Sunday, July 7, 2013

Her first BBC SeXStoRY

Well it happened. We had played out different storiess in bed over the past 4 years but I never thought it would happen. I always wanted to see my wife taking a BBC. In My first marrage we never had any play but in my second we talked about my fetish. She seemed to enjoy the videos, and the stories. She even Acted out some of them in our love making,but we never had the courrage to take it to the next level. Well we were on a hiking and camping adventure in Colorado along the river with Several couples, and two guides. The trip was for a long weekend. All was going well as we had Spent Friday night in the cold but out tent was hot. My wife is a young looking 41 yeard old. Dark hair, and ice cold blue eyes. She loves to be outdoors as do I, playing golf and other adventures. This was a trip we both wanted to try. She gets really horney when we camp. Well we were crossing the river on a rope bridge. All were across the bridge except my wife and the black guide. I had most of out items in my back pack because she could not take much weight. The guide followed her to help if needed. Just as I had crossed and they were on the bridge she lost her footing. He tried to catch her but the both fell in the water. They also damaged the ropes so that crossing now was impossible. I was really worried about her but the other guide assures me all would be ok. We had to hike 10 more miles to call for help. I could see they were both on the other side of the river, She said they were ok, and to hurry because she was cold. Sex was the last thing on my mind and hers too. She told me later that sometimes the last thing is the best As we moved forward the black guide was starting a fire and setting his tent. She had no tent and no dry clothes, only a few small items for cooking. He told her to remove her clothes and get into his sl**ping bag. He wanted to dry her clothes. She did this as he turned his back. The fire was warm and the sl**ping bag felt so good. But she could see that he was still in his wet clothes and very cold. Even though he was close to the fire. She thought about it and decided to ask him to remove his clothes and get in the sl**ping bag. He asked are your sure? He assured her he would be a gentleman. She said hurry before you freeze. She turned her back as he got undressed and could feel the cold as he got in the bag with her. It was snugg but the both fit. I know how he felt because we had spent last night together in our bag. She is soooo hot. 36 DDD breasts. and she can cum and cum and cum. She loves to FUCK!!! She could feel his naked body pressing against here. It made her laugh. He asked why she was laughing and she told him of our night time stories. And that if I knew about this I would be rock hard. He was now laughing and told her if she wanted to give him a great story he was game. They had a few hours to kill. The thought now made her tingle. We had talked about her taking a black lover many times and played out all the details but she never thought she would get the chance. Here was a hot black man naked next to her offering his services. She was tempted, but her husband was not there. Some of the stories were of the wife and her BBC, but most were with the husband there. How would I react? She remembered one story where a wife went on a date and had sex with a BBC then home to hubby with wet panties. He was really turned on by that one....this was kind of like that? God she was trying to justify sex with this black man.... She had not answered him yet, she just turned over in the bag to face him. This exposed her big breast. He got a eye full and was now as hard as a rock. Slowly they began to kiss. She reached down to play with his cock and got a big supprise. WOW was he big. The kissing and the touching was getting her hot. Slowly she moved her top leg over his. This allowed him full access to roll on top of her. And he wasted no time in moving into position. Her mind was going a hundered miles a minute, She told him to be gentle and to not cum in her. I had a vasectomey so she was still furtile. He said ok as the touching and kissing got hotter and hotter. She reached down and pointed that big black cock at its target. He took his time to allow her to adjust to his size. Later he told her it was 10 inches long and 6 inched around. It only took a few strokes and she started cumming on that BBC. He stopped to see if she was OK....she told him not to stop then began to pound that pussy for over 30 minutes. She came over 15 times.....He was talking to her as she came over and over.....He would ask her what she wanted?....her reply was hadred deeper.....what do you want???...oooooo that big black cock...harder deeper....What do you want?.....Again and again...she replied give it to meeeeeeee.....what do you want? was in this moment that she reverted to our bedtime stories.....give it to meeeee....cum in meeeeeeeee.....that set him off and he started blasting his seed deep in her pussy. She could feel each spirt deep inside her pussy. She came so hard she almost passed out. She could feel the cum running down the crack of her ass. Wow was this hot!!! They kissed again and with her clothes now dry she prepared the wet panties for me to see later. We fucked all night in the hotel when she told me the story and showed me the stained pantys. Wow am I lucky.

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