Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hot weather always made her horny,,part 6. SeXStoRY

Susan nearly passed out as the huge rubber cock was pushed into her ass. She moaned and grunted as it filled her ass full to bursting. Skye fer it slowly all the way into her as Susan gritted her teeth and tried not to fight it. She pantted hard as the last inch was f***ed up her ass. Skye held it there compleatly up her ass and said, "What do you want now slave???". Susan was breathing hard and fast, her ass feeling like it was been split wide open. Susan said thru gritted teeth, "Fuck me Mistress Skye, please fuck my ass". Hearing this Skye pulled a leaver on the frame it whrilled and clicked and folded down pulling Susan down as if she were kneeling spreading her legs wide and pushing her ass back.Skye put her hands on Susan's hips to brace herself. She then began to fuck Susan, slowly at frist then building up speed and pressure. Long full strokes all the way into Susan's now tourtued ass. Susan's head was spinning from the pain, but she wanted this. Why she didn't know, but she wanted to be fucked in the ass like a slut, she wanted to be used. Susan was cumiing over and over. When she could manage to speak, she just said,"Yes fuck me, fuck my slut ass like the whore that I am". Skye didn't spare her at all she pounded hard off her ass. Susan's ass was on fire but she took it anyway, she wanted to be used and abused. After about minutes of hard fucking Skye began to slow, she was now pantting covered in sweat too. She slowed to a stop and held the rubber cock deep in Susan's ass, asking,"Did you like that slave.." " Yes Mistress, thank you", came the reply. Skye slowly pulled the rubber cock from Susan's ass, it flopped out and Susan was left breathing heavy with her ass gapping wide open. Skye left her cuffed in the frame to recover. Susan lay there soaked in sweat, her head to one side thing about what had just happened. She the slut had asked to be ass fucked and degraded by another woman. Why would she want that. She had no idea why she was acting in this whoreish way. She felt like she would not be able to walk for days, how would she drive home?. But more than all these things, she felt for the frist time in her life totally free. When she came back to the real world she looked over to see Skye sittng there just watching her with a rather funny look on her face. "What?" Susan asked. Skye said, " I was just wondering what kind of person you are". Susan replied, " Skye for the frist time in my life I'm free". Skye said," I know I've just fucked you as my slave, but would you like to fuck me know?" Susan said, "Yes Skye, that might be quite nice. Does that mean I'm going to be the Mistress now?". "Yes it does Mistress Susan". "Ok slave get over here and let me loose now". Skye obeyed and undid the cuffs from Susan's hands and feet. Then Susan cuffed Skye into the frame. When she had her held firm. She stood there naked with her pussy juice running down her legs looking around the room. She saw a cane hanging on the wall and wondered how Skye's ass might look with some nice cane marks on it. She walked over and removed the cane from the hook on which it hung, and weighed it in her hands. She gently tapped it off her hands as she walked around in front of Skye and let her see the instrument of punishment in her hands. Skye looked up saying, "If it pleases you Mistress Susan then please use the cane on my worthless ass, or anywhere on your slave's body". Susan felt her head spin at the thoughts of having this power over another person. She moved behind Skye and said,"Ok slave, are you ready for this?" "Yes Mistress Susan". Susan rose the cane and brought it down on Skye's beatuiful round ass, Skye screamed out in pain. Susan laughed wicketly saying, "What slave you don't like the way I'm treating you?". With that she lashed Skye's ass once more. Skye screamed again. "Oh don't worry my little pet, you'll get used to it soon enough". She then rained down another stinging lash. Skye screamed again. Something came over Susan and she rained down lash after lash on Skye's ass,20 or 30 she lost count. Skye was whimpering and crying as her ass was covered in welts. When she Susan was finished Skye's ass was red and raw. Susan knelt behind her placing kisses on her marks, cooing,"It's ok my little pet, I'll look after you". " Thank you Misress Susan", came the reply.

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