Monday, July 8, 2013

Hitchiking: true story SeXStoRY

Once upon a time I was attending a rock festival near Portland, OR. My good friend was a roadie for the band, and he invited me backstage after the concert to drink beers with the band and crew. I was telling him how I lost my job the day before, and was planning on catching a flight back home the next day. He suggested that since I had nowhere to be, I should follow the band on the road to the next venue, Mt. Shasta in Norcal. I was dubious, as I did not have a way to travel. He said to me I could easily find a ride with someone and that he'd help, so the next morning I was at the festival gates with him while he coached me as to what to look for and what to avoid. Various random assortments of people offered rides, but some were sketchy, some wanted me to pay for everything and he had me reject them. The ride I ended up with looked pretty tame and safe. A couple driving a volkswagon gave me a ride. The dude was sort of nerdy, but the girl was hot. She was an 18 year old hippy girl with long curly hair and a voluptuous figure. I found out during the ride that they were not a couple as I had first thought, but that she was hitchiking as well, and it was her idea to pick me up, later she confided, as she was concerned that the guy, who already acted a little proprietary about her, and wanted a little balance in the ride. So late the next day we pulled into a campground on Mt. Shasta. What can I say? It was beautiful. We met some other people on tour and had a little campout party. Beer, liquor and other mellow treats were passed around. I was setting up my tent when Jeane, my fellow traveler came over to me. I asked her were she was staying, and she said she had no place. I offered her space in my tent, and tried to act gallantly, by saying I would not make any unwelcome advances. To my suprise, she quickly agreed saying, " I hoped you would ask!" We entered the tent and arranged our bags, and lied down, to what I initially thought to be rest. She turned to me and asked if she could kiss me. Gallantry, or not, I couldn't refuse an invitation like that! It had been too long since I had felt the touch of a woman. Our lips met, and our hands began to explore. She letme undress her, and in the light of the moon entering the tent, I realized what a treasure I had in my hands. Her beautiful body was exposed to me, and my eyes drank in the sight. Her breasts were stunningly large and firm, for someone so young. She was well curved, but tight with a neatly trimmed bush. The sight, as well as her deft hands had my cock growing. I nibbled on her ear, and traced my lips down her neck. to suckle on her nipples. They were large and erect. I took one in my teeth gently, and pulled it, then ran circles around it with my tongue. Then repeated to the other breast. I then ran my lips down her belly. I stopped at her belly button, because I have a little fetish for that. I ran circles around it and dipped my tongue in her button for a while. She was clasping my hair and the sounds she was making definately encourage me further. I went down further, to her honeyed nest. First, kissing her pussy, then running my tongue up and down her seam. She really liked that! Her hands pulled on my hair as she pushed my face into her pussy. I opened her pussy with my fingers to dip my tongue inside, and I swiped my tongue on her clit. Between that, and spearing her hole, it didn't take long before my face was all wet from her, and her moans were loud enough, that I'm sure the rest of the camp could hear as well. That only made me more excited. When she had cum for my tongue, she said it was my turn, and that she wanted a piece of that big cock of mine. She got down between my legs and dragged her nails down my chest, twisted my nipples and grabbed my cock with both hands. Is there a sight more exciting than of a beautiful woman kneeling between your legs in hungry desire? I can't think of many! At first she stroked my cock with both hands. Spitting on her palms, and jerking it slow and hard. My cock was doing me proud, growing as large and erect as I've ever seen it. She lowered her lips to it and kissed the tip. Then ran her tongue around my head. It was then she first noticed my slight deformity. You see, when I was circumsized as a baby, the doctor left a bridge of flesh along the side and my foreskin was attached to the head by a thin strip of flesh. It's loose enough that a wet finger could slide all the way through, much like a piercing, but larger. It is very sensitive.She slowly engulfed as much of my cock as I thought she could, getting it wet and slick, before bobbing her head up and down. It had been so long that I was fighting already to hold back my cum. One hand cradled my nuts, as the other held the base of my cock. My hands were fighting not to f***e more of my cock in her throat, so I gripped a blanket. Then, when she knew I couldn't hold back much more, she rose above me and straddled me. She rubbed my cock on her pussy for a while, and I was pleased to note how wet and slippery she was, as she basted my cock in her juice. The moment had come, we were finally going to fuck. She stayed upright as she guided my missle into her hot wet pussy. It felt so good! She took me all the way in, I could feel her ass setting on my nuts. Then she started to ride, rythmically rolling her ass on me, her hot pussy swallong my cock. Her hands on my chest and her eyes closed. She was grinding out an orgasm for herself. I reached for her heavy firm tits and drew them to my mouth to suck. She reached her hands to clasp my head into her chest as she rode her self to cum. When she did, she kissed me long and fiercely, and whispered "thank you" I rolled her over for my turn. I spread her legs and rubbed my cock all over her pussy. I opened her lips and beat the head of my cock on her clit, before sinking into her once more. She wrapped her legs around me as I fucked her. I grabbed her ankles and she was so flexible that I put them on my shoulder and sunk my cock all the way in. My nuts banged against her asshole. All to suddenly it was my time to cum, and I decorated her neat little thatch with a monster load. We kissed and cuddled and fell asl**p intertwined. The next morning I woke, hardly believing my luck. She was gone though. But that wasn't all! My clothes were gone too! All I had was my boxers! I was really confused now, and wandered around looking for her in nothing but underwear. Fortunately, no one else was awake yet. I found a river, and the sight there took my breath away. I was a beautiful mountain stream, complete with big fish jumping around. In the middle of the stream, was my lady, topless in the morning sun, washing our clothes in the river! She waved to me, and I lay down by the bank and watched her in all her glory, and wondered how I could be so lucky. I guess you could say it was birthday luck, because that morning, I turned 30. The End

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