me going crazy. I started to cry from pleasure. "Yeah man , me lick the pussy good. The gal want cum, buss it for me baby love" he says. I had this rushing feeling that came over me, and my pussy was on fire , I think I peed everywhere. instead of Gramps being mad he seemed to be enjoying it, and drank it all up. "Nothing like virgin juice to nourish your body. Gramps gets up and stands before me with his hard dick pointing up towards his navel. His dick was huge. It had me curious, no way that could fit inside me, I thought. Gramps pulls my panties off and sticks his middle finger in my pussy. "Wetness killing me , I have to put just the head in " he says. He lays on me and slowly puts the head of his big dick right on the lips of my pussy. He grunts like a wild boar. "Oh its so wet , I want to slide in " he says. Gramps hot big dick sittin on my pussy was driving me mad. I was whining my body underneath him in circular motions. "Gramps it feels so good. It's so hot down there" I cry. "I know you want this cocky , but , Daddy , cant put that cocky in your pussy baby. Thats not for me to take from you. "Please I want it, Its my choice" I beg. I need you to put it all the way in. I wont tell" I say.

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